July 4th Sample Clauses

July 4th. 11.1.7 The first Monday in September, known as “Labor Day.”
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July 4th. 9.1.6 The first Monday in September.
July 4th. In assigning scheduled overtime work on July 4, the Director of Parks and Recreation shall, with the exception of such key persons or positions as he may designate from time to time, assign over- time work on a voluntary basis to qualified employees first in the Parks and Recreation Department, then in the bargaining unit on the basis of seniori- ty. If insufficient personnel voluntarily agree to work overtime, such work shall be assigned on a mandatory basis as provided in (1) above.
July 4th. Section All regular full time employees shall also receive one floating holiday.
July 4th. For example, if the City observes Monday, December 26th as the Christmas holiday, the prime period is Monday, December 26th – Friday, December 30th. Requests for prime period leave, which will include vacation, personal holiday compensatory time, can be made in advance in keeping with the following schedule:
July 4th. 5. Thanksgiving Day
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July 4th. When July 4th falls on Saturday, the preceding Friday (3rd) will be observed as the holiday. When July 4th falls on Sunday, the following Monday (5th) will be observed as the holiday. For those employees who work less than twelve months, employees will be paid holiday pay if they work the first full week of July.
July 4th. Invoice. At the conclusion of the off-duty employment, the City will send an invoice to the Contractor by email, or if specifically requested by the Contractor, by fax, or by paper invoice sent by mail. Payment. Checks must be made payable to each individual employee. Checks for the Insurance Waiver Option Fee and Vehicle Use Fee must be made payable to the City of Scottsdale. All checks (please send the individual checks in one envelope) must be mailed to: Scottsdale Police Department, Attn: Special Events Unit, 0000 X. XxXxxxxxx Rd Building A, Scottsdale, AZ 85257. Payment Deadline. Payment (individual checks) must be received by SPD within thirty (30) days of the invoice date. Payments received after thirty (30) days of the invoice date are considered late. The Contractor must pay a penalty fee of five (5) percent of the original invoiced amount to each SPD off-duty employee, and to the City of Scottsdale for the Insurance Waiver Option Fee (if exercised), for every thirty (30) days the payment is late.
July 4th. Subject to section 2 above. Upon completion of one full fiscal year of service, each 11 holiday associated with December 25th. This local holiday shall follow the same provisions as 12 Article XVI, Vacation Pay in Lieu of Vacation. Local holidays associated with Easter and July 13 4th will be mutually agreed upon by CSEA and the District.
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