Personal Holiday definition

Personal Holiday. Each eligible employee may choose a day of his preference for his personal holiday by giving the Employer at least fifteen (15) calendar dayswritten notice prior to the day chosen. The Employer will grant the employee the day of his choice as his personal holiday, unless an excessive number of employees have chosen the same day and granting all the requests would affect the Employer’s operation. In that event, the Employer may deny the request for the day chosen and the employee may request an alternate date.
Personal Holiday. Any day during the calendar year which the employee elects to take with advance notice to, and approval from, the Company as set forth in Section 6 of this Article.
Personal Holiday. You are entitled to one (1) personal holiday for 1994 if this has not yet been taken.

Examples of Personal Holiday in a sentence

  • It is the employee’s responsibility to schedule the Personal Holiday before December 31st.

  • Part-time employees shall be entitled to a pro-rated number of paid hours on a Personal Holiday based on their FTE.

  • The Personal Holiday does not carry forward into the next year – if not requested it is forfeited.

  • Employees using the Personal Holiday for this purpose will provide their supervisor notice of their absence as described in Article 19.4.

  • All employees hired on or after October 1, 1993 shall earn their personal holidays according to the following schedule: 1- Personal Holiday One - Seniority plus one year.

  • Donations can be made from the donor's Bonus hours, Annual Leave, and/or Personal Holiday.

  • Fourth Personal Holiday (available after completion of 9 years of service (18,720 hours)).

  • New Year’s Day Independence Day Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxx Xx. Day Labor Day (Third Monday of January) Veteran’s Day President’s Day Thanksgiving Day (Third Monday of February) Day After Thanksgiving Memorial Day Christmas Day Personal Holiday* Holidays are prorated for part-time employees.

  • To be eligible for a Personal Holiday, an employee must have completed his/her Probationary Period.

  • Personal Holiday may not be carried over to the next calendar year except when an eligible employee’s request to take their Personal Leave Day/Personal Holiday has been denied or canceled.

More Definitions of Personal Holiday

Personal Holiday means the additional paid holiday per calendar year granted to an educational service district employee pur- suant to RCW 1.16.050.
Personal Holiday means the additional paid holi- day per calendar year granted to an educational service dis- trict employee pursuant to RCW 1.16.050.

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