III Sample Clauses

III. The “Promoter” shall endeavor to construct the said Apartment and make the same ready for delivering the possession thereof not latter than December 2020, from the date of booking subject to force majeure as mention in Application of Booking Form and/or reasons beyond the control of the “Promoter” in which circumstances Clause No. 7.6 shall be applicable. Further Clause No. 7.1 to 7.5 shall also be applicable with regards to the possession of the Said Apartment.
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III bullets 1-3 shall not be grievable. The University shall have until June 30, 2008 to effect such a transfer. Employees in the aforementioned titles shall be entitled to all terms and benefits of the collective bargaining agreement not mentioned herein.
III. E.2 of the County’s collective 27 bargaining agreement with the Local 88 general unit. If the County incurs liability arising 28 from the activities of a member engaged in Union Business during such reimbursed time, 29 the Union further agrees to reimburse the County for losses caused by such activities, to 30 the extent that such losses are attributable to the acts of the employee receiving continued 31 compensation pursuant to this section. In the event of a dispute over the causation or 1 amount of loss attributable to the actions of Union agents, the parties agree to arbitrate 2 such dispute under unless such arbitration is inconsistent with the provisions of any 3 applicable third-party insurance indemnification agreement, or unless binding arbitration 4 might jeopardize the availability of coverage by a third-party insurer. County employees 5 participating in such activities will be allowed to do so without loss of pay.
III. A.1- 16 9 or 11 falls or is observed on a Friday or Saturday.
III. III.1 Prodávající touto smlouvou prodává a převádí Předmět převodu do vlastnictví kupujícího za cenu ve výši 340 Kč/m2 bez DPH, tj. celkem XXX Kč bez DPH (slovy: XXX korun českých) (dále jen „Kupní cena“). Ke kupní ceně bude připočítáno DPH ve výši dle platného právního předpisu. Kupní cena je splatná do 30 dnů od uzavření smlouvy. Všechna peněžitá plnění kupujícího prodávajícímu dle této smlouvy se pokládají za splněná dnem, kdy budou prodávajícímu připsána na jeho účet. III.1 In this Agreement the Seller sells and transfers the ownership of the Subject- Matter of the Transfer to the Purchaser for the price of CZK 340/m2 excluding VAT, i.e. CZK XXX excluding VAT (in words: XXX Czech crowns) in total (the “Purchase Price”). VAT according to the applicable legislation will be added to the Purchase Price, which is due within 30 days after the conclusion of this Agreement. All the Purchaser´s monetary payments to the Seller under this Agreement shall be considered fulfilled on the day when all such payments are credited to the Seller´s account.
III. This section excludes Battalion Chief appointments from Civil Service examination procedures.
III. 1 The term “emergency” as used in this Drought Response Operations Agreement does not identify, describe or otherwise define what constitutes a general emergency under federal or state laws or other emergency situation at a Reclamation reservoir, a deficiency in the system under the Colorado River Compact, or an extraordinary drought under the 0000 Xxxxx Xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx and Mexico regarding the Colorado River.‌
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III. The remaining provisions of Contract of Mandate no. / shall remain unaffected. This Addendum was signed in three counterparts, two for the company and one for the Director. Company Director …………….. Annex 3 FINANCIAL AND NON-FINANCIAL INDICATORS, VARIABLE COMPONENT OF THE REMUNERATION
III. (3) The Board approves a consolidation or merger of the Company with another corporation and such consolidation or merger is consummated, unless such consummation results in Granaria Holdings controlling a majority of the voting power, directly or indirectly, in the election of directors in the surviving entity and the Executive is offered the position of President, CEO and member of the Board of Directors of the surviving entity on terms and conditions at least as favorable as those set forth herein; or
III. C.2. Ownership of Intellectual Property shall vest in the Faculty member if it is an Independent Faculty Effort or a Traditional Academic Copyrightable Work. Such ownership rights vested in the Creator shall include, but are not limited to, the following: • publication; • distribution or dissemination of the work or copies by sale, lease, transfer or other conveyance; • public display or performance (including recording by digital transmission); • production of copies for personal or academic use; • preparation of derivative works. As the owner of such works, the Creator is responsible for all costs and liabilities resulting from creation or commercialization of the work, and protection of the work.
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