(d) Sample Clauses

(d). Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, no Spread Maintenance Premium shall be due in connection with any prepayment made pursuant to this Section 2.4.3(c).
(d). The Borrower shall be under no obligation to accept any Competitive Bid and may choose to reject all Competitive Bids. In the case of acceptance, such notice shall specify the aggregate principal amount of Competitive Bids for each Interest Period that is accepted. The Borrower may accept any Competitive Bid in whole or in part; provided that:
(d). If (A) a Lender assigns or transfers any of its rights or obligations hereunder or changes its Lending Office and (B) as a result of circumstances existing at the date such assignment, transfer or change occurs, the Borrower would be obliged to make a payment to the new Lender or Lender acting through its new Lending Office under Section 2.15 or 2.16, then (except where an assignment or transfer occurs in the ordinary course of primary syndication of the Loan facilities or at the request of the Borrower) the new Lender or Lender acting through its new Lending Office is only entitled to receive payment under Sections 2.15 and 2.16 to the same extent that the existing Lender or Lender acting through its previous Lending Office would have been entitled if the assignment, transfer or change had not occurred.
(d). ALTERNATIVE MINIMUM TAXABLE INCOME.—The term ‘alternative minimum taxable income’ means the tax- able income of the taxpayer for the taxable year— ‘‘(i) determined with the adjustments provided in section 56 and section 58, and ‘‘(ii) increased by the amount of the items of tax preference described in section 57. If a taxpayer is subject to the regular tax, such taxpayer shall be subject to the tax imposed by this section (and, if the regular tax is determined by reference to an amount other than taxable income, such amount shall be treated as the taxable income of such taxpayer for purposes of the preceding sentence).’’. (ii) Section 860E(a)(4) is amended by striking ‘‘55(b)(2)’’ and inserting ‘‘55(b)(1)(D)’’.
(d). Application of maximum fair price for SELECTED DRUGS.—In applying this section, in the case of a covered part D drug that is a selected drug (as referred to in section 1192(c)), with respect to a price applicability period (as defined in section 1191(b)(2)), the negotiated prices used for payment (as described in this subsection) shall be no greater than the maximum fair price (as defined in section 1191(c)(3)) for such drug and for each year during such period plus any dispensing fees for such drug.’’.
(d). If the Borrower elects to accept any Acceptable Discount, then the Borrower agrees to accept all Solicited Discounted Prepayment Offers received by Auction Agent by the Solicited Discounted Prepayment Response Date, in the order from largest Offered Discount to smallest Offered Discount, up to and including the Acceptable Discount. Each Term Lender that has submitted a Solicited Discounted Prepayment Offer with an Offered Discount that is greater than or equal to the Acceptable Discount shall be deemed to have irrevocably consented to prepayment of Term Loans equal to its Offered Amount (subject to any required pro-rata reduction pursuant to the following sentence) at the Acceptable Discount (each such Lender, a “Qualifying Lender”). The Borrower will prepay outstanding Term Loans pursuant to this subsection (D) to each Qualifying Lender in the aggregate principal amount and of the Classes specified in such Lender’s Solicited Discounted Prepayment Offer at the Acceptable Discount; provided that if the aggregate Offered Amount by all Qualifying Lenders whose Offered Discount is greater than or equal to the Acceptable Discount exceeds the Solicited Discounted Prepayment Amount, prepayment of the principal amount of the Term Loans for those Qualifying Lenders whose Offered Discount is greater than or equal to the Acceptable Discount (the “Identified Qualifying Lenders”) shall be made pro rata among the Identified Qualifying Lenders in accordance with the Offered Amount of each such Identified Qualifying Lender and the Auction Agent (in consultation with the Borrower and subject to rounding requirements of the Auction Agent made in its sole reasonable discretion) will calculate such proration (the “Solicited Discount Proration”). On or prior to the Discounted Prepayment Determination Date, the Auction Agent shall promptly notify (I) the Borrower of the Discounted Prepayment Effective Date and Acceptable Prepayment Amount comprising the Discounted Term Loan Prepayment and the Classes to be prepaid, (II) each Term Lender of the Discounted Prepayment Effective Date, the Acceptable Discount, and the Acceptable Prepayment Amount of all Term Loans and the Classes to be prepaid to be prepaid at the Applicable Discount on such date, (III) each Qualifying Lender of the aggregate principal amount and the Classes of such Term Lender to be prepaid at the Acceptable Discount on such date, and (IV) if applicable, each Identified Qualifying Lender of the Solicited Discount P...
(d). Section 6.06(d) of the Credit Agreement is hereby restated in its entirety to read in full as follows: