Dependent child definition

Dependent child means a child residing in an individual’s household who may legally be claimed as a dependent on the federal income tax of such individual.
Dependent child means any child who:
Dependent child means an employee’s unmarried, financially dependent, natural or legally adopted child who is:

Examples of Dependent child in a sentence

  • For example, any increase in contribution that must be paid by a covered Employee, or the Spouse, or a Dependent child of the covered Employee, for coverage under the Plan that results from the occurrence of one of the events listed above is a loss of coverage.

  • If the Qualifying Event causes the covered Employee, or the covered Spouse or a Dependent child of the covered Employee, to cease to be covered under the Plan under the same terms and conditions as in effect immediately before the Qualifying Event, the persons losing such coverage become Qualified Beneficiaries under COBRA if all the other conditions of COBRA are also met.

  • If, on account of the preceding reason, an individual is not a Qualified Beneficiary, then a Spouse or Dependent child of the individual will also not be considered a Qualified Beneficiary by virtue of the relationship to the individual.

  • Any individual who, on the day before a Qualifying Event, is covered under a Plan by virtue of being on that day either a covered Employee, the Spouse of a covered Employee, or a Dependent child of a covered Employee.

  • A Dependent child's ceasing to satisfy the Plan's requirements for a Dependent child (for example, attainment of the maximum age for dependency under the Plan).

More Definitions of Dependent child

Dependent child means an employee’s unmarried, financially dependent, natural or legally adopted
Dependent child means any child, other than an abused or neglected child, who is under improper care, custody, control, or guardianship that is not due to an intentional act of the parent, guardian, or person exercising custodial control or supervision of the child;
Dependent child or "dependency" means a child, or the condition of a child, who is homeless or without proper care through no fault of the child's parent, guardian, or custodian.
Dependent child means an unmarried natural or legally adopted child of the staff member, who normally resides with the staff member and who is under the age of 18 years or, a child under the age of 21 years who is in full time attendance at an educational institution. With regards solely to Education Allowance a dependent child is recognised up to the age of 25. The Secretary-General may also declare a child who is not the natural or legally adopted child of the staff member as “dependent” on the basis of the information provided. The Secretary-General may waive the requirements as to age and attendance at an educational institution where the child is totally and permanently disabled. Unless otherwise specified, no more than three children (as designated by the staff member) will be considered as “dependent” for the purpose of these rules.
Dependent child means a student who was claimed by a qualified military person or qualified veteran as a dependent on the qualified military person’s or qualified veteran’s internal revenue service tax filing for the previous tax year.
Dependent child means the Employee’s eligible unmarried natural, legitimate, illegitimate, adopted, step child or common law child who is principally dependent on the Employee or the Employee’s Spouse for financial support.
Dependent child as used herein means any unmarried child under 26 years of age who was dependent upon the Insured Member for at least 50% of his maintenance and support.