Inclusions Sample Clauses

Inclusions. Confidential Information includes, without limitation, the following information (including without limitation, compilations or collections of information) relating or belonging to any Company Party (as well as their clients, customers and/or vendors) and created, prepared, accessed, used or reviewed by the Executive during or after the Employment Period: (1) product and manufacturing information, such as ingredients, combinations of ingredients and manufacturing processes; (2) scientific and technical information, such as research and development, tests and test results, formulae and formulations, studies and analysis; (3) financial and cost information, such as operating and production costs, costs of goods sold, costs of supplies and manufacturing materials, non-public financial statements and reports, profit and loss information, margin information and financial performance information; (4) customer related information, such as customer related contracts, engagement and scope of work letters, proposals and presentations, customer-related contacts, lists, identities and prospects, practices, plans, histories, requirements and needs, price information and formulae and information concerning client or customer products, services, businesses or equipment specifications; (5) vendor and supplier related information, such as the identities, practices, history or services of any vendors or suppliers and vendor or supplier contacts; (6) sales, marketing and price information, such as marketing and sales programs and related data, sales and marketing strategies and plans, sales and marketing procedures and processes, pricing methods, practices and techniques and pricing schedules and lists; (7) database, software and other computer related information, such as computer programs, data, compilations of information and records, software and computer files, presentation software and computer-stored or backed-up information including, but not limited to, e-mails, databases, word processed documents, spreadsheets, notes, schedules, task lists, images and video; (8) employee-related information, such as lists or directories identifying employees, representatives and contractors, and information regarding the competencies (knowledge, skill, experience), compensation and needs of employees, representatives and contractors and training methods; and (9) business- and operation-related information, such as operating methods, procedures, techniques, practices and processes, ...
Inclusions a reference to “includes” is a reference to “includes without limitation”, and “include”, “included” and “including” have corresponding meanings; Joint and Several Liability: any provision of this Agreement to be performed or observed by two or more persons binds those persons jointly and severally; Parties: a reference to a party to this Agreement or any other document includes that party's personal representatives/successors and permitted assigns; Person: a reference to a person includes a corporation sole and also a body of persons, whether corporate or unincorporate; Precedence: if there is any conflict between the different parts of this Agreement, then unless specifically stated otherwise, Part 2 will prevail over the Key Details, and the Key Details will prevail over any Attachments;
Inclusions. A. The University hereby recognizes the PBA as the exclusive representative for the purpose of collective bargaining with respect to wages, hours, and terms and conditions of employment for all employees included in the University of South Florida Law Enforcement Bargaining Unit as defined in Certification No. 1414 issued by the Florida Public Employees Relations Commission on August 12, 2003.
Inclusions. All of the terms, conditions and covenants of the Master Lease are hereby incorporated into this Sublease by reference, except as excluded in Section 2(b) herein. Subtenant shall be subject to, bound by and comply with all of said included terms, conditions and covenants of the Master Lease with respect to the Sublease Premises herein for the benefit of both Sublandlord and Master Landlord, it being understood and agreed that wherever in the Master Lease the word “Tenant” appears, for the purposes of this Sublease, the word “Subtenant” shall be substituted, and wherever the word “Landlord” appears, for the purposes of this Sublease, the word “Sublandlord” shall be substituted; and that upon the breach of any of said terms, conditions or covenants of the Master Lease by Subtenant or upon the occurrence of an Event of Default by Subtenant, Sublandlord may exercise any and all rights and remedies granted to Master Landlord by the Master Lease. In the event of any conflict between this Sublease and the Master Lease, the terms of this Sublease shall control between Sublandlord and Subtenant. It is further understood and agreed that Sublandlord has no duty or obligation to Subtenant under the aforesaid Sections of the Master Lease other than to perform the obligations of Sublandlord as tenant under the Master Lease during the Sublease Term. Whenever the provisions of the Master Lease incorporated as provisions of this Sublease require the written consent of Master Landlord, said provisions shall be construed to require the written consent of both Master Landlord and Sublandlord. Subtenant hereby acknowledges that it has read and is familiar with all the terms of the Master Lease, and agrees that this Sublease is subordinate and subject to the Master Lease.
Inclusions. Except as otherwise expressly set forth herein, the Contractor shall provide, at the sole cost and expense of the Contractor, all labor (including any required training, licensing and certification), supervision, equipment, tools, parts, materials, and supplies, which are required to perform the Services.
Inclusions. Erection and final fixing into position to the building structure of the siding and roof panels and associated supports in their final location and design condition Exclusions
Inclusions. The neuter gender when used herein, shall include all persons and corporations, and words used in the singular shall include words in the plural where the text of the instrument so requires.
Inclusions. The following certificated or instructional employees of the School Board of Broward County, Florida: CLASSROOM TEACHERS, (including Full-Time Adult General and Adult Career and Technical Education Teachers), Media Specialists, Studio Teachers, Occupational Specialists, School Counselors, School Social Workers, Family Counselors, Speech Language Pathologists, Resource Teachers, Teachers of Exceptional Children, Guidance Directors, Pre-K Teachers, School Psychologists and any other certificated employees as referenced in Florida Department of Education Certificate Subjects.
Inclusions. The Gross All Purpose Wage Rates in this Appendix for each classification incorporate the following components:
Inclusions. Except as otherwise expressly set forth herein, the Contractor shall provide, all labor (including any required training, licensing and certification), supervision, equipment, tools, parts, materials, and supplies, which are required to perform the Services under this Agreement. Details of service not explicitly stated in this Agreement, but necessarily attendant thereto, are acknowledged by the Contractor to be included as a part of Services to be performed by the Contractor under this Agreement.