School administrator definition

School administrator means a superintendent, principal or his/her designee assistant principal//technical center director or his/her designee and/or the District’s Equity Coordinator.
School administrator means the person designated by the governing body of a school as ultimately responsible for the ordinary operations of a school.
School administrator means the principal or similar administrator who is responsible for the operations of the school.

Examples of School administrator in a sentence

  • Mr. Adams praised Dr. Barrett and said he is highly capable having worked as an Elementary teacher, High School administrator and the Assistant Superintendent.

More Definitions of School administrator

School administrator means the person required to report
School administrator means a principal, assistant principal, supervisor, or
School administrator means a superintendent, principal/head of school/technical center director or his/her designee.
School administrator means any employe of the school
School administrator means a person licensed to administer in a school district and includes school principals and central district administrators;
School administrator means the principal, vice principal, assistant principal, or any other person performing the duties of a principal, vice principal, or assistant principal at a school, as defined in the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) OAR 584-005-0005.¶
School administrator means a principal, assistant principal, supervisor, or director whose major function includes the direct or indirect supervision of teaching or any other part of the instructional program, as provided in G.S. 115C-287.1(a)(3).