Specific Time Sample Clauses

Specific Time. Order is to be worked at a specific time on the due date.
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Specific Time. Order is to be worked at a specific time on the due date. TWTC-FMTC Interconnection Agreement
Specific Time. 8/0412008 - Final 2 Bluffton - Sprint Interconnection Agreement Local Number Portability Attachment Order is to be worked at a specific time on the due date.
Specific Time. Order is to be worked at a specific time on the due date, as requested by the NSP on the LSR, and the OSP must notify the NSP when completed.
Specific Time. Order is to be worked at a specific time on the due date. If coordination is requested, the New Service Provider will be required to call the Old Service Provider forty-eight (48) hours prior to the requested coordination date and time. This call is to confirm or reschedule the date and/or time. The Old date and time if other demands will be made to commit to the Service Provider reserves the right to change the require such a change. Every reasonable attempt requested date and/or time. Prior to the 48-hour Coordination Call, The Old Service Provider will confirm with the various work groups involved with the coordination, as to their ability to complete the work on the desired date and/or AppendiAx NumbePrortabiliAtyttachment time.If no call is receivedfromtheNewServiceProvider,it will be assumedthat theNewServiceProvideris notreadyandthe orderwill notbecompletedon the requesteduedateandtime. If the New ServiceProviderdoesnot contactOld ServiceProviderwith 48hoursfromtheoriginal duedateto reschedulet,heorder will becanceled. Late Notification Changes - Due Date, Coordination The New Service Provider will proceed with the conversion based on the agreement at the 48-Hour Call. Policy for late notification of changes in due date and/or coordination time is as follows:

Related to Specific Time

  • Pacific Time If enabled by Platform, the Same Day ACH means that the transfer will be performed within one (1) business day. Any same day ACH transfer scheduled after the cut-off time will be treated as if it were scheduled as next day ACH transfer. In some circumstances, transactions may be delayed for risk or compliance reasons.

  • Central Time After all Parties have been notified, the provisions of paragraphs (b) and (c) of this Section 2.1 shall apply.”

  • Lieu Time (i) Subject to (ii). (iii), and (iv) below, overtime taken as lieu time shall be accumulated at the rate of

  • Additional Time If because of events beyond the Design Professional’s reasonable control, it is not able to meet the specified time period, then it should be entitled to ask the Owner for additional time, which request shall not be unreasonably denied.

  • Crib Time 17.6.1 An employee working overtime shall be allowed a crib time of 20 minutes without deduction of pay after each four hours of overtime worked provided the employee continues working after such crib time.

  • Work Time A. Work time includes time during which an employee:

  • Flex Time Upon agreement of the supervisor's immediate supervisor, an individual flex-time schedule may be established.

  • Lunch Time The “duty free” lunch time for assistants will be the same length as the building lunch time for students provided that the lunch is no less than thirty (30) minutes in length.

  • Comp Time In lieu of payment for overtime hours worked, the employee may request to take compensatory time off. Approval shall be at the discretion of the Department Head. If the request is approved by the Department Head, one and one-half (1 2) hours of compensatory time shall be credited for each overtime hour worked. A maximum accrual of compensatory time shall be forty (40) hours. Flex Time. The County recognizes and supports the concept of Flex time. Flex time is allowed within the work week as it is defined in Article 20, Section 2 of this contract. If an employee requests, an employee and their department head may agree to allow an employee to flex their schedule. However, in some departments and under some circumstances flex time may not be feasible and will not be permitted. No employee shall be required to take flex time off in order to avoid the payment of overtime or as a condition of continued employment.

  • Instructional Time 26.1 Each full-time elementary teacher's regular weekly assignment shall not exceed 23 hours 45 minutes of instructional time inclusive of preparation time as provided for in Article D.4 except for teachers who enrol only Kindergarten whose regular weekly assignment shall not exceed 24 hours of instruction time inclusive of preparation time.

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