Garage Sample Clauses

Garage. Garage doors to be chromadec and automated - Garage floors to be tiled - Garage has ceiling
Garage. All Garage Technicians are required to wear uniforms, which shall be provided and maintained by the Company. Each Garage Technician shall have an amount budgeted annually for individual technical training. For 1999 this amount is forty (40) hours and includes an allowance of up to $250 to cover fees for attending individual training in areas where they need additional skills and that will benefit AmerenIP. Training requests must be submitted to and approved by the Fleet Operations Specialist in advance. To facilitate mandatory safety training (maximum of two (2) days per year) and technical training, Garage Technicians will adjust their daily work hours such that training is attended on straight time. When daily work hours are adjusted for training, evening and night shift employees will work eight hours while day shift employees will work 8 ¼ hours.
Garage. Prior to commencing construction of the Garage, Developer shall provide the Garage Construction Contract to City for its review and approval which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. Developer shall construct the Garage: (i) in a good and workmanlike manner; (ii) in accordance with the Garage portion of the Final Documents and Drawings (as modified by any Change Orders); and (iii) in compliance with the Laws.
Garage. Overhead and service doors are to open and close smoothly and lock. Remove all loose contents from the interior. Wipe up surface oil drippings and spills. Broom sweep the floor.
Garage. The Land must include a lock-up garage or a carport behind the building line which must be of a similar compatible design and constructed of similar materials, finishes and colours as the house to the approval of the Seller. No garage may be occupied as a dwelling.
Garage. Garage has meaning set forth in the recitals to this Lease.
Garage. All work related to the construction of the parking structure. All finishes, Code-related signage, access and egress stairs, elevators, doors, all lighting in compliance with Code, which shall include elevator lobby finishes at garage levels. Fire water riser and fully monitored fire sprinkler system.
Garage. A garage is:  Included in this LeaseNot Included in this Lease
Garage. 2.1 County is the owner of that certain property known as the Broward County Governmental Center Parking Garage ("Garage"), as more particularly described in Exhibit A, attached hereto and made a part hereof.
Garage. The parties anticipate that if the Project is to proceed in the manner provided in this Agreement, the above-ground portion of the Garage shall consist of at least five hundred (500) parking spaces. The Township shall manage the portion of the Garage above ground, and shall receive a fee for such management. Dranoff shall perform, at its expense, maintenance of the Garage below ground (and ramps leading downward below the ground floor), except that if Dranoff fails to perform maintenance, the Township shall have the right to perform such maintenance and invoice Dranoff for the cost thereof. Dranoff and the Township shall enter into an agreement more fully explaining the management and operations (including the maintenance obligations) of the Garage, provided that Dranoff shall not have any financial obligations for the ground (entrance) floor of the Garage or any areas above the first floor of the Garage or for any management fees of the Township. Dranoff shall have the exclusive use of parking spaces below ground. Following completion of construction, the Township shall arrange the warranties to permit either Dranoff or the Township to enforce warranties related to the Garage. It is also expected that the Township, Amtrak and SEPTA will enter into an agreement regarding the parking spaces to be used by Amtrak and SEPTA, and Amtrak and SEPTA’s obligations to contribute toward reserves and operating expenses. Shared parking shall be permitted in accordance with the applicable zoning regulations, and the parties shall consider some parking spaces as potentially useable for multiple purposes. By way of example and not limitation, some parking spaces currently available to the Township employees, the Township vehicles or both, will be eliminated by the Project. These parking spaces will need to be replaced and supplemented, but many such parking spaces may be useable by other users outside of the core weekday business hours, when the Township personnel or vehicles require the parking spaces, and thus could satisfy other parking requirements in connection with the Project.