Parking Passes definition

Parking Passes shall have the meaning set forth in Section “E” of the Summary of Basic Lease Information.
Parking Passes. See EXHIBIT A.
Parking Passes. Tenant shall have the use of 3.7 unreserved parking passes for each 1,000 rentable square feet contained in the Premises, which equals thirty-two (32) passes.

Examples of Parking Passes in a sentence

  • MATCH Hospitality reserves the right to determine the conditions which shall apply to the replacement Hospitality Access Passes (if applicable), Tickets or Parking Passes in the event of any occurrence of the circumstances outlined in Sections 7.5, 7.6 and/or 7.7.

  • MATCH Hospitality reserves the right to determine the conditions which shall apply to the replacement Hospitality Access Passes (if pplicable), Tickets or Parking Passes in the event of any occurrence of the circumstances outlined in Sections 7.5, 7.6 and/or 7.7.

  • Student Parking Passes are issued to students (off-campus students included) for them to display on the left-hand corner of the rear window behind the driver.

  • Said Parking Passes will be on an unassigned, non-reserved basis, and shall be subject to the rules and regulations from time to time in force.

  • No deductions or allowances shall be made for days when Tenant or any of its employees does not utilize the parking facilities or for Tenant utilizing less than all of the Parking Passes.

  • Some members have pointed out that despite the formulation of the relevant guidelines by EDB, it is still necessary for EDB to monitor KGs to ensure their compliance with such guidelines.

  • Landlord or the Garage Operator shall have the right from time to time to promulgate reasonable rules and regulations regarding the Garage, the Parking Passes and the use thereof, including, but not limited to, rules and regulations controlling the flow of traffic to and from various parking areas, the angle and direction of parking and the like.

  • Temporary Parking Passes are sold online at visitor-application.cfm or at Parking Services in Twamley Hall, Room 204.The navigation to purchase a student permit in Campus Connection is: Self Service>Parking Permits.

  • PARKING CREDENTIALSParking credentials issued per contract: 10’ x 12’/10' x 10' or larger - 1 season pass - General Parking Passes* 10’x 24’/10' x 20' or larger - 2 season passes - General Parking Passes**Please be aware, if you require more credentials, they can bepurchased for discounted rates (Limits do apply).FIRE RULESGeneral: The following fire and life safety requirements shall be applicable to commercial exhibitors and concessionaires renting space at the Butte County Fair.

  • Tenant shall have no right to sublet, assign, or otherwise transfer said Parking Passes, other than in connection with an assignment or sublease permitted or consented to pursuant to Article 16.

More Definitions of Parking Passes

Parking Passes has the meaning given it in Section 2.3.
Parking Passes means one (1) unreserved parking pass for each 1,000 rentable square feet of the Premises in the parking facility (the "Parking Facility") located partially beneath the Project, of which twelve (12) passes shall be unreserved, priority parking passes.
Parking Passes means 3.5 multiplied by the rentable square footage of the Premises divided by 1,000, rounded to the nearest whole number. Additionally, as more fully provided under Section 26.20 below, Tenant shall be entitled to a total of 15 reserved parking spaces.
Parking Passes. One hundred sixty eight (168) parking privileges consisting of (i) one hundred and sixty (160) unreserved, uncovered parking privileges, and (ii) eight (8) unreserved, uncovered guest parking privileges (which guest parking shall be identified as such and located in front of the main entrance to the Building). SINGLE-TENANT INDUSTRIAL LEASE This LEASE ("LEASE"), which includes the preceding Summary of Basic Lease Information and Definitions ("SUMMARY") attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference, is made as of the 7th day of November, 1997, by and between WHAMC REAL ESTATE LIMITED PARTNERSHIP, a Delaware limited partnership ("LANDLORD"), and ALLIANCE PHARMACEUTICAL CORP., a New York corporation ("TENANT").

Related to Parking Passes

  • Parking Six unreserved vehicle parking spaces ("Unreserved Parking Spaces"); and 0 reserved vehicle parking spaces ("Reserved Parking Spaces"). (Also see Paragraph 2.6.)

  • Parking Garage means a building or portion of a building, other than a private garage, that is used for the temporary parking of motor vehicles;

  • Parking Spaces means spaces in or portion of the Ground Floor of the Building and also open spaces at the ground level of the said premises as expressed or intended by the Developer, at their sole discretion, for parking of motor cars/two wheelers etc.

  • Parking Area means the area designated as a permitted parking area and a special parking area by the Road Traffic (Permitted Parking Area and Special Parking Area) (Angus Council) Designation Order 2017; and “permitted parking area” and “special parking area” are to be read accordingly;”; and

  • Parking Space The County shall attempt to provide adequate free parking facilities for employees within a reasonable distance of their work locations.

  • parking meter means an apparatus for use on or in the vicinity of a parking place for indicating, as respects a space provided at that parking place for the leaving of vehicles, whether the initial charge has been paid and whether the period for which payment was made by the initial charge has expired;

  • Parking Areas means those portions of the Project which may be used for parking as depicted on the Site Plan, as such areas may be changed by Landlord from time to time, excluding any parking garage now or hereafter existing under, and as a part of, any of the Other Buildings.

  • parking bay means any area of a parking place which is provided for the leaving of a vehicle and indicated by markings on the surface of the parking place;

  • bicycle parking space means an area used for parking or storing a bicycle;

  • bicycle parking space – visitor means an area that is equipped with a bicycle rack for the purpose of parking and securing bicycles, and:

  • Garage shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Recital H;

  • parking place means a road or length of road designated for the leaving of vehicles as indicated by appropriate road markings

  • parking attendant means a person authorised by or on behalf of the Council to supervise any Parking Place;

  • Parking Lot means a building or land used for the parking or storage of ten or more motorcars or bakkies, or two or more buses or trucks, excluding −

  • parking ticket means a parking ticket, season ticket, residents parking permit or waiver of any kind (including medical practitioner waiver, Tradesman’s Waiver and Daily Visitors’ Parking Cards).

  • parking stall means a section or part of a thoroughfare or of a parking station which is marked or defined by painted lines, metallic studs, coloured bricks or pavers or similar devices for the purpose of indicating where a vehicle may be parked;

  • stacked bicycle parking space means a horizontal bicycle parking space that is positioned above or below another bicycle parking space and equipped with a mechanical device providing floor level access to both bicycle parking spaces.

  • bicycle parking space – occupant means an area that is equipped with a bicycle rack or locker for the purpose of parking and securing bicycles, and:

  • Parking Facility means a parking area or structure having

  • Space means the volume of gas which a user of a storage facility is entitled to use for the storage of gas;

  • Common Area means all areas and facilities within the Project that are not designated by Landlord for the exclusive use of Tenant or any other lessee or other occupant of the Project, including the parking areas, access and perimeter roads, pedestrian sidewalks, landscaped areas, trash enclosures, recreation areas and the like.

  • Parking space leasing data means the following government data on an application for, or lease of, a parking space: residence address, home telephone number, beginning and ending work hours, place of employment, location of parking space, and work telephone number.

  • Office Space means the offices of the Service Provider located at 000 Xxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 00, Xxx Xxxx, Xxx Xxxx 00000 (or any successor location or other existing office space of the Service Provider or any of its affiliates).

  • Storage area means any location, facility, or vehicle which is used to store, to transport, or to secure a radiographic exposure device, a storage container, or a sealed source when it is not in use and which is locked or has a physical barrier to prevent accidental exposure, tampering with, or unauthorized removal of the device, container, or source.

  • Exclusive Use Area means a part or parts of the common property for the exclusive use by the owner or owners of one or more sections;

  • Common Areas is defined as all areas and facilities outside the Premises and within the exterior boundary line of the Industrial Center and interior utility raceways within the Premises that are provided and designated by the Lessor from time to time for the general non-exclusive use of Lessor, Lessee and other lessees of the Industrial Center and their respective employees, suppliers, shippers, customers, contractors and invitees, including parking areas, loading and unloading areas, trash areas, roadways, sidewalks, walkways, parkways, driveways and landscaped areas.