Access and Egress Sample Clauses

Access and Egress a. Contractor’s access and egress to the Facility shall be as directed by the Client Agency. Contractor shall confine its operations, including, but not limited to, the parking of vehicle(s), trailer(s) and equipment at the Facility to areas designated by the Client Agency. Contractor and subcontractor, if appliable, shall not block or restrict, in any manner, access or egress to and from the Facility in order for the Facility to remain functional and in full and complete operation during the Performance of the Landscaping Services. If the Contractor fails to abide by this requirement, the Client Agency may deduct any expenses incurred for any actions taken by the Client Agency to unblock access or egress to and from the Facility. The Contractor shall ensure that all public access areas are free of potential hazards or risks that may cause injury, health or safety risks, or damage to assets.
Access and Egress. 4.1 Members of the Supreme and MagistratesCourt staff will be issued with suitable identification cards (specimens of which will be made available to You) which they will show on entering the Premises or when requested to do so by any Security Officer.
Access and Egress. All passages, staircases and corridors in all parts of the venue and, if applicable, the communal areas in use around the venue, must be kept free and clear of obstructions at all times in order to facilitate ingress and egress and prevent risk in the case of a sudden alarm or accident. Nothing may be placed in such a way as to obstruct fire fighting equipment, fire exit routes or fire exits. The hirer will ensure that all inflammable materials are removed from the building before their event begins.
Access and Egress. To the Knowledge of Seller, the means of access to and egress from the real property set forth on Schedule 5.10(a) (including the means of escape in case of emergency) are over either roads which have been adopted by the local authority and are maintainable at public expense or roads in respect of the use of which Seller and the Selling Affiliate and those deriving title under it to that real property have a permanent legal easement free from onerous or unusual conditions.
Access and Egress. Landlord reserves, and Tenant hereby grants to Landlord, the full and unrestricted access to and egress from that portion of the Premises on which buildings or improvements are not located for Landlord, its tenants, employees, guests, patrons, invitees, contractors, suppliers of materials, furnishers of services, its or their equipment, vehicles, machinery and other property, and Manager, its officers, employees and agents, without charge to Landlord or to said persons or entities.
Access and Egress. The Lessee shall have the free right of reasonable access to and egress from the Premises over the Airport roadways, including the use of common use roadways, subject to such rules and regulations as may be established from time-to-time by the Authority regarding security, personnel access, and the operation of vehicles and equipment on the Airport, and any other applicable governmental regulations.
Access and Egress. Employees must be provided with safe access and egress to and from all excavations. When employees are required to be in trench excavations 4-feet deep or more, adequate means of exit, such as ladders, steps, ramps or other safe means of egress, must be provided and be within 25 feet of lateral travel. If structural ramps are used, a competent person if used for employee access or egress must design them, or a competent person qualified in structural design if used by vehicles. Also, structural members used for ramps or runways must be uniform in thickness and joined in a manner to prevent tripping displacement.