Early Return From Leave Sample Clauses

Early Return From Leave. If the amount of leave needed is actually less than initially requested, the employee must notify the District of such an occurrence. Once the employee provides such notification, the District must reinstate the employee to the same or equivalent position within two days.
Early Return From Leave. 16.6.1 Employees on any leave authorized by this Agreement may return from the leave early provided they give the College two weeks written notice and provided the College has not hired a replacement through the Job Posting provisions in Article 3.1.
Early Return From Leave. The employee must give the employer a minimum of four (4) weeks written notice if he/she wishes to return early from his/her leave.
Early Return From Leave. An employee who has been granted maternity or parental leave and desires to return to service during the period of the leave may return at a time mutually agreeable to the employee and the superintendent or designee.
Early Return From Leave. A Teacher on an approved leave of absence may request in writing to return to employment prior to the conclusion of the leave if the reasons for the leave no longer exist. In such event, the Board shall offer the requesting Teacher the first available vacancy for which the Teacher is qualified, provided the Board is not under contractual or other obligations to any other Teachers.
Early Return From Leave. 21.12.1 Employees on leaves allowed by this Agreement who notify the Institute in writing that they wish to return to work prior to the scheduled end of their leaves will be offered any available casual work for which they are qualified in order of seniority.
Early Return From Leave. There shall be no obligation on the part of the Employer to provide work prior to the expiration of any leave of absence of more than ninety (90) days granted under this agreement unless the employee gives a written notice to the Employer of a desire to return to work ten (10) days prior to the employee’s desired date of return to work. If such notice is given, the employee will be assigned to the position held when the leave began or such other substantially equivalent position on or soon as possible after the requested date of return subject to the provisions of this agreement pertaining to reduction of staff or layoff.
Early Return From Leave. Should a teacher's personal circumstances change; the teacher has a right to request an early return from leave and shall resume teaching as soon as a suitable and mutually acceptable position becomes available.
Early Return From Leave. 20.13.1 Positions vacated by Permanent internal candidates will be posted as a Temporary vacancy of uncertain length pending the possible return of the incumbent and will indicate the anticipated length of the Temporary assignment, which may be shorter or longer than the date indicated.