Other Exchanges definition

Other Exchanges means (i) the exchange of Parent Common Stock for (A) all limited partnership interests of Matrix Investments L.P. pursuant to the Matrix Investments LP Exchange Agreement, (B) all limited partnership interests of Matrix Permian Investments, LP pursuant to the Matrix Permian LP Exchange Agreement, (C) all capital stock of Matrix Operator pursuant to the Matrix Operator Stock Exchange Agreement, and (ii) the exchange of all Series B Preferred Stock for all Matrix Preferred Interests. The Other Exchanges are all of the Exchanges other than the Exchange (which concerns Parent and Matrix Las Cienegas Limited Partnership, a California limited partnership).
Other Exchanges means such exchanges other than Power Exchange within the meaning of Regulation 3( iii) where contracts specified under Regulation 4 are transacted;
Other Exchanges means XXXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXXX;

Examples of Other Exchanges in a sentence

  • Order Routing to Other Exchanges The Exchange may automatically route orders to other exchanges under certain circumstances as described below and elsewhere in these Rules (“Routing Services”).

  • If you wish to trade in Financial Products on Other Exchanges you agree to be bound by the rules, customs and usages of the relevant Other Exchange.

  • You acknowledge that your orders may be purged from the market subject to the ASX Rules, procedures, customs, usages and practices of the ASX (and Other Exchanges as applicable) without notice to you.

  • Other Exchanges have their own insider trading regulations and it is the responsibility of the Client to abide by such regu- lations at all times.

  • Other Exchanges have their own insider trading regulations and it is the responsibility of the Client to abide by such regulations at all times.

  • Party B may elect in the first instance whether arbitration shall be conducted before the NYSE, the ASE, Other Exchanges, or the NASD, but if Party B fails to make such election, by registered letter or telegram addressed to Party A before the expiration of five days after receipt of a written request from Party A to make such election, then Party A may make such election.

  • A person having non-public price sensitive information relating to generator outage, plant maintenance shall not transact on the Power Exchange and Other Exchanges unless such information has been submitted to LDC.

  • Find Opportunities Local Programs Cultural and Other Exchanges Small Grants Program Schedule of Grant Rounds Embassy U.S. Embassy U.S. Embassy Prague Tržiště 15 118 01 Praha 1 - Malá Strana Czech Republic Switchboard: (+420) 257 022 000 Other U.S. Government Agencies Other U.S. government agencies work with Czech Republic, with offices in the Embassy.

  • Transportation-(choose one)☐ The party beginning their parenting time will provide transportation for the child(ren).☐ The party ending their parenting time will provide transportation for the child(ren).☐ will provide all transportation.Name☐ Other: Exchanges of the child(ren)-Each of us will have the child(ren) ready and on time with proper clothing, medications, homework, extracurricular activity uniforms or equipment, etc., at the time of exchange.

  • For example, if the contractor's response to adverse past performance information does not refute that information, that failure might lower the firm's overall rating enough to exclude the firm from the competitive range.Use of Other Exchanges Before Competitive Negotiations (FAR 15.306(d)).

More Definitions of Other Exchanges

Other Exchanges means (i) securities exchanges registered under Section 6 of the 1934 Act, other than the Pacific Exchange, including without limitation the New York, American, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati and Philadelphia Stock Exchanges, and the Chicago Board Options Exchange, and (ii) securities exchanges licensed, registered or otherwise authorized to do business as such under the laws of any country other than the United States.

Related to Other Exchanges

  • Power Exchange means any exchange operating as the power exchange for electricity in terms of the orders issued by the Central Commission;

  • Stock Exchanges means the National Stock Exchange of India Limited and the BSE Limited

  • National Exchange means the Nasdaq National Market or any other national exchange on which the Common Stock of the Corporation is listed.

  • Related Exchange(s All Exchanges.

  • London Stock Exchange means London Stock Exchange plc;

  • Optional Exchange means the exchange of the Certificates by the Trust for the Underlying Securities pursuant to Section 7(a) hereof.

  • Securities Market means an established securities market.

  • Principal Exchange means, in respect of a Share, any stock exchange or quotation system on which such Share is listed. As of the date of this Information Statement, the Principal Exchange for each Share is as set forth under "Summary Information Regarding the Companies".

  • Other Exchange Act Reporting Party With respect to any Other Securitization Trust that is subject to the reporting requirements of the Exchange Act, the Other Servicer, Other Trustee, Other Certificate Administrator or Other Depositor under the related Other Pooling and Servicing Agreement that is responsible for the preparation and/or filing of Form 8-K, Form 10-D, Form ABS-EE and Form 10-K with respect to such Other Securitization Trust, as identified in writing to the parties to this Agreement; and, with respect to any Other Securitization Trust that is not subject to the reporting requirements of the Exchange Act, the trustee, certificate administrator, master servicer, special servicer or depositor under the related Other Pooling and Servicing Agreement that is responsible for the preparation and/or dissemination of periodic distribution date statements or similar reports, as identified in writing to the parties to this Agreement.

  • Recognized Stock Exchange means any stock exchange agreed upon by the competent authorities of the Contracting Parties;

  • Stock Exchange means The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited;

  • the London Stock Exchange means London Stock Exchange plc;

  • Primary Exchange means, with respect to each Index constituent or each constituent underlying a Successor Index, the primary exchange or market of trading such Index constituent or such constituent underlying a Successor Index.

  • New York Stock Exchange means the New York Stock Exchange, Inc.

  • Intrastate commerce means any and all com- merce or trade that is begun, carried on, and completed wholly within the limits of the State of Washington, and the phrase “introduced into intrastate commerce” defines the time and place at which the first sale and delivery of a commodity is made within the state, the delivery being made either directly to the purchaser or to a common carrier for shipment to the purchaser.

  • Reference Market-makers means four leading dealers in the relevant market selected by the party determining a Market Quotation in good faith (a) from among dealers of the highest credit standing which satisfy all the criteria that such party applies generally at the time in deciding whether to offer or to make an extension of credit and (b) to the extent practicable, from among such dealers having an office in the same city.

  • Derivatives Exchange means Chicago Board Options Exchange. "Interest Rate" means USD LIBOR O/N (overnight).LIBOR stands for London InterBank Offered Rate. LIBOR is an average interest rate based on infor- mation submitted by the contributing banks. The panel banks indicate the interest rates at which they are able to refinance their own interbank activities in the relevant currency for the relevant term on an unsecured basis. To calculate the reference interest rate, the highest and lowest quar- tiles of these interest rates are eliminated, and the remaining interest rates are averaged. LIBOR is calculated for 7 different terms and 5 different currencies. The LIBOR interest rates (ICE Libor) are administered by ICE Benchmark Administration Limited (IBA) and determined each business day at 11 a.m. (London time). LIBOR O/N (overnight) stands for terms of 1 day.If the Interest Rate is not set or published on an Index Calculation Day, the Interest Rate applied on the immediately preceding Index Calculation Day is used to calculate the index in accordance with section C).If the Interest Rate has neither been set nor published for ten consecutive Index Calculation Days, the Index Calculation Agent has the right and obligation to stipulate in its reasonable discretion an alternative relevant Interest Rate which has functions comparable to the previous Interest Rate.

  • Bulletin Board means the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board.

  • Irish Stock Exchange means the Irish Stock Exchange Limited.

  • Reference Market-Maker means a leading dealer in the relevant market that is selected in a commercially reasonable manner and is not an affiliate of either party.

  • Interest exchange means the acquisition of an ownership or membership interest in a domestic entity as provided by Subchapter B, Chapter 10. The term does not include a merger or conversion.

  • Hong Kong Stock Exchange means The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited;

  • Final Exchange Bulletin means the Exchange Bulletin which is issued following closing of the Qualifying Transaction and the submission of all required documentation and that evidences the final Exchange acceptance of the Qualifying Transaction.

  • Stock Exchange Rules means the rules of any stock exchange on which the Corporation’s securities are traded.

  • OTC means Over-the-Counter.

  • Alternative Stock Exchange means at any time, in the case of the Ordinary Shares, if they are not at that time listed and traded on the ASX, the principal stock exchange or securities market on which the Ordinary Shares are then listed or quoted or dealt in;