Program Development Sample Clauses

Program Development. NWESD agrees that priority in the development of new applications services by XXXXX shall be in accordance with the expressed direction of the XXXXX Board of Directors operating under their bylaws.
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Program Development. The extent to which the present and future programmatic needs within the member's curricula will benefit from the faculty member's proposed travel, activity, and/or research.
Program Development. If the Upper Division States, through the Commission, agree that an Upper Basin Demand Management Program is feasible and pursue development of a program, it must include, at a minimum, the following water conservation, storage and release considerations:
Program Development. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and in consideration for the payments to be made, Contractor agrees to design, develop, and install the Programs in the following discrete and sequential phases. In Phase 1, Contractor will develop Functional Specifications; in Phase 2, Contractor will create the Design Specifications; in Phase 3, Contractor will code the Programs, install the completed System at City’s site, and deliver the Documentation for the System. The Work covered under each phase is specified in [specify the document or Appendix which describes the scope of work]. Upon completion of Phase 3, the System will be subject to Acceptance Testing to verify conformity with the Design Specifications.
Program Development. (a) Who are our learners? What are their characteristics (age, maturity, literacy, numeracy, computer literacy, Learning Management System specific skills, cultural background, location, prior learning, and communication resources)? How many learners are expected/required for each separate activity?
Program Development. The contractor shall be responsible for a Marketing Plan and marketing materials that it deems necessary to continually expand customer agency awareness of this contract. The contractor shall describe in the Marketing Plan the products and services that will be sold, the target customers, the competition, the contractor’s market-share objectives, and the plan for achieving this objective. The contractor is responsible for ongoing sales and marketing during the life of this contract. This Program Development shall commence not later than 30 calendar days following contract award.
Program Development. 8.2101 Administering and evaluating needs assessments regarding counseling and guidance functions.
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Program Development. (i) Provide ongoing program development and management consultation; (ii) supply select program manuals for local modification and implementation; and (iii) provide program development/management training. A community director shall be engaged by the Management Firm for the Facility. Such community director shall be an employee of the Management Firm, but his/her salary and employee benefits shall be paid by the Leasehold Tenant as an expense incurred in connection with the operations of the Facility.
Program Development. The Design Professional shall review the District’s Project Parameters for the Project to ascertain the requirements of the Project and shall arrive at a mutual understanding of such requirements with the District. The Design Professional shall prepare a Program Report outlining and documenting these requirements and present it to the District for review and approval.
Program Development. NWESD agrees that priority in the development of new applications services by WSIPC shall be in accordance with the expressed direction of the WSIPC Board of Directors operating under their bylaws.
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