DAY CARE Sample Clauses

DAY CARE. Employees whose regularly scheduled hours of work are greater than twenty-four (24) hours per week and with children attending the York University Day Care Centre shall be allowed up to four (4) hours a week, during normal working hours to perform their day care duties, provided that this time is made up by the Employee concerned at a time satisfactory to the supervisor.
DAY CARE. The Union shall have one (1) representative who will have access to regularly scheduled monthly meetings with the Day Care Coordinator. The Union Day Care Representative shall be permitted time off from work with pay for attendance at the aforementioned meetings. An employee with a child or children in the S.F.U. Day Care Centre may be permitted time off from work with pay for her/his "duty shift" in the Day Care Centre, with the understanding that the employee makes arrangements, with her/his supervisor, to make up the time.
DAY CARE. A six (6) member Committee shall be established with three (3) representatives appointed by the Union President and three (3) representatives by the State of Rhode Island. This Day Care Committee will consider: Day Center location sites, number of children to serve, minimum and maximum age of children served, criteria for eligibility of parents, hours, who should offer the service, administration and fees, licensing and legal requirement and any other related issue. The Committee shall report its findings concerning day care to the ESPA/NEA, and the State as they become available. The State and the Union shall meet to discuss in good faith the findings of the Committee and possible implementation.
DAY CARE. 44.1 The parties agree to form a committee consisting of four representatives designated by the Union and four representatives designated by the State. This committee shall meet within 30 days of the ratification of this contract and at other times thereafter as the members may deem necessary.