Loss Settlement Sample Clauses

Loss Settlement. We will pay up to the limit of insurance shown in the Declarations for this Furniture and Appliances Coverage. Payment for covered loss or damage will first be made under your Furniture and Appliances Coverage limit. Payment for any excess loss for this category of property may then be made from Blanket coverage.
Loss Settlement. Section I – Property loss settlement will be based on those limits found in this coverage. We will not depreciate household pets when settling Section I – Property loss or damage.
Loss Settlement. We will not reimburse You for more than the Actual Cash Value of the property at the time of Loss or damage. The Loss or damage will be ascertained or estimated on the basis of Actual Cash Value of property similar in kind, age, model and manufacturer to the Covered Property at the place and time of the Loss or damage. We will not reimburse You for:
Loss Settlement. Our limit of liability and payment for covered losses under Section I Property Coverage will not exceed the smallest of the following:
Loss Settlement. Subject to the applicable limit of liability, losses to insured property are settled as follows:
Loss Settlement. Separately for each Terminal, Carrier shall calculate for each Commodity an amount (the “Monthly Storage Variation Amount”) equal to:
Loss Settlement. Losses under this form will be settled as follows: