Care Coordinator definition

Care Coordinator means the professional who assists members in care coordination as described in paragraph 78.53(1)“b.”
Care Coordinator means an individual with a Bachelor’s degree in human services or 25 related field who will be responsible for developing and leading the Family Team and guiding the 26 evolution of a POC for a Client.
Care Coordinator means a staff person in a special care unit who oversees resident care and coordinates, supervises and evaluates resident services to assure that each resident receives services appropriate to the individual’s needs.

Examples of Care Coordinator in a sentence

  • The Care Coordinator or a member of the Enrollee’s ICT shall have a face-to- face contact at least once every six (6) months with each Level 3 (high-risk) Enrollee who is not receiving HCBS Waiver services.

  • The CONTRACTOR shall assess a Member’s need for a change in CCL upon self-identification, internal and external referrals, and through DMRs. Assignment of Care Coordinator The CONTRACTOR shall assign a specific care coordinator to each Member assigned to CCL2 or CCL3.

  • The Care Coordinator shall contact the Enrollee no less often than one (1) time per year.

  • The Care Coordinator shall have a face-to- face contact with the Enrollee not less often than once every ninety (90) days.

  • Contractor shall provide Care Management to all Enrollees that accept or request it, through a Care Coordinator who participates in an Interdisciplinary Care Team (ICT).

More Definitions of Care Coordinator

Care Coordinator. ’ means an individual or non-
Care Coordinator means an individual or entity approved to
Care Coordinator. The individual who has primary responsibility for performance of care coordination activities for a CHOICES member as specified in the Contractor Risk Agreement and meets the qualifications specified in Section 2.9.6 of the Contractor Risk Agreement.
Care Coordinator means an employee of Contractor who, together with an Enrollee and Providers, establishes an Enrollee Care Plan for the Enrollee and, through interaction with network Providers, ensures the Enrollee receives necessary services.
Care Coordinator means an individual employed through the care management entity who is responsible for providing care management services including, but not limited to, coordination of child and family team meetings and completion of the initial and revised plan of care.
Care Coordinator means an employee or Subcontractor of Contractor who works with Enrollees and Providers to coordinate care needs for the Enrollee and ensure the IPoC is carried out and, through interaction with Network Providers, ensures the Enrollee receives necessary services.
Care Coordinator means an individual designated by the core team of the hospice to facilitate the provision of services to a patient or the patient’s family, or both, according to the plan of care.