CARE SERVICES PROVIDED a) Personal care services within the Care Suite available 24 hours per day as and when required, covering:
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  • Software Services If elected by Customer, the following Software Services will be made available for Customer’s use.

  • Emergency Care Services If you experience a medical emergency while traveling outside our service area, go to the nearest emergency or urgent care facility. When you receive Out-of-Area covered healthcare services outside our service area and the claim is processed through the BlueCard Program, the amount you pay for the Out-of-Area Covered healthcare services, if not a flat dollar copayment, is calculated based on the lower of: • the billed charges for your Out-of-Area covered healthcare services; or • the negotiated price that the Host Blue makes available to us. Often, this “negotiated price” will be a simple discount that reflects an actual price that the Host Blue pays to your healthcare provider. Sometimes, it is an estimated price that takes into account special arrangements with your healthcare provider or provider group that may include types of settlements, incentive payments and/or other credits or charges. Occasionally, it may be an average price, based on a discount that results in expected average savings for similar types of healthcare providers after taking into account the same types of transactions as with an estimated price. Estimated pricing and average pricing also take into account adjustments to correct for over- or underestimation of past pricing of claims, as noted above. However, such adjustments will not affect the price we have used for your claim because they will not be applied after a claim has already been paid. Negotiated (non–BlueCard Program) Arrangements With respect to one or more Host Blues, in certain instances, instead of using the BlueCard Program, we may process your claims for covered healthcare services through Negotiated Arrangements for National Accounts. The amount you pay for covered healthcare services under this arrangement will be calculated based on the negotiated price (refer to the description of negotiated price in the BlueCard® Program section above) made available to us by the Host Blue.

  • Core Services The Company agrees to provide those Core Services to the Municipality as set forth in Schedule “A” and further agrees to the process contained in Schedule “A”.

  • Urgent Care Services All Medically Necessary Covered Services received in Urgent Care Centers, Retail Clinics or your Primary Care Physician’s office after-hours to treat an Urgent Medical Condition will be covered by AvMed. Any request for reimbursement of payment made by a Member for services received must be filed within 90 days or as soon as reasonably possible but not later than one year unless the Member was legally incapacitated. If Urgent Medical Services and Care are required while outside the continental United States, Alaska or Hawaii, it is the Member’s responsibility to pay for such services at the time they are received. For information on filing a Claim for such services, see Part XIII. REVIEW PROCEDURES AND HOW TO APPEAL A CLAIM (BENEFIT) DENIAL.

  • Vision Care Services For purposes of coordination of benefits, vision care services covered under other plans are not considered an allowable expense, as defined in the Coordination of Benefits and Subrogation in Section 7.

  • Prevention Care Services and Early Detection Services See Prevention and Early Detection Services section for details. 0% Not Covered Private Duty Nursing Services* Must be performed by a certified home health care agency. 0% - After deductible Not Covered

  • Hospice Services Services are available for a Member whose Attending Physician has determined the Member's illness will result in a remaining life span of six months or less.

  • Ongoing Services It is important to review every investment you hold and at regular intervals. At the time of, or prior to, our recommendation to you we will discuss our on-going service proposition. This is confirmed in our ‘service proposition and engagement’ document which will be sent to you separately from this agreement.

  • Related Services Licensee shall be responsible for obtaining and installing all proper hardware and support software (including operating systems) and for proper installation and implementation of and training concerning the Licensed Software. In the event that Licensee retains Licensor to perform any services with respect to the Licensed Software (for example: installation, implementation, maintenance, consulting and/or training services), Licensee and Licensor agree that such services shall be subject to Licensor’s then current standard terms, conditions and rates for such services unless otherwise agreed in writing by Licensor.

  • Information Services Traffic 5.1 For purposes of this Section 5, Voice Information Services and Voice Information Services Traffic refer to switched voice traffic, delivered to information service providers who offer recorded voice announcement information or open vocal discussion programs to the general public. Voice Information Services Traffic does not include any form of Internet Traffic. Voice Information Services Traffic also does not include 555 traffic or similar traffic with AIN service interfaces, which traffic shall be subject to separate arrangements between the Parties. Voice Information services Traffic is not subject to Reciprocal Compensation as Local Traffic under the Interconnection Attachment.

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