Customer Cooperation Sample Clauses

Customer Cooperation. 5.1 Customer agrees that all cooperation required of Customer, Customer’s agents, employees or any third party in connection with the Services, as such may be specified in the Service Agreement, SOW, Quote or other underlying documentation for the Services, shall be provided in a timely manner and at no cost to TRNA or the TRNA Affiliates.
Customer Cooperation. Customer may be asked to perform problem determination activities as suggested by CentralSquare. Problem determination activities may include capturing error messages, documenting steps taken and collecting configuration information. Customer may also be requested to perform resolution activities including, for example, modification of processes. Customer agrees to cooperate with such requests, if reasonable.
Customer Cooperation. Customer and OT agree to cooperate in good faith to achieve completion of the Services in a timely and professional manner. Customer acknowledges that failure to adhere to schedules or complete tasks within Customer’s control, or failure to provide timely access to facilities, equipment, technology or complete and accurate information may delay completion of the Services and OT shall not be liable for any such delays or inability to complete the Services to the extent caused by Customer’s non-compliance with this section.
Customer Cooperation. 7.1. CUSTOMER agrees to provide all information, access and full good faith cooperation reasonably necessary for FORERUNNER to deliver and provide the SERVICES and agrees that FORERUNNER delivery of the SERVICES depends upon CUSTOMER's timely cooperation and assistance as FORERUNNER may require. FORERUNNER shall bear no liability or otherwise be responsible for delays or failure in the provision of the SERVICES caused by CUSTOMER's failure to provide such information, cooperation, assistance or access.
Customer Cooperation. In order to achieve full utilization of the Subscription Service, Customer recognizes and acknowledges that Customer will need to provide MobiChord with access to certain systems, data, and third party integrations. Customer will cooperate in good faith with MobiChord to ensure that such systems, data, and third party integrations are made available to MobiChord promptly upon entering into this Agreement. Specifically, Customer agrees to use commercially reasonable efforts to provide any required letter of agency to third party carriers such that MobiChord can integrate the Subscription Service with such carriers. If Customer is providing its own instance of the ServiceNow solution for use with the Subscription Service, Customer recognizes and acknowledges that licensing of the ServiceNow solution is the sole and exclusive responsibility of Customer and that MobiChord shall have no responsibility for Customer’s compliance with any license agreement related to the licensing of the ServiceNow solution.
Customer Cooperation. You shall provide Ivanti with all necessary cooperation, information and support that may reasonably be required by Xxxxxx for the performance of the Professional Services including, without limitation, access to suitably configured computers, software products and applicable passwords, at such times as Xxxxxx may request. You shall further perform such other obligations as specified in the SOW.
Customer Cooperation lf the Service faíls to meet the Service Specifications or other performance requirements set forth in a Servíce Order, Customer shall use ali reasonable efforts to cooperate with and aid SSM in curing such failure, which may ínclude modifyíng the Customer Equipment so that there is no net loss in performance, provided that ali such reasonable efforts can be done at no expense to Customer. lf Customer fails to use the reasonable efforts required in the prior sentence, then any failure by SSM to meet the Service Specifications or other performance requirements set forth in a Service Order that is caused by such failure will be excused (and will not result in any Outage Credits). These obligations of Customer include, but are not limited to, the following: (i} at the request of SSM, if there is a problem that can be compensated for by increasing the power of its transmissions to the Satellite System, without affecting its use of the Service, Customer shall do so to the extent it can with existing equipment; and (ií) permitting SSM, at SSM's sole and absolute díscretion, cost and expense, to upgrade the Customer Equipment.