THE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES. 5.1. The Client shall have a valid Instilled Software-as-a-Service licence in place prior to the start of any Professional Services.
THE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES. Consultant shall execute the following professional services specified in Exhibit A (Scope of Work) attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference.
THE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES. The following professional services will be provided to Licensee during the first thirty (30) days after delivery of the Licensed Software. ● Installation of the Licensed Software on Licensee's servers. ● Assistance during Licensee's testing of the Licensed Software, ● Responses, by email, to inquiries by the Licensee’s programmers as to the correct use and deployment of the SDK. Email responses will take no more than twenty-four (24) hours from receipt except for messages received on Friday or Saturday (Israel time). Best efforts will be made to respond to queries received on Friday or Saturday with guarantees. Ordinarily, such requests will be taken care of on the Sunday following the Friday/Saturday in question. ● Responses, through instant messaging (eg. WhatsApp, Skype) to inquiries by the Licensee’s programmers as to the correct use and deployment of the SDK. Instant messaging queries will be addressed Sunday-Thursday between 10:00 and 18:00 hrs, Israel time. Licensor personnel will make its best effort to respond in a timely fashion to these inquiries, aiming for responses not to lag by more than sixty (60) minutes from receipt. Inquiries received after business hours will be answered the next business day. ● In addition to the above enumerated services, additional phone calls, conference calls, video calls and the like that shall not to exceed three hours in any one week. Other services including but not limited to software development, debugging non-IsItYou code, design, software architecture consulting or in situ development, are not included as professional services and will be priced separately. EXHIBIT C SUPPORT SERVICES Support Model: With each request to Licensor, a ticket number will be generated. A ticket may be opened by sending an email to the e-mail address below, by contacting Licensor at the phone number below, or by accessing the Licensor's support platform via the Internet. The ticket number will accompany each subsequent interaction until the ticket is closed. Severity Level Severity Level Description Maximum Initial Response Time Resolution Time 1 – Critical An error in the Licensed Software that renders the Licensed Software unusable. Up to 1 Hour Within 4 Hours 2 – Serious An error in the Licensed Software that results in a loss of functionality and/or performance degradation. 2 Business Hours Within 1 Business Day


  • Professional Services Bodily injury" or "property damage" arising out of the rendering of or failure to render profes- sional services;

  • Scope of Professional Services 3.1 On the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, COUNTY hereby engages CONTRACTOR to provide all labor, materials and equipment to complete the Project/Service in accordance with the Scope of Services, attached hereto and incorporated herein as Attachment A, as modified or clarified by Addendum(s) # , dated , attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference as Attachment B. It is understood that the Scope of Services may be modified by change order as the Project/Service progresses, but to be effective and binding, any such change order must be in writing, executed by the parties, and in accordance with the COUNTY’s Purchasing Policies and Procedures. A copy of these policies and procedures shall be made available to the CONTRACTOR upon request.

  • Professional Service Consultant agrees that all services and work performed under this agreement will be accomplished in a professional manner, in accordance with the accepted standards of Contractor’s profession.

  • Professional Services Fees You agree to pay us the professional services fees in the amounts set forth in the Investment Summary. Those amounts are payable in accordance with our Invoicing and Payment Policy. You acknowledge that the fees stated in the Investment Summary are good-faith estimates of the amount of time and materials required for your implementation. We will bill you the actual fees incurred based on the in-scope services provided to you. Any discrepancies in the total values set forth in the Investment Summary will be resolved by multiplying the applicable hourly rate by the quoted hours.

  • Educational Services Any service or supply for education, training or retraining services or testing including: special education, remedial education; cognitive remediation; wilderness/outdoor treatment, therapy or adventure programs (whether or not the program is part of a Residential Treatment facility or otherwise licensed institution); job training or job hardening programs; educational services and schooling or any such related or similar program including therapeutic programs within a school setting.

  • Professional Services Warranty Kodak warrants that it shall perform Professional Services in a professional manner using appropriately skilled personnel in accordance with generally accepted industry standards and Kodak’s then current policies and procedures. Subject to the provisions of condition 16.1 Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy under the warranty described in this condition shall be, at Kodak’s option, (1) re-performance of the non-conforming Professional Services, or (2) refund of the amount paid by Customer for the non-conforming Professional Services.

  • Transitional Services Upon cancellation, termination, or expiration of the Contract for any reason, the Contractor shall provide reasonable cooperation, assistance and Services, and shall assist the Department to facilitate the orderly transition of the work under the Contract to the Department and/or to an alternative contractor selected for the transition upon written notice to the Contractor at least thirty (30) business days prior to termination or cancellation, and subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Contract.

  • Legal Services If this Agreement is for legal services, this section is applicable. Contractor shall: (i) adhere to legal cost and billing guidelines designated by the JBE; (ii) adhere to litigation plans designated by the JBE, if applicable; (iii) adhere to case phasing of activities designated by the JBE, if applicable; (iv) submit and adhere to legal budgets as designated by the JBE; (v) maintain legal malpractice insurance in an amount not less than the amount designated by the JBE; and (vi) submit to legal bill audits and law firm audits if so requested by the JBE, whether conducted by employees or designees of the JBE or by any legal cost-control provider retained by the JBE for that purpose. Contractor may be required to submit to a legal cost and utilization review as determined by the JBE. If (a) the Contract Amount is greater than $50,000, (b) the legal services are not the legal representation of low- or middle-income persons, in either civil, criminal, or administrative matters, and (c) the legal services are to be performed within California, then Contractor agrees to make a good faith effort to provide a minimum number of hours of pro xxxx legal services, or an equivalent amount of financial contributions to qualified legal services projects and support centers, as defined in section 6213 of the Business and Professions Code, during each year of the Agreement equal to the lesser of either (A) thirty (30) multiplied by the number of full time attorneys in the firm’s offices in California, with the number of hours prorated on an actual day basis for any period of less than a full year or (B) the number of hours equal to ten percent (10%) of the Contract Amount divided by the average billing rate of the firm. Failure to make a good faith effort may be cause for nonrenewal of this Agreement or another judicial branch or other state contract for legal services, and may be taken into account when determining the award of future contracts with a Judicial Branch Entity for legal services.

  • Professional Engineering and Architect’s Services Professional Engineering and Architect’s Services are not permitted to be provided under this Agreement. Texas statutes prohibit the procurement of Professional Engineering and Architect’s Services through a cooperative agreement.

  • Consultation Services The company hereby employs the consultant to perform the following services in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement: The consultant will consult with the officers and employees of the company concerning matters relating to the management and organization of the company, their financial policies, the terms and conditions of employment, and generally any matter arising out of the business affairs of the company.