Cost Adjustments Sample Clauses

Cost Adjustments. Both parties agree that contracted prices shall be fixed for the first 12 months of this Contract. Contractor must submit to District any proposed cost adjustments at least 60 days before the proposed effective date of such increases with a detailed explanation for each adjustment. District alone reserves the right to reject any changes to this Contract it deems unacceptable.
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Cost Adjustments. Prices quoted shall be firm for the initial contract term of three (3) year(s). No cost increases shall be accepted in this initial contract term. Please consider this when providing pricing for this request for proposal. Thereafter, any extensions which may be approved by the City shall be subject to the following: costs for any extension terms shall be subject to an adjustment only if increases or decreases occur in the industry. Such adjustment shall be based on the latest yearly percentage increase in the All Urban Consumers Price Index (CPI-U) as published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Dep't. of Labor and shall not exceed five percent (5%). The yearly increase or decrease in the CPI shall be that latest Index published and available for the calendar year ending 12/31, prior to the end of the contract year then in effect, as compared to the index for the comparable month, one-year prior. Any requested adjustment shall be fully documented and submitted to the City at least ninety (90) days prior to the contract anniversary date. Any approved cost adjustments shall become effective on the beginning date of the approved contract extension. The City may, after examination, refuse to accept the adjusted costs if they are not properly documented, or considered to be excessive, or if decreases are considered to be insufficient. In the event the City does not wish to accept the adjusted costs and the matter cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the City, the Contract will be considered cancelled on the scheduled expiration date.
Cost Adjustments. All change orders must be in writing. Increase in costs resulting from change orders or items selected by Buyer which exceed the allowances specified in the Construction Documents will be paid by Xxxxx as follows: . A decrease in costs resulting from change orders and unused allowances will reduce the Sales Price, with proportionate adjustments to the amounts in Paragraphs 3A and 3B as required by lender.
Cost Adjustments. Increases in costs resulting from Change Orders or items selected by the buyer which exceed the allowances specified in the Construction Documents shall be paid by the buyer at the time of signing the Change Order(s) or purchase of additional items. All payments made towards change orders are non-refundable in the event this contract does not close, whether by default by buyer, or seller, or by mutual termination. Refer to the contract addendum for other requirements in processing Change Orders.
Cost Adjustments. The initial Monthly Rent is based in part on the estimated Operating Costs and Tax Costs. Prior to the first day of each calendar year after the date of this Lease, or as soon as reasonably possible after the first day of the year, Lessor will furnish Tenant with an estimate of the Costs if greater than the initial Costs, and the Monthly Rent will be increased by 1/12th of Tenant's Share of the difference between the initial estimate of Costs and the current estimate. After the end of each calendar year, including the year in which the Term expires, Lessor will give Tenant a statement of the actual Costs for that calendar year. If the actual Costs exceed the estimated Costs for that year, Tenant will pay Tenant's Share of the excess to Lessor within 20 days after receiving the statement. If the actual Costs are less than the estimated Costs for that year, Lessor will pay Tenant's Share of the difference to Tenant with the statement. If Tenant does not give Lessor written notice within one year after receiving Lessor's statement that Tenant disagrees with the statement and specifying the amounts in dispute, Tenant will be deemed to have waived the right to contest the statement. Tenant will file no petition in Tax Court regarding the Tax Costs without Lessor's prior written consent. If Lessor contests Tax Costs and receives a refund or incurs additional Tax Costs after adjustments for actual Tax Costs have been made, the actual Tax Costs will be corrected accordingly and the appropriate adjustment will be made between Lessor and Tenant. The portion of Costs to be paid by Tenant for the years in which the Term begins and ends will be prorated by multiplying the actual Costs by a fraction, the numerator of which is the number of days of that year in the Term and the denominator of which is 365.
Cost Adjustments. If any adjustment to New River’s Cost of Goods of a particular quantity of Compound and/or Collaboration Product arises by way of any adjustment to New River’s actual costs incurred and payable to a Third Party Manufacturer subsequent to the transfer of such quantity to Shire, New River shall promptly notify Shire of such adjustment and the Parties shall reflect such adjustment for all applicable purposes under this Agreement.
Cost Adjustments. After the first anniversary of the Effective Date, LWI may (or in the case of any reduction in the PPI, LWI shall) annually adjust the various costs and rates set forth in each Statement of Work to reflect changes in the cost of materials and/or labor rate paid by LWI in connection with the production of Product under this Agreement; provided, however, that any increase in labor rates shall not exceed any percentage increase in the US Producer Price Index for the most recently published percentage change for the 12-month period preceding the applicable contract anniversary date. LWI agrees to provide CLIENT with written notice of any such cost adjustment.
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Cost Adjustments. [***] and on each anniversary thereafter, the various costs and rates set forth in Schedule 11.1 [***] will increase by [***].
Cost Adjustments. If Contractor or Purchaser claims a right to adjustment pursuant to Article 16.1 above, Contractor shall prepare and furnish to Purchaser the evidence reasonably necessary to establish the amount of any increase or decrease in the cost of, or the time required for, the performance of this Contract caused by the relevant change order. [SPACE SYSTEMS LORAL LOGO] SS/L-TP99022 Contract
Cost Adjustments. Should the production cost change considerably to the disadvantage of one of the Parties, the Party seeking a price adjustment shall provide documented evidence of the relevant factors (such as changes in the costs of raw materials, labor, utilities, or other overhead costs associated with the manufacture of the Product) and the Parties shall negotiate to solve such a problem in good faith, balancing the interests of the Parties, and shall mutually agree to any changes in writing. Any agreement between the Parties to change the price shall take effect from the beginning of the following Calendar Year (the “Subsequent Year”). If the Parties are unable to agree to change the price (or to leave it unchanged) before the start of the Subsequent Year, the price for Product shall be the same as that prevailing in the Calendar Year in which the price review discussions commenced. Notwithstanding the above, Cayman and Aerie shall cooperate to identify opportunities to reduce the cost of manufacturing and packaging Product. Cayman will implement process improvements at Aerie’s direction, following applicable risk assessment and determination of impact on regulatory filings, and share the benefits of price improvements with Aerie
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