Right to Contest Sample Clauses

Right to Contest. Borrower, at its own expense, may contest by appropriate legal proceedings, conducted diligently and in good faith, the amount or validity of any Imposition other than Insurance premiums and Ground Rent (if applicable), if: (i) Borrower notifies Lender of the commencement or expected commencement of such proceedings, (ii) the Mortgaged Property is not in danger of being sold or forfeited, (iii) if Borrower has not already paid the Imposition, Borrower deposits with Lender reserves sufficient to pay the contested Imposition, if requested by Lender, and (iv) Borrower furnishes whatever additional security is required in the proceedings or is reasonably requested by Lender, which may include the delivery to Lender of reserves established by Borrower to pay the contested Imposition.
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Right to Contest. Borrower shall have the right, after prior notice to Lender, at its sole expense, to contest by appropriate legal proceedings diligently conducted in good faith, without cost or expense to Lender or any of its agents, employees, officers or directors, the validity, amount or application of any Imposition, provided that (a) no Event of Default shall exist during such proceedings and such contest shall not (unless Borrower shall comply with clause (d) of this Section 4.04) subject the Property or any portion thereof to any lien or affect the priority of the lien of this Security Instrument, (b) failure to pay such Imposition or charge will not subject Lender or any of its agents, employees, officers or directors to any civil or criminal liability, (c) the contest suspends enforcement of the Imposition or charge (unless Borrower first pays the Imposition or charge), (d) prior to and during such contest, Borrower shall furnish to Lender security satisfactory to Lender, in its reasonable discretion, against loss or injury by reason of such contest or the non-payment of such Imposition or charge (and if such security is cash, Lender may deposit the same in an interest-bearing account and interest accrued thereon, if any, shall be deemed to constitute a part of such security for purposes of this Security Instrument, but Lender (i) makes no representation or warranty as to the rate or amount of interest, if any, which may accrue thereon and shall have no liability in connection therewith and (ii) shall not be deemed to be a trustee or fiduciary with respect to its receipt of any such security and any such security may be commingled with other monies of Lender), (e) such contest shall not affect the ownership, use or occupancy of the Property, (f) the Property or any part thereof or any interest therein shall not be in any danger of being sold, forfeited or lost by reason of such contest by Borrower, (g) Borrower has given Lender notice of the commencement of such contest and upon request by Lender, from time to time, notice of the status of such contest by Borrower and/or confirmation of the continuing satisfaction of clauses (a) through (f) of this Section 4.04, and (h) upon a final determination of such contest, Borrower shall promptly comply with the requirements thereof. Upon completion of any contest, Borrower shall immediately pay the amount due, if any, and deliver to Lender proof of the completion of the contest and payment of the amount due, if any, follo...
Right to Contest. Within thirty (30) days after each tax and assessment payment is required by this Section 6.01 to be paid, Lessee shall provide Lessor with evidence 4849-3174-9992.2 STORE/Synalloy A&R Master Lease Agreement 7 Properties in OH, PA, SC, TN and TX File No. 7210/02-475 reasonably satisfactory to Lessor that taxes and assessments have been timely paid by Lessee. In the event Lessor receives a tax xxxx, Lessor shall use commercially reasonable efforts to forward said xxxx to Lessee within fifteen (15) days of Lessor’s receipt thereof. Lessee may, at its own expense, contest or cause to be contested (in the case of any item involving more than $10,000, after prior written notice to Lessor, which shall be given within fifteen (15) days of Lessee’s determination to contest any matter as permitted herein), by appropriate legal proceedings conducted in good faith and with due diligence, any above‑described item or lien with respect thereto, including, without limitation, the amount or validity or application, in whole or in part, of such item, provided that (i) neither the Properties nor any interest therein would be in any danger of being sold, forfeited or lost by reason of such proceedings; (ii) no Event of Default has occurred and is continuing; (iii) if and to the extent required by the applicable taxing authority and/or Lessor, Lessee posts a bond or takes other steps acceptable to such taxing authority and/or Lessor that removes such lien or stays enforcement thereof; (iv) Lessee shall promptly provide Lessor with copies of all notices received or delivered by Lessee and filings made by Lessee in connection with such proceeding; and (v) upon termination of such proceedings, it shall be the obligation of Lessee to pay the amount of any such tax and assessment or part thereof as finally determined in such proceedings, the payment of which may have been deferred during the prosecution of such proceedings, together with any costs, fees (including attorneys’ fees and disbursements), interest, penalties or other liabilities in connection therewith. Lessor shall at the request of Lessee, execute or join in the execution of any instruments or documents necessary in connection with such contest or proceedings, but Lessor shall incur no cost or obligation thereby.
Right to Contest. The Union and/or the employee, with or without the Union, shall have the right to file a grievance concerning any testing permitted by the Agreement, contesting the basis for the order to submit to the tests, the right to test, the administration of the tests, the significance and accuracy of the tests, the consequences of the testing or results or any other alleged violation of the Agreement. It is agreed by the parties that they in no way intend to have in any manner restricted, diminished or otherwise impair any legal rights that employees may have with regard to such testing. Employees retain any such rights as may exist and may pursue the same in their own discretion, with or without the assistance of the Union.
Right to Contest. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this section 5, the Mortgagor shall have the right to contest in good faith the validity of any such lien, encumbrance, charge or security interests, PROVIDED THAT AND SO LONG AS (1) the same is done by the Mortgagor upon prior written notice to the Collateral Agent and at the Mortgagor's sole cost and expense and with due diligence and continuity so as to resolve as promptly as possible such question of validity; (2) neither the Mortgaged Property nor any part thereof will be in immediate danger of being forfeited or lost by reason of such contest; (3) such contest shall not subject the Collateral Agent to prosecution for a criminal offense or a claim for civil liability; (4) if required by the Collateral Agent, the Mortgagor shall either bond such lien, encumbrance, charge or security interest or establish a reserve or other security with the Collateral Agent in an amount and in form and substance satisfactory to the Collateral Agent for application towards the cost of curing or removing the same from record pursuant to clause (5) below; (5) the Mortgagor shall thereafter diligently proceed to cause such lien, encumbrance or charge to be removed and discharged prior to the date the Mortgaged Property is listed for an IN REM action with respect to such lien, encumbrance or charge or any writ or order is issued under which the Mortgaged Property may be sold pursuant to a final judgment; (6) the Mortgagor agrees in writing to indemnify and hold harmless the Collateral Agent and the Secured Creditors from and against any and all expenses, claims, demands, obligations, liabilities, suits, actions and penalties upon or arising out of such contest and (7) no Event of Default hereunder shall have occurred and be continuing.
Right to Contest. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Section, Mortgagor will not be deemed to be in default solely by reason of Mortgagor’s failure to pay any tax, assessment or similar governmental charge so long as, in Mortgagee’s judgment, each of the following conditions is satisfied:
Right to Contest. If Sublandlord does not have the right to contest any matter in the Master Lease due to expiration of any time limit that may be set forth therein or for any other reason, then notwithstanding any incorporation of any such provision from the Master Lease in this Sublease, Subtenant shall also not have the right to contest any such matter.
Right to Contest. Landlord shall have the right to contest all Impositions at Landlord’s sole cost and expense. Landlord shall give notice to Tenant of Landlord’s contest to any Impositions. Landlord agrees that each such contest shall be promptly prosecuted to its final conclusion, except to the extent deemed commercially unreasonable by Landlord, in Landlord’s sole discretion. Landlord shall give notice to Tenant of any increases in Impositions, and in the event Landlord elects not to contest any Impositions, then and in that event, Tenant shall have the right to contest such Impositions. If Landlord elects to not contest such Impositions, Tenant shall have the right to contest any Impositions upon written notice to Landlord. Tenant agrees that each such contest shall be promptly prosecuted to a final conclusion. If necessary in the prosecution of any such contest, Landlord shall join with Tenant as a party to such contest, and Tenant shall pay, and save Landlord and Landlord’s Mortgagee, if any, harmless against, any and all losses, judgments, decrease and costs (including reasonable attorneysfees and expenses) in connection with any such contest and shall, promptly after the final settlement, compromise, or determination of such contest, fully pay and discharge the amounts that shall be levied, assessed, charged or imposed or be determined to be payable therein or in connection therewith, and perform all acts, the performance of which shall be ordered or decreed as a result thereof. No such contest shall subject Landlord to the risk of any civil or criminal liability.
Right to Contest. Grantor may withhold payment of any tax, assessment, or claim in connection with a good faith dispute over the obligation to pay, so long as Lender's interest in the Property is not jeopardized. If a lien arises or is filed as a result of nonpayment, Grantor shall within fifteen (15) days after the lien arises or, if a lien is filed, within fifteen (15) days after Grantor has notice of the filing, secure the discharge of the lien, or if requested by Lender, deposit with Lender cash or a sufficient corporate surety bond or other security satisfactory to Lender in an amount sufficient to discharge the lien plus any costs and attorneys' fees, or other charges that could accrue as a result of a foreclosure or sale under the lien. In any contest, Grantor shall defend itself and Lender and shall satisfy any adverse judgment before enforcement against the Property. Grantor shall name Lender as an additional obligee under any surety bond furnished in the contest proceedings.
Right to Contest. So long as no Event of Default (defined below) has occurred and is continuing, Borrower may, prior to delinquency and at its sole expense, contest any Assessment, but this shall not change or extend Borrower’s obligation to pay the Assessment as required above unless (i) Borrower gives Lender prior written notice of its intent to contest an Assessment; (ii) Borrower demonstrates to Lender’s reasonable satisfaction that (A) the Property will not be sold to satisfy the Assessment prior to the final determination of the legal proceedings, (B) Borrower has taken such actions as are required or permitted to accomplish a stay of any such sale, and (C) Borrower has either (1) furnished a bond or surety (satisfactory to Lender in form and amount) sufficient to prevent a sale of the Property, or (2) at Lender’s option, deposited one hundred fifty percent (150%) of the full amount necessary to pay any unpaid portion of the Assessments with Lender; and (iii) such proceeding shall be permitted under any other instrument to which Borrower or the Property is subject (whether superior or inferior to this Instrument); provided, however, that the foregoing shall not restrict the contesting of any income taxes, franchise taxes, ground rents, maintenance charges, and utility charges.