CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION. The teacher engages students in learning and the instructional strategies used to help students gain better insight into the subject matter.
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CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION. The Contractor shall provide training in a classroom environment with one student per computer, or no more than two per station. The ideal class size is 10–15 students with an upper limit of 25 students per class. Generally, the Contractor will allocate 2 days for training sessions, which are conducted at DMV facilities to minimize travel and disruption. The system immersion training course for selected members of the technical staff is an exception.
CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION. In the event a classroom class is cancelled with less than two business days’ notice, the instructor will be paid for the first session as though it were time worked.
CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION. (a) Employees will receive the following pay for each classroom session Effective date of ratification Dec. 1, 2009 Dec. 1, 2010 $60.12 $61.02 $61.94
CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION. In the event that any of the services provided by CONTRACTOR is classroom instruction, CONTRACTOR shall make its curriculum available for review by the DISTRICT.
CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION. In the event a classroom class is cancelled with less than two days’ notice and no replacement lessons can be scheduled the instructor will be paid for the first session as though it were time worked.
CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION. NTDSE may establish special education classes designed to provide instructional services to meet the needs of Member District students with disabilities.
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  • Form instructions 1. This form does not mandate the use of a specific font size or style but the font must be legible.

  • SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS On date of shipment send original xxxx of lading, air xxxx or express receipt reflecting this Purchase Order number to Buyer’s Traffic Department. Do not deliver ahead of schedule unless written authorization is received from Buyer. Describe shipments in accordance with the carrier’s tariffs to obtain the lowest freight rate. Do not insure or declare value on shipments beyond F.O.B point. When a shipment is subject to freight rates dependent upon value, annotate the xxxx of lading, air xxxx or express receipt to show that the shipment is released at the maximum value which applies to the lowest rate provided in applicable tariffs. Consolidate all shipments to be forwarded on one day. Articles furnished in excess of the quantity specified or in excess of quantity ordered will be retained by Buyer at no additional cost, unless Seller notifies Buyer within 30 days after shipment that it desires the return thereof. Seller will reimburse Buyer for the full cost of returning such over shipment or a minimum charge to $50, whichever is higher. No notification will be given to Seller of any over shipment. Mail original and two duplicate invoices to Buyer’s accounting Department when articles are shipped. STATE SHIPPING POINT ON ALL INVOICES. Each case or parcel and accompanying packing list of contents must show Buyer’s Purchase Order number. Seller shall label all packages according to Buyer’s bar coding requirements. If no packing List accompanies the shipment, Buyers count will be conclusive to Seller.

  • Billing Instructions Enter name and mailing address of nominating Agency Finance Office for billing purposes.

  • Non-Instructional Days 4. School Accreditation

  • Curriculum and Instruction 7.1 The Board and the Association recognize the importance of adequate teaching reference materials and adequate and appropriate instructional materials and equipment in maintaining a high level of professional performance in the educational process.

  • Instructions from Customer Processing on Legal Requirement. 28(3) (b) 3.3 Personnel. 28(3) (c) and 32 2 and Appendix 2 Security of Processing and Appendix 2, Technical and Organizational Measures. 28(3) (e) 3.4 Cooperation. 28(3) (f) and 32-36 2 and Appendix 2, 3.5, 3.6 Security of Processing and Appendix 2, Technical and Organizational Measures. Personal Data Breach Notification. Data Protection Impact Assessment. 28(3) (g) 4 Data export and Deletion 28(3) (h) 5 CERTIFICATIONS AND AUDITS

  • Operating Instructions The Design Professional shall assemble and forward to the Owner all equipment and systems operation and maintenance manuals provided by the Contractor in compliance with the Specifications.

  • Payment Instructions Agent shall have received written instructions from Borrowing Agent directing the application of proceeds of the initial Advances made pursuant to this Agreement;

  • Instructional Assignment The period of an instructional assignment during an academic year shall not exceed an average of seventy-five (75) days per semester and the period for testing, advisement, and other scheduled assignments shall not exceed an average of ten (10) days per semester. Within each semester, activities referred to above shall be scheduled during contiguous weeks with the exception of spring break, if any.

  • Customer Instructions The documentation shipped with the returned defective Boeing Product may include specific technical instructions for additional work to be performed on the Boeing Product. The absence of such instructions will evidence Customer's authorization for Boeing to perform all necessary Corrections and work required to return the Boeing Product to a serviceable condition.

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