Contact hour definition

Contact hour means an hour of training received through direct instruction.
Contact hour means one contact hour equals a minimum of 60 minutes. One half contact hour equals a minimum of 30 minutes.
Contact hour means the amount of credit awarded for 60 minutes of participation in and successful completion of a continuing education program.

Examples of Contact hour in a sentence

  • See USNEI.7 Contact hour or clock hour: a unit of measure which represents an hour of scheduled instruction given to a student.

  • Contact hour means one clock hour of organized learning experience.

  • Additional Supportive Documentation Needed:• Copy of any earned degree(s).• Copy of current, valid, and professional license(s) or coaching certifications.• Contact hour and educational documentation that demonstrates the education/training incorporated biblical principles and coaching skills with appropriate theory, knowledge, and practice.

  • Contact hour of the Course should be sufficiently long for all course materials to be adequately covered, so that the course intended learning outcomes can be achieved.

  • Credit Hour Assignment = Contact hour limit number * 1.50 * 0.85 * 0.35 Contact hour limit number is taken from Table 1 of Article 250.222.

More Definitions of Contact hour

Contact hour means a minimum of fifty minutes of continuing education activity;
Contact hour means 50 minutes of participation in a structured training activity.
Contact hour means a unit of measure for a continuing education activity. One contact hour equals 60 minutes in a learning activity, excluding meals and breaks.”
Contact hour means a minimum of fifty (50) minutes of instruction.
Contact hour means a unit of measure of educational credit which is equivalent to approximately fifty (50) to sixty (60) minutes of participation in an organized learning experience.
Contact hour means a minimum of fifty minutes of a training activity;
Contact hour means 60 minutes of time spent in continuing learning activity exclusive of breaks, meals or vendor exhibits.