Contact hour definition

Contact hour means an hour of training received through direct instruction.
Contact hour means the amount of credit awarded for 60 minutes of participation in and successful completion of a continuing education program.
Contact hour means a minimum of fifty minutes of continuing education activity;

Examples of Contact hour in a sentence

  • Contact Hour earned per membership in an approved professional organization Since membership in a professional organization exposes the certificate holder to news and technical information in the vocation, a maximum of one (1) Contact Hour will be accepted for each membership purchased or renewed in an approved professional organization within the Biennial Window.

  • One (1) Contact Hour of CWEA - approved instructional session or training is defined as 50 minutes of participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction.

  • Membership in an approved professional organization (a maximum of 1 Contact Hour can be earned per 2 year renewal period), with one year of membership being worth 0.5 contact hours.

  • Contact Hours: The unit of measurement that is used to designate participation in an educational/ training program designed to increase the professional proficiency of an individual holding Department of Mental Health certification/licensure One Contact Hour will consist of a minimum of 50 consecutive minutes.

  • Contact Hour may be earned per 1 contact hour of attendance at a CWEA -approved educational/training program.

More Definitions of Contact hour

Contact hour means one contact hour equals a minimum of 60 minutes. One half contact hour equals a minimum of 30 minutes.
Contact hour means 50 minutes of participation in a structured training activity.
Contact hour means 60 minutes of time spent in continuing learning activity exclusive of breaks, meals or vendor exhibits.
Contact hour means a unit of measure of educational credit which is equivalent to approximately fifty (50) to sixty (60) minutes of participation in an organized learning experience.
Contact hour means not less than 50 minutes of specialized training or a continuing education course.