Course Load Sample Clauses

Course Load. I will comply with the program’s course requirement to enroll in the required minimum number of credit hours for each term.
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Course Load. The University maintains a policy regarding the course load for part-time faculty, but that policy is not a part of this agreement. This Agreement is not intended to limit the authority of the University to assign higher course loads, at its discretion. The University reserves the right to modify the policy as circumstances warrant. The University will notify SEIU Local 500 prior to announcing a change in the policy and will refrain from implementing the change for a period of 10 calendar days to provide Local 500 with an opportunity to discuss the change. If, at the end of that 10 day period, the University decides to implement a revised policy, the University will provide Local 500 with a written copy of the revised policy.
Course Load. The load for all noncredit classes shall be determined following the same process as credit classes.
Course Load. 1. The nominal load for Lecturers is twelve (12) credit hours per semester (not to exceed 16 contact hours), other than those employed in the School of Architecture, for whom the nominal load is sixteen (16) credit hours. Assignments in lieu of course load may include formal student advisement, assignments, course/curriculum development, coordination, and department or college administration. The teaching load shall not normally be fewer than nine (9) contact hours.
Course Load. High school juniors may take up to nine (9) college credit hours in the fall and spring semesters. The summer before their junior year, the student may only register for summer B and may take up to six (6) credit hours on- campus only. Juniors may take up to nine (9) credit hours total in the summer semester (no more than 2 courses in each summer term). High school seniors may take 12 -15 credit hours in the fall and spring terms. Any exception to these limits must be approved by the school and CF’s Dual Enrollment Petitions Committee. Please see chart below. Fall Credit Hours Spring Credit Hours Summer Credit Hours Total Sophomores 6 6 6 (Summer B) 18 Juniors 9 9 9 27 Seniors 16 16 0 32 E. Failing Grade –If a dual enrollment student earns a D, F or FF grade in any course(s) during one semester, he/she is no longer eligible to participate in dual enrollment. An “FF” grade indicates alleged academic misconduct was involved and the student must take the Academic Integrity Seminar. If the student is pre- registered for any courses, those courses will be dropped. These students will not enroll in additional dual enrollment courses until they re-establish GPA eligibility. Additionally, if a student chooses to petition a grade, he/she will not continue in dual enrollment classes until a decision is rendered.
Course Load. Teachers shall be required to prepare for no more than three (3) preps per semester. Teachers may volunteer to prepare for more than three (3) preps a semester, in which case they shall be compensated an additional $3,000 per additional prep per semester. If a teacher has more than three (3) preps, administration will make their best effort to minimize clerical work created by the additional prep and to reduce the additional work of a third prep, such as not teaching learning lab, sharing lesson plans, adjusting schedules the next semester, etc.
Course Load. Special education teachers shall teach and co-teach no more than two courses. Special education teachers shall teach and co-teach subjects for which they are highly qualified and feel comfortable teaching.
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Course Load. Exchange students at each institution will be expected to take appropriate full time course work and course load selected with the assistance of the respective academic advisors at each institution (at UCB 12-18 credits per semester for undergraduate students and 5-12 credits per semester for graduate students).
Course Load. Recipient must be enrolled in proper courses of study on a full-time basis necessary to complete the course work and maintain the projected graduation date. If currently employed by Xxxxxxx, Recipient must discuss their trial class schedule with his/her immediate manager prior to registering for classes. Courses taken may not conflict with the Recipient’s work schedule, unless prior authorization from immediate manager has been obtained. After registration for the new semester courses, please submit a copy of the semester schedule to Human Resources and your manager prior to the first day of classes. initials
Course Load. As stated in the
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