Construction Administration Sample Clauses

Construction Administration. Redeveloper shall be responsible for all components of the Redeveloper Improvements constructed by Redeveloper including construction management, coordination of contractors and regulatory permitting and other requirements. Redeveloper and its contractor(s) shall reasonably cooperate with City contractors performing work in the vicinity of the Redevelopment Project Area including, but not limited to, Redeveloper's scheduling of its work to provide for a smooth sequence of operations. The Redeveloper will be solely responsible for payment of all construction costs for the Redeveloper Improvements as set forth in this Redevelopment Agreement.
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Construction Administration. A party may administer roadway construction projects upon the request of the other party. Roadway construction includes (by way of example and without limitation) the construction, reconstruction, or rehabilitation of mainline, shoulder, median, pedestrian or bicycle pathway, lighting and signal systems, pavement mill and overlays, seal coating, guardrail installation, and channelization. These services may be performed by the Providing Party’s own forces, or the Providing Party may administer outside contracts for such work. Construction administration may include letting and awarding construction contracts for such work (including state projects to be completed in conjunction with local projects). All contract administration services must be performed by an employee with sufficient skills, training, expertise or certification to perform such work.
Construction Administration. This task includes managing contractor submittal review, answering requests for information, and issuing work directives. A full-time engineering construction observer will be on site for the duration of the project. Construction observer duties include documenting of pre-construction conditions, daily construction diary, preparing change orders, addressing questions of contractors on site, reviewing/ updating project schedule, reviewing contractor log submittals and pay requests, forecasting cash flow, notifying contractor if work is not acceptable. Upon completing the project, the DWR Certificate of Project Completion and record drawings will be provided to DWR. <Add applicable detail> Deliverables: • DWR Certificate of Project Completion • Record Drawings Task 11: Construction Construction activities are outlined below. 11(a): Mobilization and Demobilization <Add applicable detail> 11(b): Site preparation will include <Add applicable detail> 11(c): Install, construct, excavate <Add applicable detail> 11(d): Improve <Add applicable detail> Deliverables: • Photographic Documentation of Progress EXHIBIT B BUDGET PROPOSITION 1 ROUND 2 <REGIONNAME> IRWM IMPLEMENTATION GRANT [Budget Tables provide examples as an outline of the format that may be submitted for this grant program. The budget shall be consistent with the work plan and schedule. AGREEMENT BUDGET SUMMARY Minimum Required Cost Share for Agreement: PROJECTS Grant Amount Required Cost Share: Non-State Fund Source Other Cost Share Total Cost Cost Share Wavier Received Grant Administration $0 $0 $0 $0 N/A 1 Project 1: <Title> $0 $0 $0 $0 X Project X: <Title> $0 $0 $0 $0 GRAND TOTAL $0 $0 $0 $0 <Non-State funds represents the 50% required cost share by Proposition 1 and could be from any non-state source (County, Federal, any other agency share, etc.). Federal funding that passes through the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services is considered from a federal source. Other cost share means the amount that is not required as part of grant/ or proposition Funding for grant administration cannot exceed 10% of the total requested grant amount of the proposal. This 10% limit includes total grant administration costs incurred by the Grantee and each Local Project Sponsor. > Grant Administration Implementing Agency: BUDGET CATEGORY Grant Amount Required Cost Share: Non-State Fund Source* Other Cost Share** Total Cost (a) Project Administration $0 $0 $0 $0 TOTAL COSTS $0 $0 $0 $0 NOTES: * List fund s...
Construction Administration. Reimbursement for construction contract administration will be made as governed by Departmental policy that limits reimbursement for construction contract administration to no more than fifteen (15%) percent of the actual construction contract of the Project. These costs will also include any cost overruns and charges to the Project by the Department during the Construction Phase.
Construction Administration. 6.1 Submit to Client Notice of Intent (NOI), if applicable.
Construction Administration. Redeveloper shall be responsible on a pay-as- you-go basis for all components of the Redeveloper Project Improvements, including construction management, coordination of contractors and regulatory permitting and other requirements. Subject to reimbursement as provided for in Section 403 below, the Redeveloper will be solely responsible for payment of all construction cost attributable to the Redeveloper Project Improvements
Construction Administration. 4.4.1 As part of Basic Services, the Designer shall provide all of the administrative services described in the Owner’s contracts with the Contractors for the Project.
Construction Administration. 6.1 The A/E will be required to attend weekly project progress meetings for the duration of the Project and to respond promptly to any issues that arise during the course of construction. Administrative duties to be performed during construction include, but are not limited to:
Construction Administration. General administration of the construction contract which shall include as a minimum, attending Owner, Designer and Contractor (ODC) meetings as required; providing appropriate inspections during the commissioning and formal testing of partial systems during various construction phases and as total systems when system construction is completed; verification and approval of contractor Certificates of Payment; preparation of construction records (field reports, request for proposals, change order requests, change orders, etc.); responding to Request for Information and providing instructions necessary for the proper execution of the Work; checking and approval of manufacturer’s data and shop drawings; minutes of meetings as required; generate punchlists and, upon receipt of written certification from the contractor that the punchlist items are complete, provide written verification of punchlist completion to the designer’s standard of care; year end inspections; closeout documentation review; and providing other required project documents and instructions necessary for the proper execution of this Service of the Work. See Article 11 for specific administration requirements.
Construction Administration. 2.8.1 Professional's responsibility to provide Construction Administration Services commences with Owner's execution of the Construction Management Agreement and such responsibility shall continue until Final Completion of the Project.