Consortium Members Sample Clauses

Consortium Members. Consortium Members, as set forth in the Articles of Collaboration of the Consortium, are: (LIST CONSORTIUM MEMBER) (LIST CONSORTIUM MEMBER)
Consortium Members. NASC comprises Traditional and Non-traditional Defense Contractors, small businesses, nonprofit organizations and academic institutions. NASC is open to, and will include, all interested entities that have capabilities in at least one of the Naval Aviation Systems Technology Areas set out in the OT Agreement with NAWCAD. Membership is further contingent on prospective members agreeing to and signing this CMA. Consortium Members attest that they are not excluded from contracting with, or receiving funds from, the Government. The Lead Member will maintain a current list of NASC members. Relationship of Consortium and Members. This Agreement governs the operation of the Consortium, the relationship between the NASC and NASC Members and the interactions among the Consortium Members. This Agreement may be amended at the discretion of the Lead Member to serve the best interests of the Consortium or in response to a modification of the OT Agreement. In the case of a material modification to this Agreement, NASC Consortium Members will be notified and will be allowed to withdraw from the Consortium if the modification is not accepted. This Agreement shall not be disclosed to any third party.
Consortium Members. Each entity listed on Exhibit 1 (a “Consortium Member”), including Consortium Leader if relevant, shall become a Member of ORCID and entitled to the Member Benefits. Exhibit 1 is a webform which can be accessed at . Consortium Leader represents and warrants that each entity listed on Exhibit 1 (a “Consortium Member” and collectively, the “Consortium Members”) is a member of its consortium and has signed an Accession Agreement in the form of Exhibit 2, under which it is legally bound to the terms and conditions set forth in the ORCID License Agreement hereto. Consortium Leader shall provide ORCID with a copy of each such signed Accession Agreement. For purposes of clarity, a Consortium Member that signs an Accession Agreement is acting in its individual capacity and becomes a Member of ORCID entitled to the Member Benefits. Consortium Leader also may become a Member of ORCID by signing an Accession Agreement and listing itself on Exhibit 1. Exhibit 1 sets forth a list Consortium Members which may be updated from time to time by Consortium Leader upon written notice or signature of an accession agreement for new members, and confirmation by ORCID. Only institutions of higher education, nonprofit organizations, and government research and funding agencies located in and organized under the laws of [COUNTRY] are entitled to be covered under the Consortium Fee (defined below), and Consortium Leader represents that each institution listed on Exhibit 1 is such an entity. Consortium Leader may update Exhibit 1 from time to time with additions subject to acceptance by ORCID. Payment Terms: ORCID Classification: Consortium Membership Level: Premium Consortium Band: (to be completed by ORCID): Consortium Fee: (to be completed by ORCID) US$[ ] per year, as per the pricing schedule below. Any Consortium Member that has a pre-existing and paid ORCID membership will be deducted from the initial year fee calculation for consortia with fewer than 30 Consortium Members. Consortium Leader shall be responsible for collecting and paying the Consortium Fee to ORCID.  5-9 members: US$ 6000 each  10-19 members: US$ 5000 each  20-29 members: US$ 4000 each  30-99 members: US$ 135,000 total  100-250 members: US$ 200,000 total Each Consortium Member must have its own Member API Credential(s). If at any time during the Term or a Renewal Term there are fewer than 5 Consortium Members licensed, the fees shall be adjusted to ORCID’s standard licensing fee for individual Members and ...
Consortium Members. ‌ As of the Effective Date of this Agreement and its amendments, and subject to other conditions of membership as further defined herein, the current Consortium Members are those listed on the SOSSEC Consortium website (xxxxx:// The SOSSEC Consortium consists of members from industry, academic institutions, and non- profit and not-for-profit organizations. The Parties adopt a non-exclusive, open membership policy. Consortium Members may and are encouraged to form teams with other members when responding to a SOSSEC Request for Whitepapers or Prototype Project Proposals. The Consortium, through SOSSEC, Inc., will notify the OTA Sponsor(s) of the addition or deletion of Consortium Members as needed but no less than annually. A list of current consortium member is available at All Consortium Members, regardless of when they become a signatory to this Agreement, have the same rights and obligations hereunder.
Consortium Members. The Consortium Members agree that [***].
Consortium Members. [insert the full descriptions and ABNs of the consortium members if any, if none, insert 'not applicable'. If the names of the consortium members are to be inserted subsequent to the Date of this Agreement leave this item blank]. Executed as an agreement. Signed for and on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia as represented by the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities ABN 34 190 894 983 on: Date Signature of Witness Signature of Authorised Person Name of Witness in full Name of Authorised Person in full Signed for and on behalf of insert Name of Organisation ABN insert number on: Date Signature of Witness Signature of Authorised Person Name of Witness in full Name of Authorised Person in full – Project Plan [Note: The Project Plan will form Annexure A and will be inserted prior to execution of this Agreement. The following is an outline of the sort of information that is required in a Project Plan. This note and the detail specified below will not form part of the final Agreement] A Project Plan which includes, at minimum, the following information:
Consortium Members. Class I Consortium Members: For-profit entities with more than 500 employees Annual Dues: $15,000 Class II Consortium Members: For-profit entities with 20 or more and less than 500 employees Annual Dues: $7,500 Class III Consortium Members: For-profit entities with less than 20 employees Annual Dues: $1,500 Exhibit A Class IV Consortium Members: Non-Profit Organizations, governmental organizations, and U.S. Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs) Annual Dues: $1,500
Consortium Members. Dublin City University (Access Group 1) • National University of Ireland Galway (Access Group 1) • Maynooth University (Access Group 1) • Trinity College Dublin (Access Group 1) • University College Cork (Access Group 1) • University College Dublin (Access Group 1) • University of Limerick (Access Group 1) • Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (Access Group 1) • Technological University Dublin (Access Group 2) IReL funding bodies (to be included as Members no additional fee) • Higher Education Authority (Access Group 1) • Science Foundation Ireland (Access Group 1) For clarity, the IReL funding bodies will have access to the Licensed Materials, but will be excluded from the Agreement’s Open Access Provision.
Consortium Members. As of the date of this Agreement, the sole Consortium Members are the Initial Consortium Members. The Initial Consortium Members agree to consider the advisability of including Additional Consortium Members in the Consortium, in consultation with the Institute. The addition of any such Additional Consortium Members to this Agreement shall require the written approval of the Institute and all of the other then existing Consortium Members. If a proposed Additional Consortium Member receives such approval, it shall become a party to this Agreement by executing a counterpart hereof, which counterpart shall include an appropriate amendment of Schedule III specifying the funding commitment of such Additional Consortium Member for purposes of Section 4.1, as well as a party to an amended version of the Consortium Member Agreement.
Consortium Members. Any Consortium Member may withdraw from the Consortium at any time, if the following conditions are satisfied: