Complaints Against Members Sample Clauses

Complaints Against Members. The Employer hereby affirms that it will be its policy for the duration of this Agreement to make every reasonable effort to ensure that any complaint, other than one which alleges criminal behaviour, from a person other than a member of the Department, against any member, of a nature which could result in suspension, dismissal, demotion or legal action against the member concerned, shall be made in writing to the Employer or to the Chief Constable and shall be signed by the complainant setting forth the grounds for the complaint. In every instance where a complaint of the above nature is received, regardless of the form in which it is received, a copy of such complaint or a statement outlining the complaint, and any other documents which lead to a decision to investigate the complaint, shall be submitted to the member concerned forthwith. No disciplinary proceedings shall be instituted solely on the basis of an unsigned complaint. In any Employer hearing resulting from any of the aforementioned complaints the member concerned may elect to be represented by legal counsel.
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Complaints Against Members. 1.1. This Annex to the rules sets out the process which shall be used to deal with complaints made by member(s) against (an) other member(s).1.2. Any confidentiality requirements that may be expressed or implied under this Annex are subject to the limitation that the Union may be required, by law, to report an allegation or the outcome of an investigation to an external body.
Complaints Against Members. Any complaint regarding a member made to a Board member or an administrator/supervisor by a parent, student, staff, or member which might lead to disciplinary action against a member shall be called to the attention of the member through proper channels as soon as possible after the complaint was lodged. The complaining party shall be permitted to express his/her complaint and may be asked to discuss the matter with the member involved in an attempt to resolve any differences before any action is taken. The disposition shall be reported to the administrator/supervisor concerned. If, as a result of a parent, student, staff, or member complaint, administrative or disciplinary action is to be taken, the affected member shall be notified prior to such action being taken and the affected member shall also be afforded an opportunity to discuss such action with the administration.
Complaints Against Members. Any complaint regarding a member made to his or her supervisor or other person in authority above him/her by a parent, student, or other person which may influence that member's evaluation or which may result in disciplinary action, shall be discussed with that member within seven (7) working days according to the following process:
Complaints Against Members