Competence Sample Clauses

Competence. The Expert shall be deemed not to be an arbitrator. As a result, any applicable law or legislation with regard to arbitration shall not apply to the Expert’s appointment, opinion or the procedure according to which the Expert expresses its opinion.
Competence. 1.1 There are no legal, financial or other constraints to the recommendations being implemented.
Competence. The student will demonstrate competence through the delivery of safe dental assisting care that is based on sound judgment, current evidence, and the utilization of up-to-date technology.
Competence. A. The Department shall train bargaining unit employees on all new equipment, technology changes, and clinical procedures needed to perform the duties of their job. For employees who are subject to production and timeliness standards, the training time will be excluded from the production or timeliness standard.
Competence. No Board member or deputy member shall participate in proceedings or decisions on matters that are of such particular importance for him/her or a person to whom he/she is closely connected, that he or she must be deemed to have pronounced personal or financial interest in the matter. This similarly applies to the CEO or other persons performing work for the Severance Pay Scheme. Nor shall a Board member or deputy member take part in a matter concerning a loan or other credit facility for him/herself or security for his/her own debt.
Competence. The individual wage element shall be determined on the basis of qualification factors that are significant from the point of view of the work. The qualification factors are vocational competence, diversity of skills, job performance and care. At least two factors shall be selected for a local measuring system created by the employer. The contents of the system shall be discussed between representatives of the employer and the employees. The principles governing grading of individual wage elements will be explained to every employee.
Competence. Defined as the ability to teach a subject 79 area at either the middle or high school, or any grade at 80 the elementary level based on successful teacher 81 evaluations, teaching experience related to the subject 82 or grade level, or educational attainments, but not 83 based solely on being licensed to teach. 84
Competence. 12.1 You shall provide evidence of your linguistic competence and technical specialisms, where appropriate, by making available the names of referees and undergoing assessment as determined by us. You shall only translate into a language in which you have mother tongue or equivalent competence.
Competence. Defined as the ability to teach a subject or grade level (defined as elementary [K-6], middle [6-9], or high school [9-12]) based on recent teaching experience related to that subject or grade level within the last five years, or educational attainments, or both, but not based solely on being licensed to teach. Consistent with this definition of competence; however, so long as an employee is already licensed in a given area, subject, or endorsement area at the time that a layoff is declared, the District shall consider the willingness of the employee to pursue additional training and educational preparation equivalent to nine (9) credit hours in making a competence determination. The nine (9) credit hours are subject to mutual agreement.
Competence. (1) Regardless of the diplomatic channel, assistance may be requested and requests for assistance be accepted, as well as other types of cooperation under this Agreement be decided upon by the following authorities: - The Federal Minister of the Interior for the Republic of Austria. - The Minister of the Interior for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.