FEES AND DISBURSEMENTS. 6.1 The Service Provider hereby agrees to perform the service for the term of the agreement as per the Pricing Schedule (Annexure: C)
FEES AND DISBURSEMENTS. 5.1 The Supplier hereby agrees to perform the service for the term of the agreement as per the Pricing Schedule (Annexure B)
FEES AND DISBURSEMENTS. 5.1. Unless otherwise agreed, our fees are calculated on the basis of time spent and on the level of skill and responsibility involved in providing the services.
FEES AND DISBURSEMENTS. Buyer shall pay its own expenses, and the fees and disbursements of the counsel, accountants or auditors retained by it in connection with the preparation, execution and delivery of this Agreement and the fees and expenses and disbursements of the counsel to the Seller and the Stockholders shall be paid by the Stockholders.
FEES AND DISBURSEMENTS. 6.1 In consideration of the performance of the Services by the Service Provider pursuant to this Work Order, Transnet will pay to it the fees quoted in the Service Provider’s written proposal to Transnet [dated …………] for the provision of the Services, appended hereto at Annexure A [Contract Fees and Costs].
FEES AND DISBURSEMENTS. In relation to the provision of the Services, as this is defined in the Portfolio Management Agreement between IBR-Global Markets Ltd (the “Manager”) and [ ] (the “Client”) dated [ ], the Client shall pay to the Manager Fees for management of the Account (as this is defined in the Agreement) as follows: Discretionary Portfolio Management (as this is defined in Schedule 1 of the Agreement):  Management Fee: % per annum, on Assets under Management (charged quarterly at % of Assets under Management at that stage at the end of the calendar quarter (31/03-30/06-30/09-31/12)  Performance Fee: % High Water Xxxx (HWM), per month  Xxxx-Up:  The value of the assets for the purposes of the performance fee will be determined after deducting the management fee.
FEES AND DISBURSEMENTS. 12.1 The Service Provider confirms that it has included, all components and software/hardware not specifically mentioned, but needed to complete a functional system in its pricing.
FEES AND DISBURSEMENTS. Seller shall promptly pay all reasonable fees ---------------------- and expenses (including without limitation those of counsel and accountants) incurred by Buyer and Custodian in entering into the Transaction Documents to which it is a party and the Transactions. In the event that either party commences a lawsuit or proceeding against the other in connection with the Agreement, any and all reasonable attorneys' fees and costs incurred by the prevailing party in connection with such lawsuit or proceeding shall be paid by the non- prevailing party.
FEES AND DISBURSEMENTS. All accounting and invoicing correspondence must reference an HCPS purchase order number. HCPS complies with the Local Government Prompt Payment Act (ss. 218.70-218.80, F.S.). Invoice payment is Net 45 days from the date of delivery or the receipt of a proper invoice, whichever occurs last, unless invoices specify early payment discounts. All payments due and not made within the time specified by this section bear interest from thirty (30) days after the due date at the rate of one (1%) percent per month on the unpaid balance.