RESPONSIBILITY OF LESSEE. Lessee agrees to be responsible for and to relieve and hereby relieves the Lessor from all liability by reason of any injury or damage to any property in the Demised Premises, belonging to the Lessee, caused by any fire, breakage or leakage in any part or portion of the Demised Premises, or any part or portion of the building of which the Demised Premises is a part, or from water, rain or snow that may leak into, issue or flow from, any part of the said Demised Premises, or from the drains, pipes, or plumbing work of the same, or from any place or quarter.
RESPONSIBILITY OF LESSEE. All damages or injuries done to the Space by Lessee and/or Lessee's servants, agents, employees, patients, and individuals for whom Lessee is responsible (collectively "Lessee's Agents") shall be repaired by Lessee at its expense, exclusive of ordinary wear and tear, or except as the result, directly or indirectly, of Lessor's failure to maintain the Center and the Space in accordance with the provisions of this Lease, or except for the negligence of Lessor or its servants, agents, invitees, representatives, employees or contractors (collectively "Lessor's Agents"). Lessee covenants and agrees to make such repairs upon thirty (30) days' written notice given to Lessee by Lessor, and if Lessee shall thereafter neglect to timely make said repairs or commence to timely make the same, Lessor shall have the right to make such repairs at the reasonable expense and cost of Lessee, and the amount thereof may be collected as additional Rent accruing for the month following the date of said repair.
RESPONSIBILITY OF LESSEE. Lessee shall provide and maintain, for the joint benefit of the Lessee and Lessor (and mortgagees, if any) during the entire term of this Lease Agreement, public liability insurance against claims for: (1) bodily injury and death occurring on or about the Demised Premises; (2) property damage; and (3) for any claims or acts that Lessee or Lessor can be held legally liable for, regardless of the jurisdiction. Lessee shall also provide and maintain Worker's Compensation Insurance in statutory limits. Lessor shall have the right, from time to time, to make such reasonable requirements with reference to insurance that will reasonably cover liabilities to which the Lessor may be exposed by virtue of this Lease Agreement, but in no event will Lessor require that Lessee carry limits in excess of those carried by Lessor. Any insurance called for hereunder shall also provide coverage for any claims resulting from Lessee's use of any of Lessor's land pursuant to Article 17 hereof.
RESPONSIBILITY OF LESSEE. Lessee agrees to indemnify and to relieve and hereby indemnifies and relieves Lessor from all liability and expense by reason of any loss, damage or injury to Lessee or any other person or to any property of Lessee or any other person which may arise from any cause whatsoever on the demised premises. Lessee further agrees to indemnify and to relieve and hereby indemnifies and relieves Lessor from all liability and expense by reason of any loss, damage or injury to Lessee or to any Lessor business invitee of Lessee, or to any property of Lessee or any employee or business invitee of Lessee which may occur on the pavement, curb, roof, elevators, hallways, passages or other portions (other than the demised premises) of the building of which the demised premises are a part, unless caused by the negligence of the Lessor, his servants or agents.
RESPONSIBILITY OF LESSEE. Any restriction or requirement imposed upon the Lessee under this Lease shall be deemed to extend to the Lessee’s Associates, as applicable. It shall be the Lessee’s obligation to cause all applicable persons to comply with the restrictions and requirements of the Lease. The Lessee shall not permit any activity to occur on or be conducted from the Premises which is in the nature of a business or concession not authorized herein or which conflicts with concession rights granted by the Authority to any other person to engage in business on the Airport.
RESPONSIBILITY OF LESSEE. In consideration of receiving the tax abatement granted herein, Lessee: represents and agrees:
RESPONSIBILITY OF LESSEE. 2.1 Lessee shall use the described Equipment only for its intended use as a spay/neuter van. Operation costs shall be the responsibility of Lessee.
RESPONSIBILITY OF LESSEE. THE LESSEE is responsible for any deterioration of the equipment and or any losses, whichever may be the cause, even when this cause comes from force majeur or chance. In any event of deterioration or losses, THE LESSEE shall immediately notify THE LESSOR and at its option may use one the three following possibilities: