Lessor Sample Clauses

Lessor or “Lessee” include any assignee of Lessor or Lessee, respectively, permitted in accordance with Clause 19.2 and any successors of such persons and references to a Lender includes any assignee or successor of that Lender;
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Lessor. The Plaza Associates, a Missouri General Partnership
Lessor. 5353 DOWNEY ASSOCIATES LTD., a Executed at Beverly Hills, CA California limited Partnership on September ______, 2002 Address: 9595 Wilshire Blvd. By: Suite 511 Michael L. Schwab, Beverly Hills, CA 90212 General Partner SIGNATURES CONTINUED ON THE NEXT PAGE LESSEE: Executed at J & J SNACK FOODS CORP. OF CALIFORNIA on September ________, 2002 Address: _________________________ By: _________________________ ____________________ (Type Name) _________________________ Its: (Title) By: ____________________ (Type Name) Its: (Title) [Corporate Seal] Executed at J & J SNACK FOODS CORP. OF CALIFORNIA on September _______, 2002 Address: __________________________ By: __________________________ ____________________ (Type Name) __________________________ Its: (Title) By: ____________________ (Type Name) Its: (Title) [Corporate Seal]
Lessor. Lessee acknowledges and agrees that Lessor will, if applicable under the Financing Documents, assign as security Lessor's interest in the Lease as described in the Acknowledgement and Agreement referred to in Schedule 3. In addition insofar as Lessee is concerned, Lessor may, without the consent of Lessee, further transfer all or any of its rights or obligations under the Lease or all or any of its right, title or interest in and to the Aircraft, including pursuant to:
Lessor or “Lessee” include any assignee or successor in title to Lessor or Lessee respectively (subject to the provisions of clause 22);
Lessor. Lessee," "GECAS," "Owner" or any other Person includes any of their successors and assignees;
Lessor. Lessor shall maintain (1) fire and extended coverage insurance, including vandalism and malicious mischief, on the Building, and (2) commercial general liability insurance. The amounts shall be as required by Lessor’s mortgagee or as Lessor may deem reasonably appropriate, whichever is greater. Lessor shall have no responsibility to maintain fire and extended coverage insurance on Lessee’s contents. The portion of Lessor’s insurance premiums reasonably due to Lessee’s acts or omissions or Lessee’s special use, improvements, or tenant finish-out (over and above Lessee’s normal use as contemplated in paragraph 1.1(a)) shall be paid for by Lessee.
Lessor. Acceptance by Lessor of any partial payment of any amount payable by Lessee hereunder shall not constitute an accord and satisfaction by Lessor of any of Lessee’s obligations hereunder and Lessor shall be entitled to collect from Lessee the balance of any amount remaining due.
Lessor shall purchase the insurance referred to in item 4.1. above of this Section, choosing the insurer and effecting payment of the relevant premium, whereby the LESSEE undertakes to reimburse the LESSOR for the amount of the premium paid, making it clear that if the insurance is contracted by the LESSOR for the entire building and not only for the area leased to the LESSEE, the relevant premium shall be borne by the LESSEE in proportion to the leased area.
Lessor shall hold the LESSEE absolutely free and harmless from any tax assessment, claim or liability which may arise from this Contract of Lease, the Leased Premises and the gaming operations and ancillary services therein.