Lessor Sample Clauses

Lessor. The Lessor designated on this Lease and its respective successors and assigns. Lessor Indemnified Party: Lessor, any Affiliate of Lessor, including the Company, any other Person against whom any claim for indemnification may be asserted hereunder as a result of a direct or indirect ownership interest in Lessor, the officers, trustees, directors, stockholders, partners, members, employees, agents and representatives of any of the foregoing Persons and of any stockholder, partner, member, agent, or representative of any of the foregoing Persons, and the respective heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns of any such officer, trustee, director, partner, member, stockholder, employee, agent or representative.
Lessor. It is important that the full name of the Entity leasing the commercial space is reported as the Lessor. (3)
Lessor. Lessor shall defend, indemnify and hold County harmless from Lessor’s share of any and all claims, costs and liability for any damage, injury or death of or to any person or the property of any person, including attorneysfees, caused by the willful misconduct or the negligent acts, errors or omissions of Lessor, its officers, agents, employees, with respect to the Premises, or Lessor’s performance under this lease, or the Lessor’s performance, delivery or supervision of services at the Premises, or by the structural, mechanical or other failure of buildings owned or maintained by Lessor, except to the extent caused or contributed to by the negligent acts, errors, or omissions of County, its officers, agents, or employees.
Lessor. Upon the occurrence of a default by County, Lessor may, after giving County written notice of the default, and in accordance with due process of law, reenter and repossess the Premises and remove all persons and property from the Premises.
Lessor. Lessor, at its own expense, shall provide and maintain in force during the term of this Lease, liability insurance with limits of at least Five Hundred Thousand Dollar ($500,000.00), naming Lessee as additional insured. Prior to occupancy of the Premises, Lessor shall provide Lessee with evidence of such insurance satisfying insurance requirements stated in the RFB, such evidence of insurance is attached hereto as “Exhibit C.”
Lessor. Lessor’s failure to perform any obligation under this lease if such failure is not remedied within thirty days after receipt of a Notice from County to Lessor specifying the nature of the breach in reasonably sufficient detail; provided, however, if such breach cannot reasonably be remedied within such thirty day period, then a default will not be deemed to occur until the occurrence of Lessor’s failure to perform within the period of time that may be reasonably required to remedy the breach, up to an aggregate of ninety days, provided Lessor commences curing such breach within thirty days and thereafter diligently proceeds to cure such breach.
Lessor. Subject to receipt by Lessor on the Expiration Date of the Lease Agreement of the full amount of the following, without any setoff, deduction or reduction of any kind:
Lessor. Lessee acknowledges and agrees that Lessor will, if applicable under the Financing Documents, assign as security Lessor's interest in the Lease as described in the Acknowledgement and Agreement referred to in Schedule 3. In addition insofar as Lessee is concerned, Lessor may, without the consent of Lessee, further transfer all or any of its rights or obligations under the Lease or all or any of its right, title or interest in and to the Aircraft, including pursuant to:
Lessor. Lessor shall maintain (1) fire and extended coverage insurance, including vandalism and malicious mischief, on the office building, and (2) comprehensive general liability insurance. The amounts shall be as required by Lessor's mortgagee or as Lessor may deem reasonably appropriate, whichever is greater. Lessor shall have no responsibility to maintain fire and extended coverage insurance on Lessee's contents. The portion of Lessor's insurance premiums reasonably due to Lessee's acts or omissions or Lessee's special use, improvements, or tenant finish-out (over and above Lessee's normal use as contemplated in paragraph 1.1(a)) shall be paid for by Lessee.