Primary care provider definition

Primary care provider means a participating provider who supervises, coordinates, or provides initial care or continuing care to a covered person, and who may be required by the health carrier to initiate a referral for specialty care and maintain supervision of health care services rendered to the covered person.
Primary care provider. (PCP) means, for the purpose of this plan, professional providers that are family practitioners, internists, and pediatricians. For the purpose of this plan, gynecologists, obstetricians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants may be credentialed as PCPs. To find a PCP or check that your provider is a PCP, please use the “Find a Doctor” tool on our website or call Customer Service.
Primary care provider means any of the following who provide primary care and meet certification standards:

Examples of Primary care provider in a sentence

  • Primary care provider concerns about management of chronic pain in community clinic populations.

  • Primary care provider cultural competence and racial disparities in HIV care and outcomes.

  • Primary care provider refers patient to a hospital-affiliated drug treatment clinic for his addiction under a county program.

  • The request should include:• Baby’s name and date of birth• Mother’s name at time of delivery• Primary care provider fax number• If you are not the provider recorded on the NBS card, the NBS Report Request Form must be completed, signed by the medical provider, and faxed to the number listed above.

  • While the parties work together to design the 2021 Choose Well program, activities to be completed in 2020 to earn the incentive will be:  Health assessment  Flu vaccination  Primary care provider or behavioral health provider visit attestation For each plan year covered by the contract, the parties agree to the following program adjustments:  Swedish management will ensure that employees are encouraged and provided access to complete benefits and well-being activities.

More Definitions of Primary care provider

Primary care provider means a nurse practitioner, physician, or physician assistant.
Primary care provider means any health care practitioner involved in the diagnosis and treatment of a patient’s debilitating medical condition.
Primary care provider or "PCP" means a qualified physician, or certified nurse practitioner or team of no more than four (4) qualified physicians/certified nurse practitioners which provides all required primary care services contained in the Benefit Package to Enrollees.
Primary care provider means the health care provider primarily responsible for the on-going diagnosis and treatment of the resident where they currently reside.
Primary care provider means a natural or legal person who holds a Primary Care Contract, or is a Pharmaceutical Services Provider; Primary Care Provider Personnel means all persons (whether clinical or non-clinical) employed or engaged by a Primary Care Provider or by any Sub-Contractor (including volunteers, agency, locums, casual or seconded personnel) in the provision of Services or any activity related to or connected with the provision of the Services;
Primary care provider means a physician, physician's assistant or nurse practitioner that provides regular and continuous health care services.
Primary care provider or “PCP” means an individual who meets the requirements of A.R.S. § 36-2901(12) or (13), and who is responsible for the management of a member’s health care.