School nurse definition

School nurse means a registered nurse working in a school

Examples of School nurse in a sentence

  • Support personnel include: Guidance Officer, School Nurse, Community Education Counsellor, Youth Support Coordinator, School based Police Officer.

  • The Plan must be reviewed and updated by the Safety Coordinator and School Nurse Coordinator no later than August 30th of each year and more often, if necessary.

  • The Athletic Trainer and School Nurse will work together and be responsible for the reporting of all concussions to the student’s parents, physician, coach, teachers, and school administration.

  • Below are links to board policies that we have identified as “important.” STUDENT-TO-STUDENT HARASSMENT AND BULLYINGABUSE OF STUDENTS BY EMPLOYEES WEAPONSSMOKING - DRINKING - DRUGS SEARCH and SEIZURESTUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT CORPORAL PUNISHMENTHEALTH EDUCATION COMPLAINTS ABOUT PERSONNELFrom the School Nurse: The Rules of “B” and the 30-Minute Rule Before sending students who are ill to the office, try waiting 30 minutes.

  • I gave the Key note Address to the International School Nurse conference, Hong Kong, 2011.

More Definitions of School nurse

School nurse means a registered nurse who is certified under R4-19-309.
School nurse means a nurse licensed to practice as a registered nurse in Colorado who is licensed as a Special Service Provider – School Nurse by the Colorado Department of Education.
School nurse means a registered nurse:
School nurse means an individual employed by the local education agency who is a currently licensed registered nurse and is credentialed pursuant to Education Code section 44877.
School nurse means a certified school nurse teacher as defined in § 4.3 of this Part, or a certified school nurse as defined in § 4.3 of this Part.