Specific Information Sample Clauses

Specific Information. A. Answer each of the following questions. Answers must be specific and not contain any general or conclusory statements.
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Specific Information. Specific information shall not be deemed to be within any of these exclusions merely because it is embraced by more general information falling within these exclusions.
Specific Information. For the purposes of on-going supervision of a specific Entity with Cross Border Operations, taking into account both its relevance and significance, the Authorities may agree to share and to discuss with each other regularly if appropriate, any significant information on such Entity with Cross Border Operations which is likely to be relevant in the performance of ongoing supervision. Such information which the Authorities intend to exchange could include, where relevant, without limitation:
Specific Information. No less frequently then quarterly, (i) information with respect to the Covered Portfolio received by the Borrower from the relevant primary insurer, (ii) service mix (i.e., healthcare, education, small issue industrial development bonds, utilities and pollution control, etc.) detail, on a par insured and debt service basis, with respect to the Covered Portfolio and (iii) a watch list/weakening credit update with respect to the Covered Portfolio.
Specific Information. As Camp Fire operates on the Good Shepherd Montessori School (GSMS) premises, we will be following the guidelines for returning to school developed by GSMS. Camp Fire will take reasonable measures to ensure the safety of all students and staff in the Extended Day program. By enrolling your child in the Camp Fire program, you acknowledge that it is not possible to eliminate all risk of exposure to a communicable illness, including but not limited to coronavirus. We will implement the following measures to keep our staff and students safe: • Upon arrival at Camp Fire, every student will be required to: o Have their temperature taken using an infrared forehead thermometer. Students with a temperature reading 100.4F or above will not be permitted to stay at Extended Day. o Wash their hands with soap and water, or if handwashing facilities are not available, to sanitize their hands using hand sanitizer. • Camp Fire employees and GSMS students will be required to follow the school’s current policies regarding face coverings and other COVID-related guidelines. • If students have any symptoms of COVID-19, the student should remain at home. Symptoms that require a student to stay home and/or leave Camp Fire: o Fever of 100.4F or higher o Cough o Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing o Vomiting or diarrhea o Loss of taste or smell o Headache o Sore throat o Muscle pain o Chills Any student with the above symptoms will be isolated from the other students in the area designed by GSMS as the quarantine space until a parent or guardian arrives to pick them up. • We will follow the current CDC guidelines for when a student may return to Extended Day following an exposure or positive test for COVID-19. Emergency Action Plan regarding COVID-19 • If a student is suspected to have COVID-19 symptoms, they will be immediately taken to a designated quarantine area. • Camp Fire staff will contact the student’s parent or guardian to notify them that their student needs to be picked up. • The parent or guardian will be responsible for communicating test status with Camp Fire. • The Program Director or Camp Fire CEO will send an email notifying the GSMS administration and all current participants’ parents or guardians of the positive case of COVID-19 and the procedures being taken. At no time will the individual be identified. I have read and accept the terms and conditions of this agreement. I, on behalf of my minor student, accept the inherent risks of participation in this...
Specific Information. A. Activities covered by the register Specific details shall be provided on the main legislative proposals or policies targeted by activities of the registrant, and which are covered by the register. Reference to other specific activities, such as events or publications, may be made.
Specific Information. Customer-specific information" is defined as any information which specifically identifies a single customer using one or more unique references including, but not limited to, customer name, mailing address, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and designations of physical location, electric utility usage data or electric utility account numbers. Generally, customer-specific information will be un-aggregated. However, if it is possible to ascertain customer-specific information from a collection of aggregated data then such aggregated data will be considered confidential. For example if a collection of data by municipality allowed one to determine information about a specific customer because there was clearly only one customer in a particular municipality then that data should be treated as confidential information.
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Specific Information. In an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the University & Residential Life may, at times, add additional expectations or restrictions. Students are expected to abide by these expectations and restrictions as well as any other reasonable, lawful requests by a CTX staff member, as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. Failure to do so will result in a referral for disciplinary action and the immediate removal from campus housing. Residents are expected follow staff instructions if told to isolate or quarantine. Residents may choose to leave campus and go home for their isolation/quarantine period. Residents who choose to isolate/quarantine on campus will not be permitted to leave their assigned space for the duration of their isolation/quarantine period except for medical care. Meals and other necessities will be delivered to residents in those spaces. Residents who leave their assigned isolation/quarantine space without approval will be referred for disciplinary action under the Student Code of Conduct and face immediate interim removal from campus.
Specific Information. 1.1. The "
Specific Information. Signs & Symptoms According to the CDC, people with COVID-19 have had a wide range and extremity of reported symptoms. Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure and can include: Fever or chills Shortness of Breath or difficulty breathing Sore throat Cough Muscle or body aches Nausea or vomiting Fatigue New loss of taste or smell Diarrhea Headache Congestion or runny nose This list does not include all possible symptoms, and adults, children and youth with COVID-19 infection may experience any, all, or none of these symptoms. • Symptoms, Illnesses and Diagnosis Any participants, volunteers, or staff members must stay home from school or work if they have ° tested positive for COVID-19. ° had close contact with anyone confirmed to have COVID-19 in the last 14 days. ° are experiencing symptoms listed above. In the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19 for a participant or staff member who has been on campus; the VA United Methodist Church Conference, Fairfax County Health Department and Virginia Department of Social Services Childcare Licensing inspector will be notified. Their guidance regarding tracking, tracing, mitigation strategies, and possible closure, will be followed. Areas where an infected person has been, will be closed off for a minimum of 24 hours and then disinfected. All parents, staff and church pastors will be notified via e-mail of a confirmed case of COVID-19 on campus. Participants, volunteers, or staff members who exhibit signs or symptoms of COVID-19 and who are not tested or seen by a physician to rule out an alternate cause of symptoms, will be presumed positive for COVID-19. A participant, volunteer, or staff member who has a positive COVID-19 case may NOT return until a written negative COVID test result has been submitted to the Family and Children’s Ministry Director and the CDC recommended quarantine time has been met OR the CDC recommended quarantine time has been met and a note recommending return to school/work is provided by a doctor and/or Fairfax County health department (electronic form is acceptable).
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