Reconstruction or Repair Sample Clauses

Reconstruction or Repair. The rebuilding of the Special Facilities under Sections 9.05 or 9.06 shall be either in accordance with the original plans and specifications, together with alterations or modifications made or agreed upon prior to the taking, or in accordance with new or modified plans and specifications, the alternative to be determined by the mutual agreement of the Lessee and the Director.
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Reconstruction or Repair. If the damaged property for which the proceeds are paid is to be repaired or reconstructed, the remaining proceeds shall be paid to defray the cost thereof as elsewhere provided herein. Any proceeds remaining after defraying such costs shall be distributed to the beneficial owners thereof, remittances to Unit Owners and their mortgagees being payable jointly to them.
Reconstruction or Repair. 10) Xxx Arbor shall select and execute one of two options or a combination thereof: (i) repair the toe drain system and/or (ii) reconstruct the embankment, according to the following terms and schedule:
Reconstruction or Repair. Upon commencement of reconstruction or ------------------------ repair after a Casualty, Landlord will rebuild or repair the Building and Premises with all reasonable speed and promptness, subject to excusable delay, to substantially the same condition which existed immediately prior to the happening of the Casualty, except that Landlord's obligation to rebuild or repair will not include any personal property of Tenant, nor will Landlord be required to spend for such work an amount in excess of the insurance proceeds actually received by Landlord as a result of the Casualty plus any applicable deductible, provided that Landlord has maintained insurance on the Building and Improvements as required in Section 8 above. Landlord will not be liable for any inconvenience or annoyance to Tenant or injury to the business of Tenant resulting in any way from such destruction or damage or the reconstruction or repair thereof.
Reconstruction or Repair. If any of the Unrestricted Common Area shall be damaged by casualty, the damaged property shall be reconstructed or repaired subject to the provisions of this Declaration and the Lease.

Related to Reconstruction or Repair

  • Repair Concessionaire shall, prior to the commencement of the Concession Operation under the Agreement, provide to Department a type-written concession equipment maintenance plan for the State-owned equipment located on the Concession Premises, together with a schedule for preventative maintenance and a report on maintenance completion and equipment condition. Failure to comply with this preventative maintenance schedule shall result in Concessionaire being responsible for all repairs and/or replacement of equipment. The review and Department inspection of the Concession Premises and its equipment will be conducted during routine inspection of the Concession Premises and as a part of the Mandatory Compliance and Performance Evaluation Meetings.

  • RECONSTRUCTION In the event the Premises are damaged by fire or other perils covered by extended coverage insurance, Landlord agrees to forthwith repair same, and this Lease shall remain in full force and effect, except that Tenant shall be entitled to a proportionate reduction of the Rent from the date of damage while such repairs are being made, such proportionate reduction to be based upon the extent to which the damage and making of such repairs shall reasonably interfere with the business carried on by the Tenant in the Premises. If the damage is due to the fault or neglect of Tenant or its employees, there shall be no abatement of Rent. In the event the Premises are damaged as a result of any cause other than the perils covered by fire and extended coverage insurance, then Landlord shall forthwith repair the same, provided the extent of the destruction be less than fifty percent (50%) of the then full replacement cost of the Premises. In the event the destruction of the Premises is to fifty percent (50%) or more of the full replacement cost, then Landlord shall have the option; (1) to repair or restore such damage, this Lease continuing in full force and effect, but the Rent to be proportionately reduced as herein above in this Section provided; or (2) give notice to Tenant at any time within sixty (60) days after such damage, terminating this Lease as of the date specified in such notice, which date shall be no more than thirty (30) days after the giving of such notice. In the event of giving such notice, this Lease shall expire and all interest of the Tenant in the Premises shall terminate on the date so specified in such notice and the Rent, reduced by a proportionate reduction, based upon the extent, if any, to which such damage interfered with the business carried on by the Tenant in the Premises, shall be paid up to date of said such termination. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Section, Landlord shall not have any obligation whatsoever to repair, reconstruct or restore the Premises when the damage resulting from any casualty covered under this Section occurs during the last six (6) months of the Term of this Lease or any extension thereof.

  • Construction of the Project The Allottee has seen the proposed layout plan, specifications, amenities and facilities of the Apartment/ Plot and accepted the floor plan, payment plan and the specification, amenities and facilities annexed along with this Agreement which has been approved by the competent authority, as represented by the Promoter. The Promoter shall develop the Project in accordance with the said layout plans, floor plans and specifications, amenities and facilities. Subject to the terms in this Agreement, the Promoter undertakes to strictly abide by such plans approved by the competent authorities and shall also strictly abide by the bye-laws, FAR, and density norms and provisions prescribed by the relevant building bye-laws and shall not have an option to make any variation/ alteration/ modification in such plans, other than in the manner provided under the Act, and breach of this term by the Promoter shall constitute a material breach of this Agreement.

  • Construction or Rehabilitation of Mortgaged Property No Mortgage Loan was made in connection with the construction or rehabilitation of a Mortgaged Property or facilitating the trade-in or exchange of a Mortgaged Property;

  • Construction of the Improvements Once development of the Property has commenced, the construction of the Improvements shall be pursued with due diligence and continuity, in a good and workmanlike manner, and in accordance with sound building and engineering practices, all applicable governmental requirements, and the Development Plan. Borrower shall not permit cessation of work for a period in excess of thirty (30) days during any period of time during which development on the Property is scheduled to be performed without the prior written consent of Lender, which may be given or withheld in Lender’s sole discretion, except for delays due to strikes, riots, acts of God, war, unavailability of labor or materials, governmental laws, regulations or restrictions and Borrower shall promptly notify Lender of any such delays; provided, however, that in no event shall work cease for a period in excess of sixty (60) days regardless of the cause. Borrower shall cause all materials supplied for, or intended to be utilized in, the development of any part of the Property, but not affixed to or incorporated into the Property, to be stored on the Property or at such other location as may be approved by Lender in writing, with adequate safeguards, as required by Lender, to prevent loss, theft, damage, or commingling with other materials or projects.

  • Construction of the Tenant Improvements Landlord shall construct the Tenant Improvements in accordance with this exhibit and the construction contract to be executed by Landlord and its contractor(s). The construction contract for constructing the Tenant Improvements and the contractor(s) to perform the work shall be approved and/or selected, as the case may be, by Landlord at its sole and absolute discretion without the consent of Tenant.

  • Repairs Tenant shall, at Tenant’s own expense, keep the Premises, including all improvements, fixtures, furnishings, and systems and equipment to the extent located therein (including plumbing fixtures and equipment such as dishwashers, garbage disposals, refrigerators, coffee makers and Insta Hot and similar dispensers), and the portion of the floor or floors of the Building on which the Premises are located, in good order, repair and condition at all times during the Lease Term. In addition, Tenant shall, at Tenant’s own expense, but under the supervision and subject to the prior approval of Landlord, and within any reasonable period of time specified by Landlord, promptly and adequately repair all damage to the Premises and replace or repair all damaged, broken, or worn fixtures and appurtenances, except for damage caused by ordinary wear and tear or beyond the reasonable control of Tenant; provided however, that, at Landlord’s option, or if Tenant fails to make such repairs, Landlord may, but need not, make such repairs and replacements, and Tenant shall pay Landlord the cost thereof, including a fifteen percent (15%) supervisory fee forthwith upon being billed therefor. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Landlord shall be responsible for repairs to the exterior walls, foundation and roof of the Building, the structural portions of the floors of the Building, and the base building systems and equipment of the Building, except to the extent that such repairs are required due to the negligence or willful misconduct of Tenant; provided, however, that if such repairs are due to the negligence or willful misconduct of Tenant, Landlord shall nevertheless make such repairs at Tenant’s expense, or, if covered by Landlord’s insurance, Tenant shall only be obligated to pay any deductible in connection therewith. Landlord may, but shall not be required to, enter the Premises at all reasonable times to make such repairs, alterations, improvements or additions to the Premises or to the Project or to any equipment located in the Project as Landlord shall desire or deem necessary or as Landlord may be required to do by governmental or quasi-governmental authority or court order or decree. Tenant hereby waives any and all rights under and benefits of subsection 1 of Section 1932 and Sections 1941 and 1942 of the California Civil Code or under any similar law, statute, or ordinance now or hereafter in effect.

  • Damage Destruction or Condemnation If the Dock or any portion thereof is at any time destroyed or damaged by a casualty, or if any portion of the Dock or adjacent parcels are taken pursuant to the exercise or threatened exercise of the power of eminent domain (including a conveyance in lieu thereof), Port may elect to terminate this Agreement.

  • Construction of Tenant Improvements After the Landlord and Ground Lessor (in accordance with Paragraph 12 hereof) approve Tenant’s Plans and Tenant receives any necessary building permits, Tenant shall administer and diligently prosecute the construction of Tenant Improvements in accordance with Tenant’s Plans, in compliance with applicable Laws, and using building standard material, subject to Landlord’s right, at its election, to itself construct the Restroom Improvements. All Tenant Improvements (other than, if applicable, the Restroom Improvements) shall be constructed by Tenant’s Contractor (and/or its subcontractors), and Tenant shall be responsible for project management with respect to construction of the Tenant Improvements. During construction of the Tenant Improvements, Tenant and its contractors and subcontractors (i) shall not interfere with the access to, use of, or business conducted within any other portions of the Project by other tenants or occupants, (ii) shall use diligent efforts to coordinate the timing of work, deliveries and other construction matters with tenants or occupants of the Project that could be adversely impacted by such work, deliveries and construction matters, including, without limitation, by scheduling work CERTAIN CONFIDENTIAL PORTIONS OF THIS EXHIBIT WERE OMITTED AND REPLACED WITH “[***]”. A COMPLETE VERSION OF THIS EXHIBIT HAS BEEN FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE SECRETARY OF THE SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION PURSUANT TO AN APPLICATION REQUESTING CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT UNDER RULE 406 OF THE SECURITIES ACT OF 1933. that would create noise, vibrations, dust or other similar annoyances to other tenants or occupants of the Project outside normal business hours, notwithstanding any additional cost (for overtime or otherwise) that Tenant may incur, (iii) shall clean and secure construction and staging areas daily, (iv) shall stage all construction and store all construction materials and equipment in a location designated by Landlord (in Landlord’s sole discretion) on the Project, and (v) shall otherwise abide by all rules and requirements established or imposed by Landlord relating to the performance of the Tenant Improvements, including rules relating to any required shutdown of utilities (including life-safety systems), storage of materials, and coordination of work with other tenant’s or occupant’s contractors. Tenant shall not be charged any construction management fee for Landlord’s review of Tenant’s Plans or any oversight of the construction of the Tenant Improvements.

  • Installation Where installation is required, Contractor shall be responsible for placing and installing the product in the required locations at no additional charge, unless otherwise designated on the Contract or purchase order. Contractor’s authorized product and price list shall clearly and separately identify any additional installation charges. All materials used in the installation shall be of good quality and shall be free of defects that would diminish the appearance of the product or render it structurally or operationally unsound. Installation includes the furnishing of any equipment, rigging, and materials required to install or replace the product in the proper location. Contractor shall protect the site from damage and shall repair damages or injury caused during installation by Contractor or its employees or agents. If any alteration, dismantling, excavation, etc., is required to achieve installation, the Contractor shall promptly restore the structure or site to its original condition. Contractor shall perform installation work so as to cause the least inconvenience and interference with Customers and with proper consideration of others on site. Upon completion of the installation, the location and surrounding area of work shall be left clean and in a neat and unobstructed condition, with everything in satisfactory repair and order.

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