Chief Operating Officer definition

Chief Operating Officer means the Chief Operating Officer of the Corporation.
Chief Operating Officer means an employee who has been entrusted responsibility of managing any one or more of Units of the Company.
Chief Operating Officer means the person primarily responsible for the administration of an institution’s business operation, including finances, management, personnel, and contracting for goods, services, or property.

Examples of Chief Operating Officer in a sentence

  • Xxxxxxx Title: Chief Operating Officer CITY OF PANAMA CITY BY: Xxxxxxx X.

  • Smith, Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, 0000 00xx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx, XX 00000 (703) 528 –6445.

  • Metro may terminate this Agreement and cancel any remaining Grant Fund payments upon a finding by the Metro Chief Operating Officer that the City has abandoned its work on the Project or is otherwise not satisfying its obligations under this Agreement regarding the requirements of the grant.

  • The Trust has appointed an interim deputy Chief Operating Officer to provide additional professional input to the process.

  • Any such statutory declaration may be made by one or more of the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, President and Chief Operating Officer, Executive Vice- President, Vice-President, Secretary, Controller, Treasurer, or any Assistant- Secretary or Assistant-Treasurer of the Corporation.

More Definitions of Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer means the University's Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer or such other officer of the University having similar duties as may be selected by the Board.
Chief Operating Officer means theChief Operating Officer of the CFPB, or any CFPB employee to whom the Chief Operating Officer has delegated authority to act under this part.
Chief Operating Officer means the individual whose position is defined under the job specifications for Executive Director.
Chief Operating Officer department head", or any other management title referred to in the Agreement will mean that person or any other person properly designated and appointed by him to act in his capacity. References to the titles of Union officials will mean that person or any other person properly designated and appointed by him to act in his capacity.
Chief Operating Officer means the COO of the Board of Management of the Toronto Zoo;
Chief Operating Officer means the person maintaining the position of Chief Operating Officer for Crossroads Charter Schools or such person’s duly authorized designee.
Chief Operating Officer means the person accountable for the accuracy and timely production of the Institute and its group’s financial statements, by whatever job title described;