Arbitration Award definition

Arbitration Award shall have the meaning given such term in Section 22.5.
Arbitration Award has the meaning given such term in Section 8.16.
Arbitration Award means the award, dated December 20, 2013, in the arbitration in the matter between The Swatch Group Ltd. and Tiffany Watch Co. Ltd, as claimants, and Tiffany and Company, Tiffany (NJ) Inc. and Tiffany & Co., as respondents, under the Arbitration Rules of the Netherlands Arbitration Institute.

Examples of Arbitration Award in a sentence

In the event that it becomes necessary to enforce an Article VII Arbitration award through judicial proceedings, attorney's fees for those judicial proceedings may be paid or reimbursed by the APFA to the appropriate party seeking such enforcement.

Subsequently, Kriti had the 2010 Arbitration award confirmed by a New York court.

Emerald and Longman filed suit in the Charleston County Court of Common Pleas seeking to set aside the 2005 Arbitration award and dissolve Ashley River II (the 2005 Dissolution Suit).6 As the basis for their claims, the plaintiffs asserted Kriti engaged in the oppressive conduct of making the 2005 capital call, obstructing a loan closing, encouraging litigation against Ashley River II, and declining an offer to purchase the subject property.

The grievance(s) shall be held at the Step B level pending discussion at the national level or theoutcome of a National Arbitration award.

While Longman presented evidence—the Bank of America appraisals— challenging the property values contained in those financial statements, the appraisals are irrelevant to whether the company was losing money and unable to make distributions.loss of any of its capital contribution by offering to purchase Emerald's interest pursuant to the 2005 Arbitration award, but Emerald refused.

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Arbitration Award means that certain arbitration award granted pursuant to Case No. 18209/VRO/AGF/ZF by the ICC International Court of Arbitration in favor of Worldlink Resources Limited against Cliffs Quebec Iron Mining ULC, The Bloom Lake Iron Ore Mine Limited Partnership and Bloom Lake General Partner Limited.
Arbitration Award has the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 11.17.
Arbitration Award shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 11.23.A hereof.
Arbitration Award as defined in Section 7.1.
Arbitration Award means a decision of an arbitration tribunal on the substance of a dispute submitted to it and includes an interim, interlocutory, or partial award.
Arbitration Award shall have the meaning given such term in Article 22.
Arbitration Award means any settlement, award, or other payment made or other consideration transferred to the Company or any of its affiliates arising out of, in connection with or with respect to the Arbitration Proceedings, including, but not limited to the Proceeds received by the Company or its affiliates from a sale, pledge (except as provided for in Section 9 of the CVR Certificate), transfer or other disposition, directly or indirectly, of the Company’s rights with respect to the Arbitration Proceedings.