Section 13.2 Sample Clauses

Section 13.2. 33 Employees attending training courses or seminars requested by the employee and approved by the 34 District will suffer no loss of regular salary, if the course requires them to attend on their regular 35 school employment time, but no salary payment will be made for any time an employee would not 36 have regularly worked; however, expenses incurred for transportation and/or training course fees and 37 tuition will be paid by the School District. 38
Section 13.2. 46 All employees subject to this Agreement who are not members of the Association on the effective date 47 of this Agreement, and all employees who are hired at a time subsequent to the effective date of this 1 Agreement, will, as a condition of employment, become members in good standing of the Association 2 within thirty (30) days of the effective date of this Agreement or within thirty (30) days of the hire 3 date, whichever is applicable. Such employee will then maintain membership in the Association in 4 good standing during the term of this Agreement.
Section 13.2. 11 The district and the association will work collaboratively to assure all AAEOP job descriptions 12 remain updated. A committee shall be formed to review and, if needed, update all job 13 descriptions before March of the final year of this Agreement.
Section 13.2. 10 The seniority rights of an employee shall be lost for the following reasons:
Section 13.2. 1. 47 Expenses and materials to establish courses of study within the confines of the District which 48 would be of mutual benefit to the employee and the District.
Section 13.2. 42 The District shall provide tort liability coverage for all employees subject to this Agreement for actions 43 involved in the performance of their duties.
Section 13.2. 46 The District will notify the Association of all new hires within fifteen (15) working days of the hire 47 date. The District will also notify the Association of terminations and resignations on a monthly basis.
Section 13.2. 18 Mutually agreed upon conditions relative to personnel matters, pursuant to Section 1.3.1 herein, 19 shall be retroactive to the effective date of those new or modified position descriptions.
Section 13.2. 36 Employees who are required to assist students in behavior modification situations will receive restraint 37 training from the District. This training will take place at least one time each school year prior to the 38 time when the employee is expected to use student-restraining techniques.
Section 13.2. 22 Eligible insurance plans shall be those identified by the Association and the District on an annual basis.