TERMINATING THIS AGREEMENT. You can terminate this Agreement at any time by notifying us in writing and by discontinuing the use of your Logon ID. We can also terminate this Agreement and revoke access to Online Banking at any time. Whether you terminate the Agreement or we terminate the Agreement, the termination will not affect your obligations under this Agreement, even if we allow any transaction to be completed with your Logon ID after this Agreement has been terminated.
TERMINATING THIS AGREEMENT. 9.1 This agreement shall continue in force until termination of Your Corporate Account Platform agreement with XXImo or unless otherwise terminated in accordance with this clause 9 or clauses 10 and 13.3.
TERMINATING THIS AGREEMENT. 19.1 This Agreement may be terminated by the Merchant or the Grower by providing notice in writing to the other party (Termination Notice).
TERMINATING THIS AGREEMENT. 10.1 This Agreement will continue to apply until terminated by either you or Google as set out below.
TERMINATING THIS AGREEMENT. If you do not access your Accounts via the Service for any six (6) month period, your Service may at our discretion be disconnected without notice. We may cancel this Agreement for any other reason, at any time, upon sending notice to you (or such prior notice as may be required by law), by U.S. mail, telephone, or electronic delivery in a manner permitted in Section 1. You many terminate this Agreement and cancel your Service by contacting Customer Service (see contact information listed in Section 1), after which we shall have a commercially reasonable time to act upon your notice. If the Agreement is terminated by either party, you may no longer use the Service. Termination shall not affect any fees or charges already due to us from you. Any Xxxx payment(s) we have already begun processing before the requested termination date will be completed. Future Scheduled Payments, including recurring payments, will not be processed once the Service is cancelled. The sections above on “Other Provisions,” “Indemnity,” “Disclaimer of Warranty,” “Limitation of Liability” and “Dispute Resolution” sections of this Agreement shall all survive the termination of this Agreement. Any other sections which by their nature should survive termination shall also survive.
TERMINATING THIS AGREEMENT. This Agreement will continue to apply until terminated by either the End User, Tennant, or Brain as set out below:
TERMINATING THIS AGREEMENT. 8.1 Either party can terminate this Agreement at any time by giving the other party six (6) months prior written notice.
TERMINATING THIS AGREEMENT a) You may terminate this Agreement with immediate effect if we breach this Agreement in a material way and (if the breach is fixable) we do not correct or fix the situation within 30 days of you asking us to do so in writing, in which case we shall discuss in good faith any refund of the Fees (in whole or in part) which is be reasonable in the given circumstances.
TERMINATING THIS AGREEMENT. At any time, either you or we may terminate this Agreement, or any specific Account, with verbal or written notice to the other party, which becomes effective when received. fle termination of this Agreement will terminate all Accounts. If a specific Account is terminated, we will continue to manage your other Accounts. Where we receive notice that you have become disabled or incompetent and you do not have a legally appointed guardian, person holding durable power of attorney, or other representative, authorized to act on your behalf with respect to this Agreement, this Agreement may be modified or terminated. Upon notice to us of your death, this Agreement shall terminate immediately; if you have multiple signatories, this Agreement will not terminate unless we receive notice of the death of all signatories. Upon termination, your Account(s) will convert to a commission-based securities account(s), unless you advise us otherwise. For Retirement Account(s), such account(s) may be subject to limitations and restrictions as set forth in the securities account agreement. • In limited situations, certain Funds and other securities only permitted to be held in Program Accounts will be promptly liquidated, converted or redeemed, unless you have made specific prior arrangements with us. In such cases, additional fees and expenses may apply. For more information, please see the Fundsoffering materials. • We will generally begin to liquidate or redeem these Funds and securities the next business day following termination. For certain Strategies or securities, the process may take longer. Additionally, a pro rata adjustment to your fees for the remainder of the billing period will be made, which may either result in a refund or require you to pay us any remaining fees due for the partial billing period. Termination of your Account will be effective following the liquidation of such Funds and other securities, and the completion of other processes that may be required to terminate the Account.
TERMINATING THIS AGREEMENT. NCBJ reserves the right to terminate this Agreement at any time by giving thirty days notice in writing. NCBJ is not obliged to stipulate any reason for so terminating the Agreement. You may terminate this Agreement by giving thirty days notice in writing.