Access Codes Sample Clauses

Access Codes. ‌ You must create your own username and password (“Access Codes”) on the HPE Partner Portal. You are responsible for ensuring that only authorized people within your company have the right to use your Access Codes. If you have any reason to believe the security of your Access Codes has been compromised, you must immediately change your Access Codes and contact us so that we can deactivate those Access Codes. We are not liable to you in any way for any loss, damage, liability or claim arising from, or in any way related to, your failure to maintain the security of your Access Codes.
Access Codes. New Mexico Multi-Board MLS may provide IDX SUBSCRIBER with one or more codes to access the IDX Database.
Access Codes. You will be the only authorized user of the Service under this Agreement. You are responsible for the confidentiality, security and use of your Access Codes and undertake:
Access Codes. For security, identification and verification purposes, when using FNB’s service channels, you will make use of a variety of access codes to identify yourself, such as your access number, Personal Identification Number ("PIN"), Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number (“MOPIN”), card number, account number, User ID and Password, etc. These are all called your "access codes". You are responsible for keeping your access codes secret. Only you may use your access codes. You must not give/show your access codes to anyone else, including anyone who is from FNB or claims to be from FNB. Do not keep your access codes together with other FNB Banking documents or any devices you use to gain access to the FNB service channels. (e.g. e-Reg Card or Telephone Banking Card or your cellphone). The customer has the right to demand the return of any physical devices we provided to its users, including the Telephone Banking card or e-Reg Card, but the customer is not entitled at any time to use, have any knowledge about or access to its user’s access codes. When the customer repossesses such physical access device it must notify the bank in writing or via the helpline, and the card or device must be destroyed or returned to the bank. You must also follow the tips for creating/safeguarding your access codes, as published in FNB’s Security Centre from time to time. You may not register for the service or access the service channel using someone else’s access codes, information or device. Because we deal with you remotely (non-face-to-face) you authorise us to act on and accept all instructions/transactions (“transactions”) that occur after your access codes have been entered or applied. We are entitled to assume that all such transactions have been authorised by you, even if such transactions took place without your knowledge or consent or were not authorised. This will not apply to transactions that occur after you have requested that we disable any access code. You must tell us immediately if you know or suspect that your access code(s) have been lost, stolen or may be misused. If there is a dispute about this, the duty is on you to prove that you have done this. After we have disabled your access codes we can reject instructions received after such access codes were disabled and may (if possible) also suspend or reverse instructions received (but not yet processed) before the access codes were disabled. We may refuse to process instructions/communications or can disab...
Access Codes. Students will be provided with a keypad code to enter their housing unit. This code should not be shared with anyone for any purpose. Sharing this code with anyone who is not assigned to the specified housing unit is a code of conduct violation and may result in $100 fine, mandated room change, and/or possible eviction from Campus Housing. If a student believes that one of their roommates has shared the code with someone else, the student should inform a member of Campus Housing Staff so that the code can be changed.
Access Codes. Entity understands and warrants that access to and use of JeffCareLink shall be limited to that achieved through a unique access code or User ID provided to each individual Authorized User by Jefferson and that each Authorized User shall be prohibited from using another Authorized User’s access code to access and/or use JeffCareLink. Unless an Authorized User is certified to train individuals concerning access and use of JeffCareLink, an Authorized User shall not provide any such instruction or direction to individuals who have not received training sponsored by Jefferson.
Access Codes. Security of your transactions is important to us. During your enrollment for Internet Banking, you are required to select a User Name and a Password. The User Name may be any word or grouping of letter, numbers, or special characters. It is recommended to use letters (upper and lower case), numbers and special characters. Do not use a word that may easily be guessed. Your Password must have at least 8 characters including a number, an upper case letter, a lower case letter, and a special character. You should select your Password carefully and stay away from names, dates and information that may easily be guessed. DUAL AUTHENTICATION – The first time you logon to Muenster State Bank Internet Banking you will be required to provide information necessary to establish the additional security requirements for dual authentication. Dual authentication is necessary to further enhance your security when using Muenster State Bank Internet Banking, and to comply with current regulatory guidelines. Security questions must be chosen and answered, and will be part of each Internet Banking login. A personal image and personal greeting will be selected by you during the enrollment process. The image will be displayed to you in the future after you enter your User Name and security question answer. You should review the image and greeting that is displayed to ensure you are connected to the authentic Muenster State Bank Internet site before entering your Password. If signing on to Muenster State Bank Internet Banking and the image or greeting does not match your selections during enrollment, do NOT enter your Password. Contact the Bank for further instructions. Use of your User Name and Password (the “Access Codes”) and the Dual Authentication procedures described above is the agreed security procedure to access Internet Banking. We may accept as authentic and authorized any instructions given to us through the use of your User Name and Password.
Access Codes are the Access codes for the secure VectorDraw’s secure download area.
Access Codes. The Authorized User's password must be a sufficiently high level of security and contain at least 8 characters of the Authorized User's choice, including at least 1 uppercase or number. The Authorized User is solely responsible for the preservation, security and integrity of the Access Codes and agrees to report to Reveal any loss or misuse of the Access Codes, as soon as possible and by any means, provided that such loss or misuse is confirmed to Reveal by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Until receipt by Reveal of such confirmation, any action performed by the Authorized User shall be irrefutably deemed performed by the Authorized User who will be solely responsible with respect to Reveal or to third parties.