Failure to Maintain Sample Clauses

Failure to Maintain. If Tenant fails to maintain any insurance coverage that Tenant is required to maintain under this Paragraph 21, and Landlord incurs any liability to its insurance carrier arising out of Tenant's failure to so maintain such insurance coverage, then any and all loss or damage Landlord shall sustain by reason thereof, including attorneys' fees and costs, shall be borne by Tenant and shall be immediately paid by Tenant upon its receipt of a bill xxxrefor and evidence of such loss. Nothing contained in this Paragraph 21.E shall be deemed to limit or affect any other remedies or rights available to Landlord under this Lease that arise from Tenant's failure to so maintain such insurance coverage.
Failure to Maintain. If, after five (5) days’ prior written notice (except in emergencies) from Landlord, Tenant fails to keep, preserve and maintain the Leased Premises as set forth in Section 12.1 above, Landlord may, at its option, put or cause the same to be put in the condition and state of repair agreed upon, and in such case, upon receipt of written statements from Landlord, Tenant shall promptly pay the entire cost thereof as additional rent. Landlord shall have the right to enter the Leased Premises for the purpose of undertaking such work upon the failure of Tenant to do so.
Failure to Maintain. If the Tenant fails to perform any obligation under this Article 7, then on not less than fifteen (15) days’ notice to the Tenant, the Landlord may enter the Leased Premises and perform the obligation without liability to the Tenant for any loss or damage to the Tenant thereby incurred. The Tenant shall, promptly after receiving the Landlord’s invoice therefor, reimburse the Landlord for all costs incurred by the Landlord in performing the obligation.
Failure to Maintain. If CDB determines at any time that the insurance does not meet the requirements, this shall constitute a material breach of the agreement and CDB shall provide prompt notice to the A/E and, in its sole discretion, may take measures to protect itself and the public from the effect of the A/E’s breach.
Failure to Maintain. If the Contractor fails to keep in effect at all times the insurance policies and coverages required under this agreement, the SJVIA may, in addition to any other remedies it may have, suspend or terminate this agreement upon the occurrence of that event.
Failure to Maintain. If Tenant fails to comply with this Paragraph 17 or any Pool/Spa Maintenance Addendum, Landlord may, in addition to exercising Landlord's remedies under Paragraph 27, perform whatever action Tenant is obligated to perform and Tenant must immediately reimburse Landlord the reasonable expenses that Landlord incurs.
Failure to Maintain. If Tenant shall fail to acquire and maintain the insurance required pursuant to this Section, Landlord may, in addition to any other rights and remedies available to Landlord, but shall not be obligated to, acquire such insurance and pay the premiums therefor, which premiums shall be payable by Tenant to Landlord immediately upon demand.
Failure to Maintain. In the event Tenant does not purchase the insurance required by this lease or keep the same in full force and effect, Landlord may, but shall not be obligated to purchase the necessary insurance and pay the premium. The Tenant shall repay to Landlord, as Additional Rent, the amount so paid promptly upon demand. In addition, Landlord may recover from Tenant and Tenant agrees to pay, as additional rent, any and all reasonable expenses (including attorneys’ fees) and damages which Landlord may sustain by reason of the failure to Tenant to obtain and maintain such insurance.
Failure to Maintain. If it is determined by the Department that the Lessee has failed to properly clean, remove trash and refuse, maintain, repair, replace and refurbish the Premises as required by this Article 4 (Maintenance and Repair by Lessee), the Department shall provide to the Lessee a list of deficiencies, reflecting the amount of time to be reasonably allowed for the Lessee to correct same. If the Lessee fails to correct such deficiencies within the time allowed and has not registered an objection as to its obligation to do so, the Department, following 10 days further notice to the Lessee, may enter upon the Premises and perform all work, which, in the judgment of the Department, may be necessary and the County shall add the cost of such work, plus 25% for administrative costs, to the rent due hereunder on the first day of the month following the date of such work, and such cost shall be and constitute a part of the rent. Subsequent to receipt of the further notice of intent to perform repairs or cleanup from the Department, the Lessee shall not undertake performance of such repairs or cleanup without specific prior written authorization from the Department.
Failure to Maintain. If Tenant fails or refuses to maintain any insurance required by this Section 14, Landlord, at its discretion, may obtain and maintain insurance for such items and interests to protect Landlord in such amounts as Landlord may determine to be appropriate and any and all premiums paid or payable by Landlord therefor shall be deemed to be additional rent and shall be due on the payment date of the next installment of Rent hereunder. The failure to obtain or maintain any insurance required by this Section 14 shall constitute a material breach of this Lease.