Card Number definition

Card Number means the number on the front of the Card or any digital versions of the Card Number.
Card Number means the number embossed across the middle of the card.
Card Number the 16-digit number embossed on the Card. This number may vary due to reasons such as (but not limited to) card replacements, card product changes and system requirements.

Examples of Card Number in a sentence

For Credit/ Debit Card payment, the Bidder will enter his Card Number, Expiry Date, CVV and ‘Verified by VISA’ or ‘Master Secure’ password as applicable.

Date: Signed: ATTACHMENTS:ORCsy ( )ORCcs ( )| CREW LIST ( )| COPY OF BANK TRANSFER ( ) Bank Transfert () Credit Card:VISA ( ) MASTERCARD ( )AMEX ( )BANK DETAILS: Card Number Yacht Club Costa Smeralda Expire Date Banca Intesa San Paolo Cardholder’s Name IBAN: IT33 F030 6984 9021 0000 0000 071 Tel.

Cardholder Signature Card Number Exp Date Security Code Cardholder Billing Address: If paying monthly by Credit Card your card will be charged at the beginning of the month.

Contact Billing Information (as shown on credit card account):Full Name: Country: Address: City: Zip: Phone: Email: Credit Card Type: Visa MasterCard DiscoverCredit Card Number: Exp Date (mm/yy): CVV Code: AMOUNT/OPTION 1: I hereby authorize Rakestraw Sanitation to charge the indicated credit card the monthly fee amount indicated above.

Name Address Phone # CREDIT CARD INFORMATION ☐ American Express ☐ Discover ☐ MasterCard ☐ VISA Name on Card Card Number Exp.

More Definitions of Card Number

Card Number means the unique sixteen-digit number printed or embossed on the face or reverse of the Card.
Card Number means the 16-digit number embossed on the face of your Card.
Card Number means the number of the Card, or of the Account or of this Agreement;
Card Number means the number the manufacturer assigns to identify a single card or face. The "card number" is also called a "face" or "perm" number.
Card Number is the 16-digit number embossed on your Card. “Virtual Account” means a temporary access device issued to you by Republic Bank that you may elect to obtain to access your Card Account for telephone or online transactions, without needing to present your Card. “We,” “us,” and “our” mean the Bank our successors, affiliates or assignees. “Netspend” refers to Netspend Corporation, the servicer for the Netspend Visa Prepaid
Card Number means the 16 digit number embossed on the front of your Card.