Authorized User definition

Authorized User means any person or entity designated by the Insured (through contract, assignment of User Identification, or otherwise) as authorized to use a Covered Computer System, or any part thereof. An individual who invests in an Insured Fund shall not be considered to be an Authorized User solely by virtue of being an investor.
Authorized User means a person who may use the Card but is not responsible for the repayment of the Account.

Examples of Authorized User in a sentence

Each Contractor furnishing a toxic substance as defined by Section 875 of the Labor Law, shall provide such Authorized User with not less than two copies of a material safety data sheet, which sheet shall include for each such substance the information outlined in Section 876 of the Labor Law.

Unless otherwise stated in the Bid Specifications, all deliveries shall be deemed to be FOB Destination tailgate delivery at the dock of the Authorized User.

Contractor will notify DSHS staff immediately whenever an Authorized User in possession of such credentials is terminated or otherwise leaves the employ of the Contractor, and whenever an Authorized User’s duties change such that the Authorized User no longer requires access to perform work for this Contract.

If no deduction or only a partial deduction is made in such fashion the Contractor shall pay to the County or Authorized User the amount of such claim or portion of the claim still outstanding, on demand.

Contractor shall not be required to keep confidential any such confidential material which is publicly available through no fault of Contractor, independently developed by Contractor without reliance on confidential information of the County or Authorized User, or otherwise obtained under the Freedom of Information Act or other applicable New York State Laws and Regulations.

More Definitions of Authorized User

Authorized User means any individual to whom Provider or its Customer, as applicable, grant access authorization to use the SAP Cloud Service that is an employee, agent, contractor, or representative of
Authorized User means a Person:
Authorized User means any individual to whom Customer grants access authorization to use the Cloud Service that is an employee, agent, contractor or representative of Customer, Customer's Affiliates, or Customer’s and Customer’s Affiliates’ Business Partners.
Authorized User and “Authorized Use” means any person who has actual, implied or apparent authority, or to whom any owner has at any time given any information, access device or documentation that enables such a person to access, withdraw, make transactions to or from your accounts, or to use any of your account services. If you have a joint owner on an account that has access to the joint account (online or otherwise) you understand that this owner or authorized user may access all accounts and services associated with the account and all other accounts having the same account prefix (i.e. account number and all suffixes associated with said account number). If you authorize anyone to use your access devices that authority shall continue until you specifically revoke such authority by notifying the Credit Union in writing or as required by applicable laws. If we or any of our agents contact you regarding any transaction(s) and you verify the transaction(s) you agree we may rely on your verification; and that any such transaction(s) shall be deemed authorized by you. If you fail to maintain the security of these access codes and the Credit Union suffers a loss, we may terminate any or all of your account services immediately. This definition is intended to be construed broadly and includes without limitation all users acting under a written document such as a power of attorney as well as any person or entity that is authorized to make deposits or debits to or from your accounts with us. “Check” means an acceptable written “instrument” on your account(s), and includes the termshare draft.”
Authorized User shall have the meaning set forth in the New York State Finance Law, Section 163(1)(k). This Piggyback Contract is for use by Authorized Users, which includes, but is not limited to, New York State agencies, political subdivisions, local governments, public authorities, public school and fire districts, public and nonprofit libraries, and certain other nonpublic/nonprofit organizations. Upon request, all eligible non-State agencies must furnish the Contractor with the proper tax exemption certificates and documentation certifying eligibility to use State contracts. Questions regarding an organization's eligibility to purchase from New York State contracts may also be directed to OGS Customer Services at 518-474-6717 or at
Authorized User. Means a Federal Identified User and Provincial/Territorial Identified User, as specified in the Standing Offer, authorized to make call-ups against the Standing Offer.
Authorized User means a person: