Authorized User definition

Authorized User means any person or entity designated by the Insured (through contract, assignment of User Identification, or otherwise) as authorized to use a Covered Computer System, or any part thereof. An individual who invests in an Insured Fund shall not be considered to be an Authorized User solely by virtue of being an investor.
Authorized User means any individual to whom Customer grants access authorization to use the Cloud Service that is an employee, agent, contractor or representative of Customer, Customer's Affiliates, or Customer’s and Customer’s Affiliates’ Business Partners.

Examples of Authorized User in a sentence

  • The invoice must include detailed line item information to allow the Authorized User to verify that pricing at point of receipt matches the Contract price on the original date of order.

  • The customer shall use and shall cause its Authorized User to use a secure password that is not re-used in other services.

  • Furthermore, Client will ensure that each Authorized User shall keep a secure password for their use of the SaaS Services.

  • The Bidder shall provide a sufficient number of Customer Service employees who are knowledgeable and responsive to Authorized User needs and who can effectively service the Contract.

  • The customer shall procure that each Authorized User chooses a personal access password for login into his/her user account.

More Definitions of Authorized User

Authorized User means any individual to whom Provider or its Customer, as applicable, grant access authorization to use the SAP Cloud Service that is an employee, agent, contractor, or representative of
Authorized User means a Person:
Authorized User means a person:
Authorized User. (or “Named User”) means a person at Customer or its Affiliates or Customer’s or its Affiliates’ Business Partners to whom Customer grants access authorization to use the Cloud Service.
Authorized User shall have the meaning set forth in the New York State Finance Law, Section 163(1)(k). This Piggyback Contract is for use by Authorized Users, which includes, but is not limited to, New York State agencies, political subdivisions, local governments, public authorities, public school and fire districts, public and nonprofit libraries, and certain other nonpublic/nonprofit organizations. Upon request, all eligible non-State agencies must furnish the Contractor with the proper tax exemption certificates and documentation certifying eligibility to use State contracts. Questions regarding an organization's eligibility to purchase from New York State contracts may also be directed to OGS Customer Services at 000-000-0000 or at
Authorized User means any person you permit to use the Account or who has apparent authority to use the Account.