Unit Sample Clauses

Unit. The fractional undivided interest in and ownership of an individual Trust Fund equal initially to 1/(the number of Units of fractional undivided interest outstanding) provided in the Statement of Condition in the Prospectus for the Trust Fund, the denominator of which fraction shall be (1) increased by the number of any additional Units issued pursuant to Section 2.03 hereof and (2) decreased by the number of any such Units redeemed as provided in Section 5.02. Whenever reference is made herein to the "interest" of a Unitholder in the Trust Fund or in the Income or Capital Accounts, it shall mean such fractional undivided interest represented by the number of Units, whether or not evidenced by a Certificate or Certificates, held of record by such Unitholder in such Trust Fund.
Unit. A unit trust portfolio is divided into identical units. Each unit represents the same amount of assets in the unit trust portfolio. The size of a contribution and the unit price when an investment is made determines the number of units held in a unit trust portfolio. A unit trust portfolio may have different classes of units for which there are different fees and charges. A unit is also known as a ‘participatory interest’ in the unit trust portfolio. In this investment agreement the term ‘unit’ refers to a unit in the Nedgroup Investments unit trust portfolios administered by the Manager. Financial planning business An authorised Financial Services Provider as defined in the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, which may be either a legal entity or an individual. In this investment agreement the term ‘financial planner’ also refers to ‘financial planning business’. Investment mandate A document we prepare describing the main characteristics, objectives and investment limits of a unit trust portfolio. It is lodged with ASISA and you can ask them or us for it at any time. Compulsory annuity An annuity you may purchase with some or all of the benefit you receive from the fund on retirement. The annuity must be purchased from an insurer registered under the Long-term Insurance Act, or such other annuity income provider as may be allowed by law. Investor number This is your unique identification number that we use to identify you and access your fund membership details and other information. Product account (client account group) Your fund membership and underlying investment is administered by the Administrator through a product account/client account group, which comprises the fund’s underlying unit trust portfolios as selected by you and made available by the fund (also referred to as the ‘underlying investment’ or ‘investment’). We use the term ‘product account’ in this investment agreement. Business day The Administrator and us only operate on business days. This is any day apart from a Saturday, Sunday or official South African public holiday. Day and business day have the same meaning.
Unit. That the PHA, relying upon the representations of Tenant as to Tenant's income, household composition and housing need, leases to Tenant, (upon Terms and Conditions set forth in Part I of this Lease agreement) the dwelling unit LOCATED at (and hereinafter called the "premises") to be occupied exclusively as a private residence by Tenant and household. The Tenant UNIT NUMBER is: . [966.4 (a)]
Unit. An academic unit is: a non-departmentalized Faculty or School headed by a Xxxx; a, Department or School headed by a Director, Head or Chair in a departmentalized faculty; the University Library.
Unit a. This unit shall include all full-time and part-time employees occupying positions listed in Appendix A of this Agreement, and all other similarly situated positions now and in the future excluding—
Unit. That group of employees determined by the employer and CWA-AFL-CIO and approved by the Florida Public Employees Relations Commission to be appropriate for the purpose of collective bargaining. See Article I.
Unit. In addition to its use in the terms “bargaining unit” and “unit member,” as used in definition 39 above, Article X, Section E, and Article X-A, Section F, “unit” shall include Department, Program Area, Library and other similar related administrative organizational units pertaining to the performance of bargaining unit work.
Unit members may use a maximum of ten (10) days of sick leave annually to attend to compelling personal business. Personal Necessity Leave shall not be used for: • Vacation • Recreation • Extension of holidays or extended weekends • Personal convenienceConcerted activities