Under Article 12 definition

Under Article 12. MembersOfficial File, the location of the Member’s Official File shall be listed on the register maintained by the Office of the Vice-President: Academic, and the Official File will reside in the Office of the Dean in the academic unit in which the Member’s first appointment was made. Other academic units shall request copies of the Official File as required by Collective Agreement processes. The cases where a Member’s initial appointment is to more than one academic unit will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Examples of Under Article 12 in a sentence

  • Under Article 12 of the Management Regulations, the Management Company will decide, after closing the annual accounts, whether and to what extent distributions are to be made on distribution units.

  • Under Article 12 of IRNBS, the net earnings of commercial State-owned banks are allocated as follows: 50% to a legal reserve; 10% to increase the capital of INFOCOOP; and the remainder to increase the Bank’s capital, pursuant to Article 20 of Law No. 6074.

  • Under Article 12 of Law 2472/1997 the right of access is direct (applicants submit their requests directly to the SIRENE Bureau).

  • Under Article 12 §§ 1 and 3 the competent authorities must take adequate steps to ensure that the material conditions of reception are made available to asylum seekers.

  • Under Article 12 (Dealing with Problems) the board of directors can evict anyone who has committed domestic violence at the co-op.

  • Under Article 12, all Parties are asked to submit national inventories and national communications (NCs) to report on the implementation of the Convention.

  • Under Article 12, Annex IV species are afforded strict protection throughout their range, both inside and outside of designated protected areas.

  • Under Article 12 of the Directive, a data subject has the right to obtain from the data controller, as a minimum, information as to the purposes of the processing, the categories of data concerned and the recipients or categories of recipients to whom these data are disclosed.

  • Dinerstein, Implementing Legal Capacity Under Article 12 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: The Difficult Road from Guardianship to Supported Decision-Making, 19 No. 2 Hum.

  • Under Article 12 (6) of the Articles of Association, in the event of votes which do not produce a result in the first round, the relative majority shall decide in the second round.

Related to Under Article 12

  • Article 55 BRRD means Article 55 of Directive 2014/59/EU establishing a framework for the recovery and resolution of credit institutions and investment firms.

  • Model Articles means the model articles for private companies limited by guarantee contained in Schedule 2 of the Companies (Model Articles) Regulations 2008 (SI 2008/3229) as amended prior to the date of adoption of these Articles;

  • Test Article means, in accordance with 21 C.F.R. § 50.3(j), any drug (including a biological product), medical device, food additive, color additive, electronic product, or any other article subject to regulation under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act that is intended for administration to humans or animals, including a drug or biologic as identified in the Research Plan and Appendix B, that is used within the scope of the Research Plan. The Test Article may also be referred to as Investigational Agent, Study Material, or Study Product.

  • Other Arrangement means a benefit program or practice providing for bonuses, incentive compensation, vacation pay, severance pay, insurance, restricted stock, stock options, employee discounts, company cars, tuition reimbursement or any other perquisite or benefit (including, without limitation, any fringe benefit under Section 132 of the Code) to employees, officers or independent contractors that is not a Plan.

  • Single-service articles means any cups, containers, plates, straws, place mats, napkins, doilies, spoons, stirrers, paddles, knives, forks, wrapping materials and all similar articles that are constructed wholly or in part from paper, paperboard, molded pulp, foil, wood, plastic, synthetic or other readily destructible materials, and which are intended by the manufacturers to be for one-time, one-person use, then to be discarded.

  • Article or a "Section" refers to an Article or a Section, as the case may be, of this Indenture; and

  • these Articles means these articles of association as altered from time to time and the expression “this article” shall be construed accordingly;

  • Series A Conversion Rate means, as adjusted pursuant to Section 5.14(b)(vi)(E), the number of Common Units issuable upon the conversion of each Series A Preferred Unit, which shall be the quotient of (a) the sum of (i) the Series A Issue Price, plus (ii) any Series A Unpaid Cash Distributions on the applicable Series A Preferred Unit, divided by (b) the Series A Issue Price.

  • prohibited article means an article the introduction or removal of which into or out of a prison is prohibited by any rule under this Act.

  • Series A Conversion Price shall initially be equal to $0.71. Such initial Series A Conversion Price, and the rate at which shares of Series A Preferred Stock may be converted into shares of Common Stock, shall be subject to adjustment as provided below.

  • Series A Convertible Preferred Stock means the Series A Convertible Preferred Stock, $0.001 par value per share, of the Corporation.

  • Mist spray adhesive means any aerosol which is not a special purpose spray adhesive and which delivers a particle or mist spray, resulting in the formation of fine, discrete particles that yield a generally uniform and smooth application of adhesive to the substrate.

  • Company Articles means the Articles of Incorporation of the Company, as amended.

  • Polystyrene foam adhesive means an aerosol adhesive designed to bond polystyrene foam to substrates.

  • Regulated article means any article of any character carrying or capable of carrying the Boll Weevil, including, but not limited to, cotton plants, seed cotton, cottonseed, other hosts, gin trash, gin equipment, mechanical cotton pickers, and other equipment associated with cotton production, harvesting, or processing.

  • Specific Redemption Provisions means, with respect to a Special Dividend Period either, or any combination of, (i) a period (a "Non-Call Period") determined by the Board of Directors of the Corporation, after consultation with the Auction Agent and the Broker-Dealers, during which the shares of AMPS subject to such Dividend Period shall not be subject to redemption at the option of the Corporation and (ii) a period (a "Premium Call Period"), consisting of a number of whole years and determined by the Board of Directors of the Corporation, after consultation with the Auction Agent and the Broker-Dealers, during each year of which the shares of AMPS subject to such Dividend Period shall be redeemable at the Corporation's option at a price per share equal to $25,000 plus accumulated but unpaid dividends plus a premium expressed as a percentage of $25,000, as determined by the Board of Directors of the Corporation after consultation with the Auction Agent and the Broker-Dealers.

  • Series A Certificate of Designations means the Certificate of Designations, Preferences And Relative, Participating, Optional And Other Special Rights of Preferred Stock and Qualifications, Limitations and Restrictions Thereof of the Corporation filed with the Secretary of State of Delaware on or about September 7, 2001.

  • the Articles means these Articles of Association of the Academy Trust;

  • Mandatorily Convertible Preferred Stock means cumulative preferred stock with (a) no prepayment obligation on the part of the issuer thereof, whether at the election of the holders or otherwise, and (b) a requirement that the preferred stock convert into Common Stock of the Corporation within three years from the date of its issuance at a conversion ratio within a range established at the time of issuance of the preferred stock.

  • Mandatorily Redeemable Stock means, with respect to any Person, any Equity Interest of such Person which by the terms of such Equity Interest (or by the terms of any security into which it is convertible or for which it is exchangeable or exercisable), upon the happening of any event or otherwise, (a) matures or is mandatorily redeemable, pursuant to a sinking fund obligation or otherwise (other than an Equity Interest to the extent redeemable in exchange for common stock or other equivalent common Equity Interests at the option of the issuer of such Equity Interest), (b) is convertible into or exchangeable or exercisable for Indebtedness or Mandatorily Redeemable Stock, or (c) is redeemable at the option of the holder thereof, in whole or part (other than an Equity Interest which is redeemable solely in exchange for common stock or other equivalent common Equity Interests), in each case on or prior to the date on which all Loans are scheduled to be due and payable in full.

  • Sinking Fund Provisions [No sinking fund provisions] [The Designated Securities are entitled to the benefit of a sinking fund to retire $ principal amount of Designated Securities on in each of the years through at 100% of their principal amount plus accrued interest] [, together with [cumulative] [non-cumulative] redemptions at the option of the Company to retire an additional $ principal amount of Designated Securities in the years through at 100% of their principal amount plus accrued interest.] [If Designated Securities are Extendable Debt Securities, insert-- Extendable Provisions: The Designated Securities are repayable on , at the option of the holder, at their principal amount with accrued interest. The initial annual interest rate will be %, and thereafter the annual interest rate will be adjusted on , , and to a rate not less than % of the effective annual interest rate on obligations with year maturities as of the [interest date 15 days prior to maturity date] prior to such [insert maturity date].] [If Designated Securities are Floating Rate Debt Securities, insert-- Floating Rate Provisions: The initial annual interest rate will be % through [and thereafter will be adjusted [monthly] [on each , , and ] [to an annual rate of % above the average rate for -year [-month] [securities] [certificates of deposit] by and [insert names of banks].] [and the annual interest rate [thereafter] [from through ] will be the interest yield equivalent of the weekly average per annum market discount rate for -month Treasury bills plus % of the Interest Differential (the excess, if any, of (i) the then-current weekly average per annum secondary market yield for -month certificates of deposit over (ii) the then-current interest yield equivalent of the weekly average per annum market discount rate for -month Treasury bills); [from and thereafter the rate will be the then-current interest yield equivalent plus % of the Interest Differential].] 23

  • Supplemental Provisions means these Supplemental Provisions for Federally Funded Contracts, Grants, and Purchase Orders subject to the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006, As Amended, as may be revised pursuant to ongoing guidance from the relevant Federal or State of Colorado agency or institution of higher education.

  • Redeemable Preferred Stock of any Person means any preferred stock issued by such Person which is at any time prior to the Termination Date either (i) mandatorily redeemable (by sinking fund or similar payments or otherwise) or (ii) redeemable at the option of the holder thereof.

  • Series A Certificate of Designation means the Certificate of Designation of the Powers, Preferences and Relative, Participating, Optional and Other Special Rights of 8% Series A Convertible Redeemable Preferred Stock and Qualifications, Limitations and Restrictions Thereof, as amended from time to time unless otherwise specified in this Certificate of Designation.

  • Standard Provisions mean these Standard Provisions that form a part of the Certificate of Designations relating to the Designated Preferred Stock.

  • Particle accelerator means any machine capable of accelerating electrons, protons, deuterons, or other charged particles in a vacuum and of discharging the resultant particulate or other radiation into a medium at energies usually in excess of 1 MeV.