TX definition

TX means Texas
TX means trade date plus X Business Days, ‘X’ being the number of Business Days stipulated in the Strate Directive.
TX for settlement purposes means the trading day plus x number of business days; “the Act” means the Stock Exchanges Control Act, 1985 (Act No. 1 of 1985);

Examples of TX in a sentence

  • You may reject this Arbitration provision by sending a written rejection notice to us at: American Express, P.O. Box 981556, El Paso, TX 79998.

  • If you believe information we have given to a credit reporting agency is incorrect, write to us at: American Express Credit Bureau Unit, P.O. Box 981537, El Paso, TX 79998-1537.

  • Paper presented at the 5thannual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Austin, TX.

  • Proposal 7: For dynamic resource sharing, the type A devices selects the same synchronization source for NR SL TX and LTE SL TX.

  • For groupcast, the TX UE restarts its timer corresponding to the SL inactivity timer for the destination L2 ID (used for determining the allowable transmission time) upon reception of new data with the same destination L2 ID.

  • If you have access to an oscilloscope, you should check the signals on RX and TX.

  • A three-pin rotary encoder has two signal pins, A and B, which should be connected to RX and TX on the Tic, and a common pin (sometimes labeled “C”) that should be connected to ground.

  • When in encoder mode, the Tic uses its RX and TX lines as encoder inputs.

  • A UE assumes no SL DRX for the given destination L2 ID if there is no associated TX profile.

  • TX profile is introduced to ensure compatibility for groupcast and broadcast communication between UEs supporting/not-supporting SL DRX functionality.

More Definitions of TX

TX means Texas "WI" means Wisconsin
TX means “transmit.” Qualcomm would argue that the sole purpose of the capacitors in the “TX filter” is to prevent high- frequency transmissions from entering the receiving channel and distorting the baseband signal. See Pet. App. 6a. ParkerVision contends that the capacitors in the TX filter also sample energy. Id.
TX means Fidelity applications software that extracts information from Fidelity’s accounting applications software and produces information to support U.S. federal tax disclosure requirements as described in the Documentation.
TX. TX' indicates that your radio is sending a transmission. It should come on each time you press the PTT switch on the side of the microphone. It should also come on briefly when your radio makes a Selcall or DTMF call (see the relevant sections on making these types of calls). If it does not, and the (WAIT) indication is not present, your radio may be malfunctioning and you should consult your Xxxx dealer.
TX means Texas "WI" means Wisconsin

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  • Freeway means a divided multi-lane highway for through traffic with all crossroads separated in grade and with full control of access.

  • CA means Chartered Accountant

  • Expressway means a divided arterial highway for through traffic with full or partial control of access with an excess of fifty percent of all crossroads separated in grade.

  • Drive means to operate or be in actual physical control of a

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  • Attn Corporate Trust Administration.

  • MO means Missouri

  • PA means Principal Amount, i.e., the principal amount of the Accepted Note for which such calculation is being made. In no case shall the Delayed Delivery Fee be less than zero. Nothing contained herein shall obligate any Purchaser to purchase any Accepted Note on any day other than the Closing Day for such Accepted Note, as the same may be rescheduled from time to time in compliance with paragraph 2B(7).

  • Lake means a natural or man-made impoundment of water with more than one acre of water surface area at the high water level.

  • KS means Kansas

  • WA means Buyer’s authorization in either electronic or tangible form for Supplier to conduct transactions under this Agreement in accordance with the applicable SOW (i.e., a purchase order, xxxx of lading, or other Buyer designated document). A SOW is a WA only if designated as such in writing by Buyer.

  • Village means a village specified by the Governor by public notification to be a village for the purposes of this Part and includes a group of villages so specified.

  • RD means research and development.

  • Lane means a public thoroughfare which provides a secondary means of access to a parcel or parcels and which is registered in a land titles office;

  • Street Address City: State: Zip: Code: Contact Person: Telephone Number: E-mail Address: Dates of Service: Value/Cost of Service: $ Brief Description of Service Provided: REFERENCE 3 Name of Firm:

  • Road means any highway and any other road to which the public has access, and includes bridges over which a road passes.

  • TSS means total suspended solids.