Suite definition

Suite means a single room or series of rooms of complementary use, operated under a single tenancy and includes dwelling units, individual guest rooms in motels, hotels, boarding houses, rooming houses and dormitories as well as individual stores and individual or complementary rooms for business and personal services occupancies.
Suite means an elevated box or suite which is customarily an enclosed private or collective compartment inside the Stadium, with direct access to guests’ Seats, which are separated from other Seats in the Stadium.
Suite means a single room or series of rooms of complimentary use, operated under a single tenancy, and includes dwelling units, individual guest rooms in motels, hotels, boarding houses, rooming houses and dormitories;

Examples of Suite in a sentence

Queen Creek Road, Suite 112, and further, that approval be given for the temporary extension for the City of Chandler Liquor License No. 159823 L18.

Queen Creek Road, Suite 112, has requested a temporary extension of the alcohol serving area for a wine event.

Employers of convicted employees must provide notice including position title, to: The County of El Paso, Texas, 500 East San Antonio Street, Suite 406, El Paso, Texas 79901.

Butler, Director of Legislative and Policy Affairs, Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency, 1800 Washington Blvd., Suite 330, Baltimore, MD 21230, or call(410) 230-8781, or email to, or fax to (410) 230-8727.

Thomas Jefferson Street NW Suite 540Washington, DC 20007T: 202.463.2101 F: 202.463.2103jcraven@baileyglasser.comJeff Craven advises entrepreneurs, CEOs and general counsel on corporate structuring, the formation and financing of domestic and international transactions, mergers and acquisitions, FCC licensing and regulatory matters, and government contracting.Recent engagements include:● Served as Interim Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) for start-up client in the medical device industry.

More Definitions of Suite

Suite means a group of two (2) adjoining rooms with a single exterior door in an overnight lodging a visitor serving facility, and without any shared interior doors with a single entry. Each suite shall be: (a) limited to no more than 1 kitchen per suite; (b) rented as one (1) unit, and (c) charged as one unit subject to Chapter 520 (Uniform Transient Occupancy Tax) and Chapter 6.04 (Business License Tax) of the Mendocino County Code.
Suite means a single room or series of rooms of complementary use, occupied by a single tenant or owner, and includes but is not limited to dwelling units, indi- vidual bedrooms in motels, hotels, rooming and board- ing houses, dormitories and single-family dwellings, as well as stores and business and personal services occu- pancies comprising a single room or a series of rooms.” ; (e) by substituting the following for the definition “occupancy” :
Suite. Means one of the individual residential suites in a Project, including the Common Furnishings contained therein and attached balconies reserved for the use of Members who have purchased Memberships in the Club.
Suite means one or more habitable rooms, constituting a self-contained unit with kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping facilities, used or intended to be used as the permanent residence or home of one family, that is in addition to the primary Dwelling Unit of the property and is in compliance with Coal Harbour Zoning Bylaw No. 669 and amendments thereof. The Suite designation is not applicable to properties designated Residential Multi-Family within the Coal Harbour Zoning Bylaw.
Suite means the Hospitality Suite whereby the Hospitality Package takes place.
Suite means the State Unified Information Technology Environment, which includes standards for project management, systems engineering, and associated forms and templates that must be followed by Contractor, and is available at
Suite means one or more habitable rooms constituting one self- contained unit with a separate entrance and containing a kitchen or set of cooking facilities, all of which are accessory to a single family dwelling or two family dwelling, whether or not such “suite” complies with other City bylaws.