Suite definition

Suite means an elevated box or suite which is customarily an enclosed private or collective compartment inside the Stadium, with direct access to guestsSeats, which are separated from other Seats in the Stadium.
Suite means a single room or series of rooms of complementary use, operated under a single tenancy, and includes dwelling units, individual guest rooms in motels, hotels, boarding houses, rooming houses and dormitories as well as individual stores and individual or complementary rooms for business and personal services occupancies.
Suite means a single room or series of rooms of complementary use, operated under a single tenancy, and includes individual guest rooms in motels, Hotels, boarding houses, rooming houses and dormitories.

Examples of Suite in a sentence

  • West Town Street • Suite 700 • P.O. Box 1049 • Columbus, OH • (614) 644-3020 • (614) 644-3184 (fax) How to save money, reduce pollution and reduce energy consumption The Ohio EPA is encouraging companies to investigate pollution prevention and energy conservation.

  • Send comments regarding the burden estimate or any other aspect of this collection of information, including suggestions for reducing this burden, to the Program Counsel, U.S. Office of Government Ethics (OGE), Suite 500, 1201 New York Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 20005-3917.

  • The Illinois Treasurer’s Office issues a separate financial report for The Illinois Funds which may be obtained by contacting the Administrative Office at Illinois Business Center, 400 West Monroe Street, Suite 401, Springfield, Illinois 62704.

  • Horvath (pro hac vice) Nixon Peabody LLPNixon Peabody LLP 799 9th St. NW, Suite 500 70 W.

  • Madison Street, Suite 5200 Washington, DC 20001-4501Chicago, Illinois 60602 (202) 585-8505(312) 977-4400 Counsel for Plaintiffs–Appellants Newmark Group Inc., G&E Acquisition Company LLC, and G&E Real Estate Inc.

More Definitions of Suite

Suite means a TIBCO Software product that includes Suite Components. Suite Components identified in the Suite readme file may be used with other TIBCO Software products. Components within a Suite Component are deemed Embedded/Bundled within that Suite Component and therefore subject to the applicable restrictions in accordance with the Embedded/Bundled definition.
Suite means one or more habitable rooms, constituting a self-contained unit with kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping facilities, used or intended to be used as the permanent residence or home of one family, that is in addition to the primary Dwelling Unit of the property and is in compliance with Coal Harbour Zoning Bylaw No. 669 and amendments thereof. The Suite designation is not applicable to properties designated Residential Multi-Family within the Coal Harbour Zoning Bylaw.
Suite means one or more connected rooms in a dwelling used or intended to be used for human habitation by one or more people, containing cooking, eating, living, sleeping and sanitary facilities;
Suite means the State Unified Information Technology Environment, which includes standards for project management, systems engineering, and associated forms and templates that must be followed by Contractor, and is available at
Suite means the Hospitality Suite whereby the Hospitality Package takes place.
Suite means a unit, comprising a permanent lounge, a permanent bedroom or bedrooms, a bathroom or bathrooms and toilet facilities;
Suite is defined as all the functional software components described in the product documentation.