City definition

City means the City of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
City means the City of Surrey;

Examples of City in a sentence

  • Prior to the removal of the Holding Overlay, the following conditions must be addressed to the satisfaction of the City:(a) All necessary studies, as determined by the City, have been completed and accepted by the City.

  • Minor editorial changes may be made by City Clerk’s Office staff to keep Advisory Bodies in compliance with updated municipal by-laws and provincial or federal legislation, where applicable.

  • Fiscal Impact Statement: Neither the City Administrative Officer nor the Chief Legislative Analyst has completed a financial analysis of this report.

  • The Executive Councillor for City Centre and Public Places responded:i.

  • The ONLY official position of the City is that position which is stated in writing and issued by the Purchasing Services Division.

More Definitions of City

City means the City of New York.
City means The City of New York.
City means the City of Nanaimo.
City means the City of Toronto;