Fuel Oil Sample Clauses

Fuel Oil. If applicable, there shall be a full tank of oil on the premises when the Tenant moves in, and the Tenant shall leave a full tank of oil when he vacates.
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Fuel Oil. Fuel oil, if any, located at the Property on the Closing Date will be adjusted at the price in effect at such times as determined in writing by the fuel company then supplying fuel to the Property.
Fuel Oil. Fuel oil, if any, owned by Seller and located at the Real Estate on the Closing Date shall be adjusted at the cost thereof to Seller on a first in-first out basis. Seller shall arrange for the amount of fuel oil to be determined in writing by the fuel company presently supplying fuel to the Real Estate as of a date which is not more than five (5) business days prior to the Closing Date, and such documentation shall be provided to Purchaser for verification.
Fuel Oil. (2) The cost of the alternate fuel (identified as "K") shall include:
Fuel Oil. If the Property uses oil for heat, Tenant is responsible for the payment of all fuel oil consumed during this tenancy. Owner will deliver the Property with a full fuel oil tank. Immediately upon taking occupancy, regardless of the time of year, Xxxxxx will reimburse Owner an amount equal to the cost of a full tank of oil (calculated at the current rate per gallon). At the end of the Lease, the Owner will reimburse or credit the Tenant for the fuel oil remaining in the tank. Owner agrees to maintain a service contract on the fuel oil system. Tenant agrees to use the heating oil provider designated by Owner for any purchase of fuel oil. Until further notice, the designated oil company is ______________________________.
Fuel Oil. Fuel oil at the Property shall be apportioned as of -------- the Closing Date at Contributing Parties' cost therefor.
Fuel Oil. Fuel oil, if any, owned by Seller and located on the Property on the date of Closing shall be adjusted at the cost of $1.00 per gallon. Seller shall arrange for the amount of fuel oil to be determined prior to Closing, which determination shall be reasonably acceptable to Seller and Purchaser.
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Fuel Oil. 8.1 Multek shall own and shall maintain, at its sole expense, the existing fuel oil tanks and all associated piping and equipment located on the Multek Site. Multek, in its sole discretion, may demolish and close any or all such tanks on thirty (30) days prior notice to IBM. All fuel oil tanks on the Multek Site are marked on ATTACHMENT I.
Fuel Oil. Seller shall install Fuel Oil Storage Facilities as part of the Facility, consistent with Exhibit T - Fuel Oil. Seller shall maintain and calibrate the fuel oil meter(s) from time to time in accordance with Good Utility Practices. Seller shall fill the fuel oil storage tank(s) at the Facility with Acceptable Fuel Oil prior to the Commercial Operation Date, in time to conduct required pre-COD testing, in such volumes as may be directed by Company and at a cost approved by Company in writing. After COD, Seller shall invoice and Company shall reimburse Seller for the costs incurred by Seller for the actual fuel oil delivered for such initial fill of the fuel oil storage tank(s), less the cost of fuel oil consumed by the Facility prior to the Commercial Operation Date. Following the initial fill of the fuel oil storage tank(s), Company shall arrange and pay for all subsequent fills of such tank(s), as and when desired by Company. Company shall afford Seller the opportunity to test Company’s chosen fuel oil prior to its delivery into the fuel oil storage tank(s), and to reject any fuel oil that does not constitute Acceptable Fuel Oil. Seller shall be solely responsible for (i) maintenance of the fuel oil in the Fuel Oil Storage Facilities, and (ii) the removal and replacement of any degraded and unusable fuel oil, at its expense. Either Party, at its own expense, may conduct fuel oil tests to determine the extent of degradation, if any. Included in Exhibit T – Fuel Oil is the Fuel Oil Maintenance Plan for the Facility. Company shall, in its sole discretion, determine when and if the Combustion Unit(s) shall be dispatched using fuel oil as the combustion fuel to generate Natural Gas Generated Energy, subject to the Fuel Oil Maintenance Plan and the emissions limitations in Seller’s Permits. Seller Title to fuel oil shall be retained by Company at and from the storage tank(s) to the burner tips of the Combustion Units. As between the Parties, however, Seller shall be deemed to be in exclusive control and possession of all fuel oil from and after delivery in into the fuel oil storage tank(s) until such fuel has been consumed in the Facility, so Seller shall bear the risk of loss of fuel oil following its delivery into the oil storage tank(s) and shall be responsible for any costs, damages, fines or penalties associated with leaks, spills, remediation, or other liabilities associated with such fuel oil. Seller shall promptly report and resolve any fuel oil leaks or...
Fuel Oil. To the extent that the Facilities or any portion thereof operate or are capable of operating on fuel oil, ESI shall procure and deliver or cause to be delivered to the relevant Delivery Point all required quantities of fuel oil. Seller shall be responsible for the procurement, installation, maintenance, testing and calibration of all facilities necessary in connection with the receipt, storage and use of fuel oil and the Oil Metering Equipment. Seller shall not have any right, title or interest in the fuel oil delivered to the Facilities pursuant to this Agreement.
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